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Screenshot of themyths
Title:The Myths (77ba3d23f105ad21bf48c64cb830480e)
Filesize:5041 Kilobytes
Release date:12.06.2011
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Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
TheMyths/Quaddicted_repack.txt1 KB03.12.2011
TheMyths/The Myths 1024res.BAT1 KB12.06.2011
TheMyths/The Myths 1280res.BAT1 KB12.06.2011
TheMyths/The Myths 640res.BAT1 KB12.06.2011
TheMyths/The Myths 800res.BAT1 KB12.06.2011
TheMyths/maps/myth6.bsp860 KB12.06.2011
TheMyths/pak0.pak12898 KB10.08.2006
TheMyths/quake.rc1 KB10.08.2006

The Myths

Episode with six small maps of varying themes and a few new monsters.

Tags: episode, small, monsters, base, medieval, metal, wizard, hipnotic, traps, puzzles, dragon, armagon, boss, realism

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2.6/5 with 15 ratings
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dBAudio Registered 19 October 2013, 19:14

i liked it. i was bummed when i discovered there was no 'myth7'.map.'

NightFright Registered 13 February 2014, 15:47

To be honest, I didn't get far with this. On the first map, I was able to enter the gold key door, but couldn't figure out any way to reach the silver key. I really tried hard for like 20 minutes, but after I didn't make any progress at all, I just called it a day. Maybe all these maps are great and everything, but I just can't figure it out. And if I don't know how to intuitively finish a level (without cheating), for me it's not worth playing. To remain fair, I won't rate this (for now, maybe I find out later how it works).

Cocerello Registered 17 November 2014, 14:43

Played on skill 1 by mistake. Most secrets found and most enemies stripped of their souls.

Overall this is a decent episode, rough in brushwork and lighting, decent in combats and layout. Sometimes bad, sometimes good on ideas. Ammo/armour is a bit lower than ID maps in amount, and well placed. Health is missing in the first two maps, increasing with the episode and around ID maps at the end. Secrets are varied and fun to find, and with adequate rewards. New monsters add a lot and are well used.

The episode begins with a first map full of button finding progression, and some puzzles and decent traps and func_illusionaries as progression. It is hard to advance as the mechanics to find those buttons are mostly new, at least to me, but nothing outrageous to find, as there is messages and other tips, not easy either. Health is low here, so each hit counts. What makes this first map very bad is that you can get stuck if you aren't fast enough, as most doors close after opening, and most of the times there isn't a way to open them again, resulting in the player having to load a saved game or suicide himself.

As the episode goes on, it is more polished and less and less bugs and problems are found, little by little, the maps changes the gameplay, diminishing the puzzles and traps, and increasing the weight on combats. Brushwork goes better too, except maybe the last one. Bosses fights were enjoyable and felt good as a change.

To summarize: 2- for the first map, 3- for the second, 3/3+ for the rest.

Cocerello Registered 17 November 2014, 14:47

Forgot to say that in skill 1, difficulty was higher than ID skill 2/3. Don't know how it is in skill 2/3.

Also, lIke dBAudio, i was left craving for one more map. The last ones were fun.

QUESTION: why is there a myth6.bsp both outside and inside the pak?

Ninja Registered 21 October 2020, 22:54

The weapons dont look right, its like there resolution and size are way out of sync.So on that alone i didnt play it.

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