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Screenshot of snack2
Author:Fairweather & Markie, Jaycie, Voidforce, Burnham, ILike80sRock, Scythe, C0j, Radiatoryang, Bal, Wiedo, Zungryware, AlexUnder, Zigi, Grue, Mazu, Ish, Riktoi, bmFbr, Newhouse & Yoder
Title:Speedmap Snack Pack 2 - Cosmic Hunger (be4843efc5879dada1eae592f75916e1)
Filesize:38330 Kilobytes
Release date:30.01.2022
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard thread
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/s1m1_fwmarkie.bsp3559 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m1_fwmarkie.lit916 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m2_jaycie.bsp947 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m2_jaycie.lit308 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m3_voidforce.bsp8205 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m3_voidforce.lit1987 KB27.01.2022
maps/s1m4_burnham.bsp1186 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m5_il8r.bsp933 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m5_il8r.lit383 KB24.01.2022
maps/s1m6_scythe.bsp914 KB30.01.2022
maps/s1m6_scythe.lit409 KB24.01.2022
maps/s2m1_coj.bsp568 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m1_coj.lit225 KB24.01.2022
maps/s2m2_radiatoryang.bsp1785 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m2_radiatoryang.lit1160 KB24.01.2022
maps/s2m3_bal.bsp4546 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m3_bal.lit2485 KB27.01.2022
maps/s2m4_wiedo.bsp2118 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m4_wiedo.lit457 KB24.01.2022
maps/s2m5_zungryware.bsp1317 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m5_zungryware.lit989 KB24.01.2022
maps/s2m6_alexunder.bsp1971 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m6_alexunder.lit544 KB24.01.2022
maps/s2m7_zigi.bsp3001 KB30.01.2022
maps/s2m7_zigi.lit778 KB24.01.2022
maps/s3m1_grue.bsp2469 KB30.01.2022
maps/s3m1_grue.lit634 KB24.01.2022
maps/s3m2_hcm.bsp3393 KB30.01.2022
maps/s3m2_hcm.lit1843 KB24.01.2022
maps/s3m3_ish.bsp3976 KB30.01.2022
maps/s3m3_ish.lit1282 KB24.01.2022
maps/s3m4_riktoi.bsp1456 KB30.01.2022
maps/s3m4_riktoi.lit408 KB24.01.2022
maps/s3m5_bmfbr.bsp1876 KB30.01.2022
maps/s3m5_bmfbr.lit1182 KB27.01.2022
maps/s3m6_newhouseyoder.bsp2755 KB30.01.2022
maps/s3m6_newhouseyoder.lit902 KB24.01.2022
maps/snack2end1.bsp368 KB30.01.2022
maps/snack2end1.lit78 KB30.01.2022
maps/snack2end2.bsp368 KB30.01.2022
maps/snack2end2.lit78 KB30.01.2022
maps/snack2end3.bsp368 KB30.01.2022
maps/snack2end3.lit78 KB30.01.2022
maps/start.bsp938 KB30.01.2022
maps/start.lit140 KB30.01.2022
pak0.pak4281 KB30.01.2022
progs.dat529 KB29.01.2022
progs/end1.mdl73 KB30.01.2022
progs/end2.mdl72 KB30.01.2022
progs/end3.mdl71 KB30.01.2022
progs/ish/misc_flame_med.mdl172 KB24.01.2022
quake.rc2 KB29.01.2022
skackpake2_README_PLS.txt1 KB30.01.2022
sound/ambience/deep.wav392 KB27.01.2022
sound/ambience/guts.wav1594 KB27.01.2022
sound/ambience/lava1.wav818 KB27.01.2022
sound/bmfbr/rumblelong.wav104 KB27.01.2022
sound/ish/lakefireplace.wav2671 KB24.01.2022
sound/ish/waterfall.wav3421 KB24.01.2022
src/s1m1_fwmarkie.map4956 KB30.01.2022
src/s1m2_jaycie.map416 KB24.01.2022
src/s1m3_voidforce.map3471 KB30.01.2022
src/s1m4_burnham.map298 KB24.01.2022
src/s1m5_il8r.map555 KB24.01.2022
src/s1m6_scythe.map481 KB24.01.2022
src/s2m1_coj.map240 KB24.01.2022
src/s2m2_radiatoryang.map902 KB24.01.2022
src/s2m4_wiedo.map643 KB24.01.2022
src/s2m5_zungryware.map680 KB24.01.2022
src/s2m6_alexunder.map1028 KB24.01.2022
src/s3m1_grue.map867 KB24.01.2022
src/s3m2_hcm.map3575 KB24.01.2022
src/s3m3_ish.map1573 KB24.01.2022
src/s3m4_riktoi.map635 KB24.01.2022
src/s3m5_bmfbr.map997 KB27.01.2022
src/s3m6_newhouseyoder.map1415 KB24.01.2022
txt/s1m2_jaycie.txt3 KB24.01.2022
txt/s1m4_burnham.txt3 KB24.01.2022
txt/s1m6_scythe.txt2 KB24.01.2022
txt/s2m2_radiatoryang.txt3 KB24.01.2022
txt/s2m3_bal.txt2 KB27.01.2022
txt/s2m4_wiedo.txt2 KB24.01.2022
txt/s2m7_zigi.txt1 KB24.01.2022
txt/s3m1_grue.txt2 KB24.01.2022
txt/s3m2_hcm.txt3 KB24.01.2022
txt/s3m3_ish.txt5 KB24.01.2022
txt/s3m4_riktoi.txt1 KB24.01.2022
txt/s3m6_newhouseyoder.txt2 KB24.01.2022

