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Author:Aardappel, Cybear, Damaul, iNaNe, BlackPope, Scampie, XeNoN
Title:Speedmapping pack 9 - Unthemed (5081c0d692e669b9d68944a26194089c)
Filesize:1591 Kilobytes
Release date:22.04.2001
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sm9_inane.bsp310 KB21.04.2001
sm9_aard.bsp983 KB21.04.2001
sm9_pope.bsp514 KB21.04.2001
sm9_xenon.bsp1080 KB21.04.2001
sm9_damaul.bsp455 KB21.04.2001
sm9_scampie.bsp127 KB21.03.2001
sm9_pack.txt3 KB22.04.2001
sm9_bear.bsp434 KB21.04.2001

Speedmapping pack 9 - Unthemed

Unthemed / 7 SP maps / Aardappel, Cybear, Damaul, iNaNe, BlackPope, Scampie, XeNoN

Tags: maze
User Rating:
3.1/5 with 11 ratings
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JellyGal Registered 13 August 2014, 23:40

Hexagon [sm9_aard] is a linear slaughterfest map with no secrets or keys or anything. It looks rather nice, especially for speedmapping. It's apparently a remake of something, but the full name won't display in my Quake. If you're just looking to kill some stuff, it's worth a play for the interesting visuals, but if you're looking for a full level, look elsewhere.

sm9_bear is still linear, but has a better layout, with a few ways to flank monsters. It also looks pretty nice for speedmapping. There's one key in this one as well. It's a bit tight on ammo, which is a good thing for a map this short. The only thing I can really object to is the final fight with the Shambler. He's just kinda standing there waiting for you. Still, a decently fun tiny level.

sm9_damaul is a lot less linear than the first two. It features some pretty nice combat and is rather tight on ammo (until you find the cache of weapons, that is). It also uses a good variety of enemies and features three shamblers, which is cool because you can't just nail your way through them all, you're forced to utilise other weapons. It looks nice visually, my only complaint is that you can glitch out the skybox in the very last area. Very good for a tiny level.

sm9_inane is pretty fun for a tiny base map, featuring some nice combat and a pretty cool layout. It also features three Shamblers, I like this for the same reason as Damaul's map. The visuals are pretty blocky, but it is a speedmap afterall. It's a bit overly forgiving with health though. The only nitpick I have is that the exit is just a cube with "exit" textures on it sticking out of a wall. I know it's speedmapping but there could've at least been a slipgate or a portal. Ah well, it's a pretty decent map.

sm9_pope is pretty freaking amazing for a speedmap! It looks great visually, and the combat is really good. The variety of enemies is just right to keep things interesting, and the attention to detail is pretty good. The only problem is that it's way too tight on ammo. I had to kill the last two ogres on the ledge by jumping up at them from boxes and hitting them with the axe. It's still great for a tiny map though. [My choice for best map of the pack]

Damn I Love Rocket Jumping [sm9_scampie] is a large room with some enemies and a portal in it. When you enter the portal, you fall through some lava into a large arena room crammed with monsters. Unless you have them all infight while shooting rockets/shotgun shells at the Shambler (which I managed to do), there's no way you'll do this without godmode. There's also no exit to the map, so once you kill all the things you're stuck there for an eternity. Or, at least until you quit the game.

Tetris Owns Joo [sm9_xenon] is a very linear map with excellent visuals and attention to detail for speedmapping. The gameplay is pretty average with some decent combat, but it's very easy. I only used one of the many medkits and ended the level with full health. For a tiny linear level, it's pretty fun. Now if I could only figure out what the name means.

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