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Screenshot of stone
Author:Brian Morgan (Duley)
Title:The Stone of Tear (1866076bbfad3fe9244b8e1a3bb37e30)
Filesize:761 Kilobytes
Release date:11.04.1997
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
stone.bsp1720 KB11.04.1997
stone.txt3 KB11.04.1997

The Stone of Tear

Medium sized stone castle with a few Metal elements.

Tags: medium, wizard, castle, medieval, terracotta, metal, runic, exploration, dm

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3/5 with 12 ratings
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JMP Registered 10 September 2016, 15:38

I enjoyed this one. A couple areas of the map aren't necessary to reach the exit, but they're interesting dead ends, and they give the gameplay an element of exploration.

The only thing I disliked is one of the secrets: to access it, the player has to open a door on a narrow ledge, and as the door opens it pushes the player off the ledge if he doesn't quickly move to the side. And the secret (a power-up) is useless because by the time the player can reach the ledge he's already had to fight his way through all the nearby areas.

But that's a minor complaint for a map that's otherwise pretty good, especially given that it came out in 1997.

JMP Registered 12 September 2016, 3:31

Er, I was wrong about that secret: It's possible to reach it early in the game, when the power-up is still useful, by making a couple of jumps. Anyways, it's a fun map and worth checking out.

bfg666 Registered 12 September 2016, 11:18

Nice map. Rather undetailed and a little blocky (which is perfectly normal for its age) but its layout is interesting. It has one oddly set func_door that opens by sliding its right side to the left for a very weird-looking result. A bit like a japanese paper panel (or a Quake secret door) except it's a massive medieval wooden door that looks like it's made of one block. The whole door should slide up IMHO. Combat is easy and somewhat uninspired, but nothing bad.

@JMP You don't have to jump back up on that ledge. All you have to do is hit or shoot the door from the left so it doesn't push you. BTW, did you find how to access the other secret without cheating? Also, did you manage to open [SPOILER] that "secret" door in the wall under the circular staircase near the exit? I found the other way in via the well in the water and the teleporter at the end of it [END SPOILER] but this one won't budge, even from the inside.

JMP Registered 12 September 2016, 17:44

bfg666-- Thanks. After being knocked off the ledge once, I figured out that I could shoot before jumping. My problem was that I (stupidly) didn't realize it was possible to jump from the stone parapet to the ledge. I thought I had to jump down from the balcony.

The other secret is in the area that has the grenade launcher and the elevator with an orge on each end. I don't want to spoil it if you're still looking, but it's a classic Quake secret.

Oddly, when you find the secret, you get a glimpse into a platform that has a powerup and a weapon, but there doesn't seem to be any way to reach them. Likewise, I also couldn't figure out how to open the door in that secret room you mentioned. I wonder if the author threw in these dead ends to tease/confuse the player.

bfg666 Registered 12 September 2016, 19:10

I knew where it was (I ended up noclipping to it the first time), I just couldn't find its access. I looked again and found it this time. [SPOILERS] It's the same trick as in the AD startmap. As for that platform you can see from there, stop reading if you don't wanna know but if you want advice, look for a teleporter near the main intersection. I found this one right away. If you find the teleporter, you can also grab a goodie nearby before walking through it. [END SPOILERS]

Regarding that hidden door that won't open, I think it may be a multiplayer-only access to prevent players going in there from getting pinned by campers on their way out. That's what makes the most sense to me.

JMP Registered 12 September 2016, 20:02

Thanks for the pointer--no idea how I missed that teleport.

The door being multiplayer-only makes sense.

bfg666 Registered 13 September 2016, 2:13

You're welcome.

pmk Guest 24 January 2019, 16:54

Very good map for 1997 with open exploration instead of linear progression. If you like wizardry style castle maps then i wouhly recommend downloading as i would give this map a three out of five rating.

Esrael Registered 9 February 2019, 8:06

I liked the map. It starts out kind of crude, but it felt as if the author got better along the way. Brushwork and texturing are fairly intricate for the time and lighting is nice and atmospheric. The map features areas in wizard, terracotta and runic themes, and the transitions aren't always very well executed; especially the transitions between runic and medieval.

The map doubles as a deathmatch map, and it shows in the fact that it contains all the weapons and has quite a few optional areas. The consequence of this is that the map has a lot of areas to explore, and since the brushwork and texturing are pretty creative, it's quite fun to explore and trying to figure out how to get this and that item. The bad side is that the map is kind of easy. Lots of powerful equipment and relatively few enemies.

In short, if you like exploration with combat on the side, give this map a go. I think I'd rate this something around 3,25/5.

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