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Screenshot of sm82
Author:distrans, NotoriousRay, PuLSaR, RPG, Zwiffle
Title:Rubicondom (3748860ccb10718b7e216fe65533f2a9)
Filesize:1445 Kilobytes
Release date:18.07.2005
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm82.bsp3550 KB15.07.2005
sm82.txt3 KB18.07.2005


Large Rubicon-style industrial base. A chain map by NotoriousRay, RPG, PuLSaR, Zwiffle, and distrans.

Tags: large, base, rubicon, chainmap

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.5/5 with 55 ratings
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crap 15 March 2011, 19:28
It's crappy.
Spirit 6 April 2011, 21:47
Great gameplay.
NahkahiiR 30 April 2011, 19:06
It's one of my favorite maps.
boink182 Guest 8 January 2014, 4:24

crappy?? no way. this map is great. ok it might be a little easy, but it has such a nice flow to it, and the look is just so awesome. it's so industrial quake. i think this is probably the first chain map i've played, but i think it's a great idea. it keeps things constantly fresh and gives the environment the feeling of a real place that organically developed over time.

MikeTaylor Registered 16 January 2014, 2:54

Thoroughly enjoyable, right up to the last three or so rooms, which were all a bit too intense and brutal for my tastes. The user who goes by the name of "crap" is presumably trolling: there's nothing crappy about this map, which is well worth 4.5.

BTW., I got 191/191 kills, but only 3/5 secrets.

dBAudio Registered 23 February 2014, 23:20

i thought this was great. the gameplay, the layout, the 'teamwork' that put this all together. i would've liked a few extra shells at the beginning, but that's about it. i got 190/191 kills. i left a fiend in some water. 3/5 secrets.

NightFright Registered 9 March 2014, 8:51

I love Rubicon maps, especially when they are done well. This one is and could have been part of a bigger release such as "Rubicon 2" maybe even. Interesting idea also to integrate the credits into the level via these red status displays. If you like to fight against Grunts and Enforcers mainly, this is your stuff.

AAS Registered 30 May 2014, 7:50

Great map, but finishing it with 100 cells and no lg is a torture :)

spacey Guest 11 June 2014, 10:39

Frankly, I though this map was too difficult. I mean, you have hordes and hordes of enemies spawning around you with hardly enough ammo and health to complete the task. Really unbalanced. Great design, though.

Pritchard Registered 22 September 2016, 12:51

I really like this style of combat, with grunts and enforcers with a dash of ogre and other tougher enemies. And I really like this map! Despite being made by a group of different mappers, it flows together really well and I don't think I would have known if it weren't for the in-game credits. The level is well structured to take advantage of the same area multiple times in various places, each time taking the opportunity to ramp up the difficulty and challenge the player.

MikeTaylor Registered 22 September 2016, 13:33

Weird, I don't recognise ever having played this level before -- but my comment up above says that I have! It's right up my street, anyway, and very well balanced. Having been low on health several times, I finished with 191 of 191 kills, 4 of 5 secrets, 4 health and a big smile on my face. Quality throughout.

(BTW, I agree with Pritchard that the joins between the different mappers' contributions are seamless. The map is a unity.)

Hipnotic Rogue Registered 18 July 2017, 22:51

I love this map. I get tired of fighting the 'bigger' baddies and love trawling through lots of grunts and enforcers. I also love Rubicon maps so this was right up my street.

The map feels like a real place inhabited by real beings patrolling and defending their base.

My only complaint would be that there's no more maps in this series! :)

Solomoriah Registered 3 April 2019, 6:46

I disliked a few places where monsters just appear right in front of me... monsters guarding their own base are cool, and where they appear in a teleporter (at least one place on this map), I'm cool with that, but there are a few places where they just suddenly show up. Fantasy maps, sure, but I feel like base maps should be more "logical."

Still, this one has great gameplay, and I did enjoy it a lot.

Play this sucker! Guest 26 July 2019, 6:57

Besides two crucial times when the map was either health or ammo starved (never both), and a scant few times when a monster spawns directly in front of your face, this is a great map. It fits in great in the Rubicon series ...just save often!

P.S. I didn't find any secrets. I bet finding a few makes all the difference in this map, so investigate when your not getting hammered. It looks fantastic BTW. I would never guess it was a chainmap.

Greenwood Registered 23 March 2020, 12:20

Above comment came from me, prior to registration.

triple_agent Registered 20 June 2021, 0:54

To myself, this is an iconic 'Quake' experience. It feels both classic and "Rubicon 2" alike, successfully maintaining the vibe throughout all the length of the gameplay continuum. It also oozes with 'Quake 2' atmosphere - with proper skybox included - which is definitely a plus, in my book. The pace of action - speaking of skill level "2" - is superb. This is an action venture. There is no idle corner. Every turn around, there is something going on. The sense of constant pushing forward, comes organic; the gameplay, is well action driven. The difficulty balance, is tough, albeit not ridiculous. I did die plenty of times, though. The resources, may appear short, even under reasonable consumption.

Pity you did not make better use of the "Rubicon 2" flamethrower enforcers - they would fit in this map.

Even though the "Rubicondom" is declared rather large - an amalgamation of a few smaller constructs - it plays and looks very fluent; the drag factor to it, is very low. It is just perfect in terms of bitesize.

I think that the "Rubicondom" is a real treat in particular to all the "Rubicon 2" enthusiasts, but also to the 'Quake 2' fans or an all-around singleplayer-orientated 'Quake' followers out there.

Mopey bloke Registered 30 April 2022, 7:51

This map has a good sense of humour and even honours R.P.G's penile legacy. Most combat flow really well with base type monsters, fiends, and ogres making up most of the enemy roaster.

It does have a few instances of cuntish monster spawns right behind the player, and arena fights are usually handled by teleporting monsters directly into the arena. The secrets in this map all come in the form of shoot switches well hidden in the environment, so not very eventful.

Alex Ros Registered 12 June 2022, 19:02

Really great map. With added Rubi 2 mobs and some extra detailing it could fit into the pack (Rubi 2 I mean) just perfectly

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