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Screenshot of terra
Title:Terra (631507be59fc7e87c0dbc950f67a88ae)
Filesize:3263 Kilobytes
Release date:16.01.2005
Additional Links: erc's ExcellenceUnderworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
terra7.bsp162 KB26.06.2002
terra2.bsp1468 KB31.08.2004
terra.txt52 KB16.01.2005
terra6.bsp1074 KB16.01.2005
terra3.bsp959 KB31.08.2004
terra1.bsp1886 KB19.01.2005
terra4.bsp1669 KB19.01.2005
terra5.bsp1147 KB01.11.2004


Episode with 6 medium sized levels. Two Base maps, four mostly Wizard maps. Great design.

This release includes small bugfixes on terra1 and terra4 done by negke.

Tags: episode, base, wizard, oldschool, metal, doom

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating: 4.3/5 with 52 ratings
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Qauker 20 February 2010, 6:40
Quake style mixed with Doom gameplay - awesome combo. At least 9/10
Yhe1, rated this a 5 28 January 2011, 7:43
AguiRe's made a fix for the Terra4 exit here:
negke 28 January 2011, 10:39
I also made a fix for that as well as some other issue in the map, but Spirit still hasn't uploaded it...
Spirit 28 January 2011, 22:22
I know it is unbelievable but I just updated this. Thanks for the reminders.
AAS, rated this a 5 2 January 2012, 10:26
Pure awesomeness!
Spirit 6 January 2012, 18:26
Even more unbelievable is that I just got stuck because I still have the old files in my maps directory...
FifthElephant Guest 31 December 2012, 2:28
I thought it was pretty tough for the first couple levels then most of Terra 3 was fairly easy right up until right near the end... then holy shit it got crazy hard (you'll know which part when you get there)...

I'll have to try again tomorrow...
indstr Registered, rated this a 3 17 September 2013, 20:05

I agree completely with FifthElephant, I just played this episode and when I got to the end of level 3, I got frustrated and stopped. It locks you in a relatively small area and keeps spawning monsters. It's not too bad at first until there are 4 shamblers in a VERY enclosed space. I'm not even sure how it's possible to beat this. I gave up and moved onto another of czg's maps.

dBAudio Registered, rated this a 4 7 October 2013, 22:41

i enjoyed these maps. the 'end' was anticlimactic for me.

NightFright Registered, rated this a 5 12 February 2014, 23:20

Awesome maps with some Doom textures here and there and some tough encounters. Has some great moments, e.g. parts of a castle collapsing right at the beginning. Expect monsters to appear rather in groups, so instead of 2-3 grunts, you would maybe encounter 6-9, to give one example. The end of level 3 was not a problem for me - the four Shamblers are apparently killed automatically after a few seconds, I think it's just to shock you. Too bad that there are two more before the exit, anyway. :P If you don't mind that this episode doesn't have a proper ending and if you're up for a little challenge now and then, you should definitely try this!

QuakeForever Registered, rated this a 5 18 February 2014, 7:36

Reminds of Beyond Belief. Not quite as classic as that, but comparable, and I had a lot of fun! Shows czg can deliver the goods even with a more nostalgic, modest approach - any Quake fan should have this! Also marking/adding qtwid as it seems appropriate (as I interpret qtwid as meaning the original 'feel' of the game is largely emulated).

dBAudio Registered, rated this a 4 25 February 2014, 11:06

just replayed this. what excitement during the last four maps! i admit, when the 4 shamblers warped in, i was like, 'oh, shh...' EXCELLENT shock value, especially in such cramped quarters. if i could re-rate, i'd definitely consider a 5/5.

QuakeForever Registered, rated this a 5 25 February 2014, 14:36

dBAudio you can rerate. Just highlight all five hearts and click. Simple as that! Rate will automatically change.

QuakeForever Registered, rated this a 5 25 February 2014, 14:37

Oops nevermind not sure that big deal anyways

Spirit Registered 25 February 2014, 18:19

Nope, you can't. Sorry. Some day maybe.

unbirthday Registered, rated this a 4 26 February 2015, 18:32

Old school stuff. Some really nice surprises.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 3 27 March 2015, 10:09

Oddly, this pack has never really done it for me. CZG is among my very favourite mappers, with his BioToxin by far the best 100-brush map out there and of course Insomnia a stone-cold classic pack. But Terra somehow feels disjointed and never quite gets going for me. Of course, it's never less than competent, but it fails to engage me.

There is one great moment, though, near the start of the fourth map, 3/4 Latent Quarter, when much of the map collapses under your feet, falling into a new configuration. In the end, that's the one part of this pack that really stays with me.

It feels harsh to give this three stars, but I guess ratings are meant to be subjective, so that's what I'm going for.

ezze Guest 26 October 2015, 15:15

Just finished this map pack, as a fan of medium/small maps I found it really great if a little difficult in some places. I am just confused by the readme, it starts as a mad ranting and it ends with nonsense?!? I kinda feel I was supposed to understand that...

Bloughsburgh Registered, rated this a 4 25 August 2016, 12:15

This is the map pack I think all wannabe mappers should play through and study as it has some great design and flow.

Ajora Registered, rated this a 5 14 September 2016, 8:19

Excellent campaign from start to finish. Solid overall.

JMP Registered, rated this a 4 20 September 2016, 3:04

This is tough to rate because the maps vary widely in style and quality.

Terra6 is my favorite. It's like the metal/runic maps from the original game, but executed on a much grander scale.

On the other had, Terra2 and Terra 5 are both Doom retreads--other people may enjoy the novelty of playing a Doom level in Quake, but I found them dull.

