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Screenshot of stoneblanket
Author:Brendy Caldwell
Title:Under A Stone Blanket (04e94c3720ddacbe2a5683e1be6b76a9)
Filesize:6472 Kilobytes
Release date:01.03.2022
Additional Links: Design breakdown video (YouTube)Quaddicted thread
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
stoneblanket/Under A Stone Blanket readme.txt2 KB28.02.2022
stoneblanket/maps/brendy3.bsp13257 KB28.02.2022
stoneblanket/maps/brendy3.map979 KB28.02.2022
stoneblanket/maps/debris/brick01.bsp8 KB11.01.2019
stoneblanket/maps/debris/wood1.bsp8 KB11.03.2019
stoneblanket/progs.dat615 KB30.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_cells1.mdl4 KB13.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_cells2.mdl5 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_nails1.mdl4 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_nails2.mdl5 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_rock1.mdl4 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_rock2.mdl5 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_shell1.mdl4 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/a_mdls/m_shell2.mdl5 KB13.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/candle.mdl24 KB10.10.2018
stoneblanket/progs/debris.mdl265 KB06.11.2019
stoneblanket/progs/enforcer.mdl462 KB24.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/g_shotgn.mdl25 KB17.05.2019
stoneblanket/progs/g_shotty.mdl23 KB17.05.2019
stoneblanket/progs/h_boss.mdl63 KB02.02.2020
stoneblanket/progs/h_mdls/m_h100.mdl18 KB13.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/h_mdls/m_h15.mdl4 KB13.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/h_mdls/m_h25.mdl15 KB14.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/h_mdls/pd_vial.mdl24 KB15.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/h_ogre.mdl42 KB26.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/lspike.mdl2 KB17.11.2020
stoneblanket/progs/mervup.mdl33 KB06.06.2020
stoneblanket/progs/ogre.mdl309 KB26.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/pd_armor_sh.mdl31 KB12.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/pd_base_key.mdl21 KB15.11.2019
stoneblanket/progs/pd_bpack.mdl212 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/pd_rune_key.mdl46 KB15.11.2019
stoneblanket/progs/pd_wiz_key.mdl22 KB15.11.2019
stoneblanket/progs/s_flame.spr29 KB01.10.2018
stoneblanket/progs/s_null.spr2 KB03.10.2019
stoneblanket/progs/soldier.mdl314 KB24.12.2020
stoneblanket/progs/spark.mdl10 KB03.06.2019
stoneblanket/progs/spike.mdl5 KB23.11.2020
stoneblanket/progs_dump-devkit-readme.txt6 KB28.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/LICENSE18 KB12.01.2019
stoneblanket/quakec src/README.md1 KB13.08.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/ai.qc16 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/boss.qc14 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/boss2.qc16 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/buttons.qc4 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/changelog.txt10 KB30.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/client.qc42 KB07.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/combat.qc8 KB07.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/custom_mdls.qc3 KB18.09.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/customsounds.qc6 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/cutscene.qc30 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/defs.qc25 KB19.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/demon.qc15 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/doelightning.qc5 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/doeplats.qc15 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/dog.qc14 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/doors.qc18 KB18.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/dtmisc.qc30 KB30.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/dtquake.qc3 KB27.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/elevatr.qc4 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/enforcer.qc25 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/fight.qc8 KB12.01.2019
stoneblanket/quakec src/fish.qc12 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/func_bob.qc6 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/func_fall2.qc6 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/hipcount.qc6 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/hippart.qc8 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/hiptrig.qc7 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/hknight.qc24 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/items.qc67 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/keydata.qc6 KB13.08.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/keylock.qc6 KB13.08.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/knight.qc15 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/lights.qc16 KB18.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/math.qc2 KB12.01.2019
stoneblanket/quakec src/misc.qc39 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/misc_model.qc2 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/mobot.qc14 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/monsters.qc10 KB17.10.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/newflags.qc6 KB16.09.2019
stoneblanket/quakec src/ogre.qc39 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/oldone.qc11 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/oldone2.qc15 KB27.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/plats.qc14 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/player.qc21 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/progs.src2 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/rotate.qc31 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/rubicon2.qc28 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/shalrath.qc13 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/shambler.qc18 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/soldier.qc19 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/subs.qc14 KB17.10.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/tarbaby.qc10 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/triggers.qc39 KB07.11.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/weapons.qc38 KB18.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/wizard.qc16 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/world.qc21 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/quakec src/zombie.qc33 KB21.12.2020
stoneblanket/sound/break/pd_bricks1.wav61 KB27.03.2019
stoneblanket/sound/break/pd_metal1.wav44 KB27.03.2019
stoneblanket/sound/break/pd_metal2.wav70 KB27.03.2019
stoneblanket/sound/break/pd_stones1.wav74 KB27.03.2019
stoneblanket/sound/break/pd_wood1.wav34 KB27.03.2019
stoneblanket/sound/break/pd_wood2.wav33 KB27.03.2019
stoneblanket/sound/dump/elec22k.wav81 KB28.05.2019
stoneblanket/sound/dump/pd_armor1_sh.wav13 KB04.12.2020
stoneblanket/sound/dump/pd_magic_01.wav123 KB11.12.2020
stoneblanket/sound/dump/pd_quake_end.wav37 KB28.11.2020
stoneblanket/sound/dump/pd_quake_full.wav153 KB28.11.2020
stoneblanket/sound/dump/pd_quake_loop1.wav157 KB28.11.2020
stoneblanket/sound/dump/rumble.wav52 KB31.05.2019
stoneblanket/sound/dump/spark.wav15 KB03.06.2019
stoneblanket/sound/dump/water_59_02.wav40 KB27.12.2020
stoneblanket/sound/oldone2/pd_pop2.wav42 KB02.01.2020

