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Screenshot of tdt100
Title:The Dark Triad v1.0 (b7c1e71924accecfc4e13259c2c38222)
Filesize:29436 Kilobytes
Release date:18.11.2022
Additional Links: YouTube video preview / commentary by dumptruck_ds
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
tdt100/dt_readme.txt13 KB18.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dt_citadel.bsp5952 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dt_citadel.map5219 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dt_lodge.bsp2468 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dt_lodge.map1511 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dt_undercity.bsp1387 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dt_undercity.map974 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dtdarkmere.wad43 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dtlodge.wad816 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dtstart.wad258 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/dtunder.wad11 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/start.bsp459 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/maps/start.map409 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/music/track20.mp37305 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/music/track21.mp34408 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/music/track22.mp34707 KB22.09.2022
tdt100/music/track23.mp36103 KB13.09.2022
tdt100/progs.dat407 KB16.11.2022
tdt100/progs/agren1.mdl6 KB15.11.2022
tdt100/progs/cult.mdl73 KB09.09.2022
tdt100/progs/demon2.mdl111 KB17.01.2022
tdt100/progs/g_nail.mdl74 KB16.11.2022
tdt100/progs/g_rock.mdl71 KB16.11.2022
tdt100/progs/g_shot.mdl78 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/progs/p_revolver.mdl49 KB24.01.2022
tdt100/progs/tt1.mdl14 KB28.10.2022
tdt100/progs/v_axe.mdl90 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/progs/v_nail.mdl105 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/progs/v_rock.mdl94 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/progs/v_shot.mdl91 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/progs/v_shot2.mdl107 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/sound/ambience/ebdrone6.wav164 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/ambience/ebdrone7.wav187 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/ambience/hfrog1.wav22 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/ambience/hfrog2.wav42 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/ambience/indoordraft2.wav107 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/ambience/warper1.wav47 KB05.11.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/alert1.wav27 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/alert2.wav33 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/alert3.wav29 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/death1.wav55 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/idle1.wav31 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/idle2.wav67 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/idle3.wav49 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/cult/pain1.wav9 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hdalert1.wav17 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hdattack1.wav18 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hddeath1.wav23 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hdidle1.wav16 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hdidle2.wav23 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hdpain1.wav10 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/gargoyle/hdwalk1.wav20 KB07.01.2022
tdt100/sound/player/land.wav6 KB05.02.2022
tdt100/sound/player/land3.wav4 KB05.02.2022
tdt100/sound/player/metland.wav10 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/player/metland3.wav10 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/player/metstep1.wav4 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/player/metstep2.wav5 KB12.09.2022
tdt100/sound/player/plyrjmp8.wav10 KB05.02.2022
tdt100/sound/player/step1.wav2 KB05.02.2022
tdt100/sound/player/step2.wav3 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/weapons/axslash1.wav6 KB17.11.2022
tdt100/sound/weapons/guncock.wav27 KB16.05.2021
tdt100/sound/weapons/railgun.wav94 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/weapons/shotgn2.wav35 KB23.09.2022
tdt100/sound/weapons/spike3.wav35 KB10.11.2022

The Dark Triad v1.0

Short episode with custom start map + 3 small / medium sized levels of various themes, with custom weapons and monsters. Some textures from Doom, some custom music sampled from Nine Inch Nails.

Map source is included. Consult the author's readme for detailed notes on the many weapons and monster changes, but here's a summary / excerpt:

"Many of the weapons have lowered max ammo cap and the pickups will yield less ammo as well. On harder difficulties, this can make ammo conservation a much more important skill, along with aggressive secret hunting. [...] Armor pickups also yield less armor. [...] Monster behavior is very different, but in subtle ways. [...] Initial delay between aggro and first attack is reduced and semi-randomized. Monsters move fast on hard, and faster on nightmare. Infighting is disabled, except on skill 0. Monster turn speeds are increased by difficulty [...] Monsters have no pain chance. [...] Monsters also have greatly reduced health"

Note: requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: episode, small, medium, castle, runic, doom, music, monsters, weapons, source, limits

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User Rating:
4.5/5 with 40 ratings
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The_Pirate Registered 30 November 2022, 18:40

This is absolutely amazing.

Competent brush- and texture work, good lighting, very good music tracks, excellent mood setting.... bugger it, just go play these maps!

Again a 'first map'... but imi74 must have done some kind of mapping before! This is so well polished...

I really hope we will see more stuf from this mapper in the future. Bloody well done; thanks for sharing!