Speedmap Snack Pack 2 - Cosmic Hunger

Speedmap jam pack of 19 levels from 21 authors organized into 3 episodes, all made within 48 hours. Mappers could choose from 4 themes (Cr8 base, Egypt, Firetop Mountain, or Knave) with specific weapon progressions. Most maps range from small to medium sized, and can be played from shotgun start if desired.

Contains custom start map with difficulty select. Built on Copper mod (included already). Map source is included too.

Note: This mod requires an engine port with increased limits.

Tags: small, medium, jam, speedmap, copper, source, limits, cr8, base, industrial, egypt, firetop, lava, knave, episode

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User Rating:
4.7/5 with 31 ratings
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Alex Ros Registered 22 February 2022, 7:47

Feels like real episode. 3 episodes to be correct. Not really consistent, but really fun to play. And some maps are pure genious. My fav is Newhouse/Yoder map since it mixed traps & battles in a very nice way - never met a map like that. But in general all maps are med/hi quality. There's not a single low q map. VoidForce and Bal maps standout. Fairweather & Markie of course. Radiotoryang is pure genious map, really cool, one of my favs. Grue's map is absolutely unique and highly polished, reminded me of Silent Hill metro for no reason - and that map is scary at times. Zigi's map is... tired to write :D All maps are cool. All with no exception. Because in every map there's something interesting, unique, some neat idea. Recommend Snack Pack to all

Guest Registered 23 February 2022, 19:47

s2m2, s3m1, s3m2, & s3m3 are unplayable. Same bug as Smej2, possibly functeleporttrain being flagged/set as a solid by whatever map compiler is used. Other maps are playable on QuakeSpasm 093.2 If functeleporttrain is used for particle effects or something in QuakeSpasm Spiked, they don't work in regular QS on Mac. Other maps are quite good though.

ludicrous Registered 16 July 2022, 18:35

I played until s3m2_hcm (Cratewalk) meanwhile, and that's the best map for me, so far.

In two maps (s3m1 and one before I don't remember) I could only proceed with noclip. But maybe I overlooked a button in the dark.

I think that snack2 is a collection of maps more than three episodes. But that doesn't matter for me.

A real good job, as mostly always. Thank You, so much fun with that.

5/5, in whole.

MikeTaylor Registered 16 August 2022, 23:07

Lots of great stuff in here, with quality obviously variable but no real clunkers and some fine maps. Special props go to HMC's Cratewalk, which I may well replay as a standalone in future -- a long, satisfying blast with a lot of crates and a lot of enemies in interesting configurations. It beggars belief that this was made in 48 hours.

Does anything happen when you've collected all three snacks, as well as the initial rune? I didn't see anything different when I arrived back in the episode-select room, but I might just be an idiot.

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