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Author:metlslime, necros, Zwiffle
Title:Speedmapping pack 74 - Maps you play through twice (3e909eabf927aef4479338cc041b2d97)
Filesize:578 Kilobytes
Release date:11.04.2004
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm74_metl.bsp394 KB10.04.2004
sm74_necros.bsp821 KB10.04.2004
sm74_zwiffle.bsp251 KB10.04.2004
sm74_pack.txt2 KB11.04.2004

Speedmapping pack 74 - Maps you play through twice

Maps you play through twice / 3 SP maps / metlslime, necros, Zwiffle
User Rating:
2.1/5 with 7 ratings
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Bloughsburgh Registered 21 October 2016, 20:36

3 stars solely for metlslime's map.

metlslime: After being locked away at the false exit, I thought to myself: "But how do I get back?" Duh, you have to play through it twice...mind blown!

necros: What is this I don't even. I am sure the intention was to play through it twice but I got an error when "killing myself"

Zwiffle: You don't need to play through twice, unless you mean because you are likely to do the first time. Monsters for the sake of monsters...bleh.

MikeTaylor Registered 31 October 2016, 12:39

I very much like the self-deprecating title of Metlslime's map, The Dungeon of Discomfort. Yes, I see that you do need to play (most of) it twice -- it sort of fulfils the brief. Not bad.

I have to assume that Necros's map, haw haw haw x4, was simply not working as it was intended to for me (Quakespasm 0.90 on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 16.04.1). I see all sorts of horrifying rendering bugs, including a stream of console messages appearing actually in the game. Falling to the bottom of the map causes it to try to load the map ne_rerun_q1, which doesn't exist. A complete foul-up.

Zwiffle's map was OK (it was fun getting all the death knights in the sewer to kill each other) but landing in the end-level teleport didn't do anything. So I suspect another bug -- perhaps that was where the clever play-it-twice element was supposed to come in?

All in all, very disappointing.

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