Alex Ros Registered 30 November 2022, 21:12

Really cool stuff. Recommend it to everyone. It's a lilbit old school, but in the best way possible. Also it's not bland blocky, nope, it's very nicely detailed. And last map "Grand Finale" is pure beauty. Really loved it. Encounters are quite fun. Layout is amazing. Style is unique. 5 out of 5

Alex Ros Registered 30 November 2022, 21:41

Also. Upload on Slipseer. A lot of audience is there too. Different from QD ppl - nowadays it's better to upload here & there

whatisquake Registered 1 December 2022, 7:31

The enemy and weapon changes are cool. Must-play.

arkngt Registered 1 December 2022, 16:43

Amazing mini-episode. I basically concur with everything Alex Ros and The_Pirate said. I still have 6 secrets to find in the last map, so I'll surely replay it. 5/5

Escalate_krsk Registered 1 December 2022, 19:58

Great maps with a lot of details! Second map - Black Lodge - is clearly Twin Peaks - inspired, and its great! The main attraction of the mod is rebalance of combat. Stakes are higher, flow is faster... I wonder if a bigger campaign is planned with these same features. New weapons feels like they came from good old Alone in the Dark series SOMEHOW...

RickyT23 Registered 1 December 2022, 20:07

This was a lot of fun. Different maps with different play styles. #1 felt like classic Quake very much. #2 felt like DooM. #3 felt more like a 'modern' Quake maps. Loved the architecture, particularly with #3 <3 Has custom progs including a custom 'pistol' style SG. Fires faster than a regular pistol. Also seemed like the progs had been altered to remove infighting. Next release should be interesting :)

Johnny Law Registered 1 December 2022, 23:57

Got some special flavor here. The revamped "workhorse weapons" probably do most of the lifting when it comes to makes this feel fresh/unique, but it's also got a lovely soundtrack (based on NIN Ghosts I-IV), a nice variety of weird-but-Quake-y aesthetics in its 3 maps, fun progression through interesting areas, and a couple of new monsters... all of which fit together nicely.

Very much worth a play unless you are a super-traditionalist, and I hope we see more.

P.S. on skill 2, the last map is ammo-tight even if you find some secrets, so be frugal. I guess the readme also says this but most of us don't read the readme that closely. :-)

Sardine Guest 7 December 2022, 1:10

The first map -The Undercity - has a layout very similar to a different map I'd played, but that didn't present me a problem, as I was getting disoriented even in that previously-played map. I love the footsteps/echo (shades of Half-Life), and that the pistol can take down an ogre with just a few shots. As others have commented, "great visuals"!

Stef Registered 8 December 2022, 12:42

Great experience through its atmosphere and gameplay, the layout is really efficient and the final map is the highlight of this package, I hope to see more by the author :)

Titosor Registered 11 December 2022, 17:54

Very creative and cool!

zaratzara Registered 13 December 2022, 11:50

Incredible work. Despite the ambitious novelty of the mod, this episode is a brilliant showcase of minimalist judgment tempering masterfully inspired craft work.

Each chapter has its own feel that draws expertly on different design traditions.

The new arsenal and reprogrammed enemies (a much higher DPS) feels like a kind of heightened precision redolent of post-Quake man-shooters which shouldn’t fit in Quake — but the holistic design, the minimal set, and the consistency across very different environments make it work fantastically. This new minimal weapon set is a brilliant achievement in its own right and the new combat dynamic deserves to be explored further by the community. Credit to a Markie for getting the ball rolling on this with his experimental ‘pistol start’ work with tangibly suggested these kinds of possibilities.

Amidst the stand out achievements, these subtle flourishes really impressed me: 1. Brilliant fine detail geometry while retaining classic textures and not getting lost in general brushwork noise. The design was never distracting or overly baroque, the geometry never snagged or caused navigational ambiguity. This is masterful stuff. In combination with the new weapon and enemy dynamics, architecture that doesn’t look in the least sensational or confusing produced new combat tactics. 2. World-class minimalist finesse in lighting, fog and palette. The Black Lodge especially (RIP Angelo Badalementi) had some of the best strong ambient darkness I’ve seen in Quake mapping — passages that were banal by any other metric gained immense character from this. 3. Secrets that are more than closets and less than Easter eggs. Particularly in the Citadel, they embellished the sense of the place without ever feeling like indulgent distraction. 4. I adore the flickering geometry of the teleports. Enthralling objects.

imi74, you’re a genius. I can’t wait to see what more you have to show and what others can learn from you.

One minor bug: mini-fiends gib into regular fiends, which looks disconcerting.

Ewigkind Registered 16 December 2022, 6:27

I really enjoyed playing this 3 Maps, in certain the third Map. Playing on skill 2 wasn't to hard, at least for me. I found 7/11 Secrets in the third map. 5/5

inf78 Guest 29 December 2022, 1:35

I don't know what to add, others mostly covered it all I think. It's great for me especially in one aspect. Even though it has 3 different styles, the music and weapon changes make it still coherent. And since the music fits it all perfectly, it IS coherent. :D

Anyway, got 10/11 secrets in Citadel. Sadly, red armor and that nasty '2-walls-reveal-lift-to-quad' ones I discovered when it was all over. Where is that damn last secret, no idea..

I really recommend running this in TyrQuake's software renderer, it just fits this one.

inf78 Guest 31 December 2022, 0:02

Aaah, "3-face-ring-of-shadows"! Hehe, great.

I had to say that it's overly better than I thought, it's so brilliant.

I don't know what makes the atmosphere the most, whether the music, weapons and monster modifications, level design, the flow or all of it together, but we just need more of this.

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