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Screenshot of sul02
Title:Sul's Wrath of Despair (ff43575e8d2ea40a473aabd4ca09f77e)
Filesize:515 Kilobytes
Release date:09.01.1997
Additional Links: Crash'serc's Underdog
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
SUL2.TXT3 KB09.01.1997
SUL2.BSP1189 KB19.01.2038

Sul's Wrath of Despair

Medium sized wizard map with optional exploration bits.

Tags: medium, wizard, exploration, tricks, unmarked secrets

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User Rating:
3.2/5 with 15 ratings
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Fr3n Guest 6 October 2012, 5:28
Great looking and exceptionally curvy map for 1997. Just look at the screenshot and the exit room. Hasn't aged as well as similar classics like UTAH but still an accomplishment.
xDDGx Registered 12 July 2014, 22:06

The exit room is really interesting.
Too bad its secretes aren't shown as "secretes" on the ending screen. Except that and a little sameness in texturing, this is a good level.

Cocerello Registered 27 July 2017, 21:32

Played on skill 3. All killed.

Definitely a good level. This one requires to be played after sul1, to use the weapons from that one.

Good for the time detail on brushwork and architecture with some outstanding setpieces and curved parts, linear layout with plenty of sides areas not required for progression that make up more than half of the map, combats are mainly straightforward and around iD maps in difficulty or lower, ammo, health and armour a bit less than iD maps, and well placed secret and side areas, with maybe a bit too overpowering rewards sometimes.

A solid map with no real flaws, except a bug with the exit that can kill the player. A bit small if no side areas are found. Nicely and fun side areas for whoever likes to explore, and not hidden in some obscure way or to hard to find. The combats are nothing special but are not boring no repetitive either.

Esrael Registered 1 February 2018, 21:32

Aesthetics: Brushwork is top notch for the time. Geometry also often moves in a cool fashion to reveal (unofficial) secrets. The texturing is kind of simple, which coupled with the flat lighting, makes the map look kind of drab.

Combat: Decent. Enemy placement is kind of a mixed bag: Ogres are given some good vantage points to lob grenades from above to keep you on your toes, while grunts are placed in a neat row "miles" away from the player, where the player can safely snipe them with no fear of retribution.

Overall gameplay: The strongest part about the map would probably be exploring the map, experiencing the moving geometry and finding the secrets. I just wish they were marked. Like Sul01, the map likes to play some tricks on you, which can be aggravating. Especially right at the end.

pmk Guest 5 December 2018, 0:54

decent 1997 quake map that plays well and encourages exploration on the player to find weapons to combat the enemies within the level. The architecture in the map is not varied and makes exploring the map boring for the player. I did like the end of the map's combat scenario with the Shambler however the enemy model got stick within the map making him easy to kill. This map gets a three out of five rating from me and i would say it is worth a quick play through.

JMP Registered 20 April 2020, 23:54

The map's layout and progression are quite good, especially considering how early it was released.

Unfortunately, the author uses the same texture for nearly the entire map, which obscures some really nice architecture.

Combat is easy if you carry your weapons over from sul01, but scratch-starting turns it into more of a challenge.

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