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Screenshot of theledge
Author:Glenn Ancheta
Title:The Ledge (f80bf3ebf80bf2ae0d7a951d0b337cd0)
Filesize:153 Kilobytes
Release date:01.09.1996
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
THELEDGE.BSP376 KB01.09.1996
THELEDGE.TXT3 KB01.09.1996

The Ledge

More or less one Wizard-textured room with a few monsters.

Tags: small, wizard

Editor's Rating: Poor
User Rating:
1.6/5 with 21 ratings
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Cocerello Registered 16 December 2013, 16:48

If it were larger it would be a decent map.

xDDGx Registered 12 June 2014, 5:02

This level is too illogical. Unseen teleport in the edge? It's even not funny.

JellyGal Registered 16 August 2014, 3:15

This could've been a decent vertical-esque map, but firstly it only has 7 enemies, and secondly I have no idea how I got to the second floor, I just randomly teleported there. I couldn't find a way to get to the third, so I just noclipped. There was probably another random teleporter. It doesn't look great either (it doesn't look bad though). I just can't really find something good to say about this map, sorry. I don't recommend it.

ArrrCee Registered 19 September 2014, 15:57

Basically, what you see is what you get with this map. As soon as you start and spin around, you're basically seeing the whole map. To me, this seemed like an experiment map that was just kind of released because it was created. Also, good luck killing the enemies later if you use up that pent early! ;) The Ledge on The Quake Grave

TheInsaneMilkman Registered 6 January 2015, 9:56

An interesting idea, but horrid execution. The visuals are bland and ugly and there are only seven enemies. I think the author was just messing around experimenting when they made this (it was 1996 after all). 1/5

Esrael Registered 6 November 2016, 21:30

The readme tells you to save your ammo, but I'd rather tell you to save your powerup(s). ;)

pmk Guest 7 October 2018, 16:45

I felt the level designer's previous level "The evil pool" was a better designed level than this trash. Don't bother playing this map it is very under detailed, short, illogical and a waist of time. Do not recommend playing.

JuanchoES Registered 8 October 2020, 13:03

I can't deny that I've had fun playing the map but it's too short and doesn't have much content, definitely this map is infinitely more fun in DM but as SP it's not very good

DrOctavia Registered 9 December 2021, 6:53

The teleports on the corners of the edges of the bottom platform were neat, but could have used even a different textured square to indicate the teleport brush.

The rest of the level plays nice as a short 3min challenge! Pretty good compared to some of the earliest stuff on Quaddicted from 1996

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