Terra4 has a impressive layout and a lot of novel architectural features, but the dark, drab textures used throughout the map obscure its good features.

The shamblers toward the end of Terra3 were a thrill.

Overall, despite some disappointment, I think Terra's at least a 4. At its best, it's fantastic. At its worst, it's still polished and well put-together.

Lane Powell Registered, rated this a 4 20 September 2016, 8:48

Mostly agree with JMP. Terra6 is the best map in the pack, actually a very good metal map with classic design, nice lighting/detail, and Doom-ish gameplay. I liked the Doom stylings of Terra5 (particularly the red fire textures) but thought it was ok overall. Terra4 has a nice layout and some neat detail brushwork (nothing like broken bricks to make a Quake level feel lived-in) but was too dark. The rest were ok.

In my early days of playing Quake maps (so 2013) I played this hot on the heels of several of czg's other releases but the difficulty pissed me off. A few years later I'm better at Quake, and found it not too hard on skill 1. I've revised my rating from 3 to 4 (it's more like a 3.5 to me). Not as classic as Insomnia, Februus, Ceremonial Circles, or what have you.

One other thing no one else mentioned: though packaged as an episode, the maps seem designed to allow play from scratch (though this would make the red armor secret at the end of Terra2 rather useless).

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 3 20 September 2016, 11:39

What's the deal with terra7?

Kinn Registered, rated this a 5 21 December 2016, 17:57

Just played through this again for the nth time, and yes I still believe this is the best retro-esque episode available for Quake.

Atzutas Guest 28 June 2017, 3:00

As a whole pack Terra lacks a bit of integrity and personality, but taken one by one there are maps worth playing (and even paying) for them.

Terra1 is a decent base with notable gameplay, more elaborated and mindfull than the average ones. But Terra2 is more conventional and the few non-humanoid monsters do not justify to put another base, it is a very small step for Quake and great time leap for player one.

Terra 3 "Shotgun Experiment 1" at last goes deeper in the roots of game with a small castle with amazing surprises, much more tactical but very enjoyable. The final challenge is not for weaklings and may take a bit of practice but is not beyond the average player and it is highly rewarding.

But it is in Terra4 "Latent Quarter" in which the game becomes impressive. It is one of the best classic Necropolis setups I have ever played by large. Mid to Large sized (it appears to be greater), good FXs and visual treats like the Shambler smashing the walls. Clever deployment of secrets and monsters and more terrifying than some e4mX maps. This is a 5/5 and a must in the "classic" area.

Terra5 "Shotgun Experiment 2" does not present much more advancements in playability but still it is immersive and attracting - like in Attrackting problems. Really tactical and breathtaking, some sweat and a few replays, and occasional falls into the lava pit may be required to clear the level.

Terra6 "Torture Department" appears to be a bit classical, a runic labyrinth with ogres and knights, but it goes forth with excellent developement and progresivity and fresh ideas. It does not rely on magic portals and cheap shortcuts to confuse and amaze Player1 but instead with a clever design, deadly traps, ambushes and heavyweight monsters to entertain you to death.

Terra7, still I do not know why that thing was included in the map, maybe a honest mistake of some kind of joke? Just waive this away.

Overall this pack does not make the 5/5 because it seems to be a random selection of well developed ideas than a consistent travel, and some of the "experiments" could had been a bit more developed but still it is an impressive work that overpasses the 4/5. I enjoyed this pack as much as Insomnia and well, I think the next release enterilly by CZG was "Honey" so it is fair to have the highest rating put aside for the great achivements. Another good reason to put that three letters in full caps.

Greed Registered, rated this a 5 10 November 2017, 23:56

I have to admit, I seem to really enjoy czg's maps.

Excellent map pack, save for maybe that Chthon scene where you have to make precise and well timed jumps over lava while also dodging fireballs that can send you flying all over the map. I missed a jump and had to redo the level.

Otherwise, it felt like the challenge was just right if you're careful and don't rush in guns blazing, got my blood pumping a couple of times with situations like 4-6 surprise fiends spawning in a previously empty room.

AnthonyS Registered, rated this a 4 14 November 2017, 3:01

Had some fun with this one :)

IntelMercs Registered, rated this a 5 10 July 2018, 21:23

Awesome map pack with perfect medium sized levels. Quite a few challenging encounters are littered throughout these maps.

Worth a play for sure.

Solomoriah Registered, rated this a 5 23 March 2019, 22:34

I loved this set of levels. Challenging, but with interesting, intricate architecture. The end was a bit of an anticlimax, but I did like how you could clear the monsters from the windowed rooms with careful grenade usage.

hosser Guest, rated this a 5 15 June 2019, 21:44

Still fun in 2019!

Jugador Registered, rated this a 5 17 June 2019, 19:46

In the last map, you can get the blue key immediately with a precise jump off the first elevator, which turns the map a self-conscious (but fun) mess. :)

Jugador Registered, rated this a 5 17 June 2019, 19:46

turns the map *into

bhlaab Registered, rated this a 3 3 August 2019, 6:48

The first few maps have a real problem with not giving you health packs. This is especially egregious since there's a ton of hitscanners. It gets better by the end, but not like WAY better.

Greenwood Registered, rated this a 5 4 March 2020, 8:47

These are a wonderful collection of vanilla maps. With the exception of Terra5, they can easily be played individually (Terra5 doesn't appear to have a nailgun at all & the final battle areas are loaded with spike ammo).

Hell, Terra6 alone is worth 5 stars in my book! That one in particular will remain in my maps folder :)

hosser Registered, rated this a 5 28 August 2021, 22:41

I've had this on my hard drive for years and decided to play it again tonight, on nightmare. Challenging and fun!

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