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Screenshot of spirit1dm3sp
Author:spirit & negke
Title:Zeal & Fury (single player version) (8151bc94a25bf6d5fba78d1f9673c073)
Filesize:470 Kilobytes
Release date:18.10.2010
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
spirit1dm3sp.bsp942 KB18.10.2010
spirit1dm3sp.map582 KB18.10.2010
spirit1dm3sp.txt9 KB18.10.2010

Zeal & Fury (single player version)

Small Wizard level; the single player version of spirit1dm3. The GPL map source is included.

Tags: wizard, industrial, small, source, oldschool, metal, deathmatch

Editor's Rating: Nice
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3.8/5 with 17 ratings
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MikeTaylor Registered 8 November 2013, 22:42

Pleasant, but feels very old-fashioned. After all these years, shamblers still give me a heart-attack.

MikeTaylor Registered 8 November 2013, 22:43

Wasn't able to get the lightning gun or megahealth secrets. Anyone crack them?

(The other secret is the grenade launcher -- very easy. Just jump up onto the sloping buttress at the start, run up it, then make your way across the slope of the cliff to where the launcher is, just above the start point.)

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 8 February 2014, 1:32

Ah, it's the other Spirit (the Q1/Q2/Q3 DM mapper, not the Q1 SP mapper and administrator of this website).

No idea how it plays in deathmatch, but it is certainly a very pretty map, and negke has done a great job converting it to single player. It is fun, but like most DM-SP conversions, it has very little sense of place or narrative.

MikeTaylor, I prefer not to reveal secrets in these comments, at least not without a clear spoiler warning. Here are the solutions, encrypted in ROT13, and here is a handy ROT13 decrypter:

YT: Gur yvtugvat tha pna or ernpurq ol whzcvat gb vg, fb vs lbh pna frr vg, lbh pna trg vg. Gurer vf nyfb n aba-frperg ohg fbzrjung uvqqra fhcre anvytha gung pna or ernpurq va n fvzvyne znaare. ZU: Gurer vf n ohggba qverpgyl bccbfvgr naq ba gur fnzr yriry nf gur zrtnurnygu. Vg vf n fznyy terl fdhner jvgu n cynvare grkgher guna gur fheebhaqvat fdhnerf. Fubbg vg, gura whzc gb gur zrtnurnygu.

dfsp_spirit Registered 9 April 2015, 22:09

I'm really impressed by what negke made of this map.

Repus Guest 17 November 2017, 17:13

What a stupid map! All the action takes place at a stop like 100x100 metres. In the beginning you're attacked right away by two grunts, two enforcers and a death knight, then you face a shambler with only a shotgun.

There a room with slime that you can pick up the silver key with no biosuit, and you're attacked by two knights at the same time. What if you don't have a lot of health?

Very small, tiny map, shortage of ammo, taking the same paths (crowded with enemies like fiends and spawns) over and over again. Don't waste your time on this!

onetruepurple Registered 23 June 2018, 13:26

This one straight up owns.

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