Under A Stone Blanket

Small tomb / crypt brick map built within a 1024^3 volume, textured with Makkon and based on Progs_dump (included).

Note: skill 0 (Easy) is not implemented, will play like skill 1 (Normal)?

Watch the author's design breakdown video on YouTube. Map source is included.

No custom start map, load via console command "map brendy3".

Tags: small, short, tomb, crypt, brick, stone, 1024, source, pd, progs_dump, makkon

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
3.9/5 with 26 ratings
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Shikadi Guest 2 March 2022, 21:00

Short but sweet map. Found 2 secrets in the first run. Played on Nightmare (using "skill 3" in console, then "restart") and had a fun time.

4LT Registered 2 March 2022, 21:17

Nice short, tight map.

My biggest complaint is the constant grey everywhere, it's very dull. Highlighting import interactable brushes in green was a good choice, but there still was not enough contrast overall.

Trashbang Registered 3 March 2022, 5:58

Fun little map with some interesting novelties at work. I really liked the use of the rocket launcher as an impromptu 'key' to break down brick walls; clever way to have us rotate through old spaces. The myriad little micro-narrative moments were also a nice way to break things up.

While the internal architecture is very creative, there are definitely moments where it gets boxy or flat, particularly towards the 1024-unit boundaries (I assume). I feel like the larger arenas also didn't really get a chance to shine with longer, more intense fights, but perhaps that's just my fault for picking Normal

Johnny Law Registered 3 March 2022, 19:19

Yeah I think short-and-sweet is a good summary. I appreciate bite sized releases like this that have a high "quality density". Fun use of setpieces and breakables.

It did feel somewhat disjoint somehow, maybe not completely nailing it w.r.t. escalation or with setting up and satisfying player goals/expectations? Also it seemed like the final fight was pretty skippable.

Good quick thing to play tho. And from the video linked in the OP, looks like a good mapping exercise.

Ninja Registered 6 March 2022, 1:14

I use Q.S 94.3. It dont pick up keys, but also opens any door, that needs key, with me not holding key. Now it only happens on 1 in every 3 maps, original quake works fine, plus other major ones warpspasm etc etc etc work great, but latest ones from late 2021 to 2022 seem to have this problem , anyone got any ideas on the problem

The_Pirate Registered 6 March 2022, 9:43

Very, very nice. Balanced fighting, interesting architecture and details - tight and disciplined mapping! It has been very interesting to follow BC; there has been a remarkable development for this mapper. The first maps were already good, but this... I guess we can expect great things in the future. Gruesome, but great. BC, thanks for sharing! :)

Jehannum Registered 20 March 2022, 16:16

Very enjoyable to play. This was a very good use of 1024^3 space available without it being cramped.

Thanks for sharing with us, and I'll be looking forward to more from this author!

rchavp Registered 22 March 2022, 8:53

Contrary to one of the comments here, I think the grey tones are a key element to this map. It is very well crafted and combined with other colors in the palette. This map is very well done indeed. Good job.

Agentflit Registered 23 March 2022, 8:37

Oh snap, it's THAT Brendan Caldwell! :) Always a pleasure.

Cute little map here. The destructible walls add a lot. I'd love to see more.

Boss300 Registered 26 March 2022, 17:35

pretty great. skill 3. destructible walls are a soft-lock issue though, not as pertinent when the map is short, but maybe give the player more rockets before the second one

SharpEyeJoe Registered 31 March 2022, 17:33

Great map. Thanks!

MikeTaylor Registered 24 August 2022, 13:02

I have nothing to add but my agreement with all the comments above.

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