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Title:Empire of Disorder v2.2 (62c7a1bacc5a7bb2b1b205714b2ff985)
Filesize:12848 Kilobytes
Release date:18.09.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
Bots read-me.txt1 KB10.09.2022
Empire of Disorder 2.2 Read-me.txt4 KB18.09.2022
Empire of Disorder.png6800 KB27.08.2022
bots/navigation/eod_1.nav5 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_2.nav7 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_3.nav4 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_4.nav4 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_5.nav4 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_6.nav5 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_7.nav7 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_8.nav4 KB10.09.2022
bots/navigation/eod_intro.nav3 KB10.09.2022
maps/eod_1.bsp1279 KB10.09.2022
maps/eod_2.bsp1901 KB18.09.2022
maps/eod_3.bsp1001 KB09.09.2022
maps/eod_4.bsp1254 KB10.09.2022
maps/eod_5.bsp1542 KB09.09.2022
maps/eod_6.bsp2092 KB09.09.2022
maps/eod_7.bsp3454 KB18.09.2022
maps/eod_8.bsp1217 KB18.09.2022
maps/eod_intro.bsp1047 KB10.09.2022

Empire of Disorder v2.2

UPDATE, 28 Novemberr 2022: v2.4 fixes multiplayer bot .nav waypoints (deathmatch only) for KexQuake and a soft lock in co-op, download here.

An episode of 9 small maps with various classic themes (base, medieval, wizard, runic, brick, etc.) for vanilla Quake, but also works well in Copper / with co-op support.

After installing, start the episode via console command: "map eod_intro"

"Old rumors say that whoever picks up the Rune of Greed will be the next emperor of the Empire of Disorder. You decide to go on this journey, with this goal, and nothing can stop you..."

Note: may require a modern engine / source port with increased limits.

Tags: episode, small, base, castle, medieval, brick, runic, metal, id1, classic, copper, coop, limits, knave

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4.5/5 with 32 ratings
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Ninja Registered 29 September 2022, 10:00

The maps are well made, its like playing a I.D add on bounus. Maps are small to medium ,But are a joy to play, played on skill 3 nightmare, but have to find the secret red buttons to get nightmare door open.Anyway all maps put a smile on my face, thats what quake should be...5 star

The_Pirate Registered 29 September 2022, 20:15

Very nice! Classic Quake Look-'N-Feel, very very close to the original maps.

My only complaint is the "Rush Hour" ending - to me, that seems neither here nor there. Well, some people like that - i don't.

Apart from that small hiccup: Well done. Very well done!

Thanks for your efforts, and thanks for sharing! I look forward to the next project!

Johnny Law Registered 30 September 2022, 19:54

All these maps are good solid id1 fun, and at least 3 are very good. Some nice tips-of-the-hat to the original campaign while still being inventive. I appreciate the use of mid-sized-maps too; it lets you have more frequent "closure" and change of scenery.

Well worth a play. I know Tonhao did some prerelease playtesting on these, and I think it shows.

One bit of constructive criticism:

The ammo is generous here (I was on skill 2 FWIW). While that's not necessarily an issue for a single map, it means that before the middle of this episode I was maxed out on all ammo to the point where I could almost make my way through an entire map just with grenade trickshot spam on all the baddies. Or by SNG-hosing everyone.

I know that's a tricky thing to solve, and no one gets the episode balance exactly right for all players, but in this case I think it could have been tuned better for episode-style playthrough. The back-half maps would probably play a lot better from shotgun start.

jordie Guest 11 October 2022, 10:25

This map pack has to be right up there with one of my favorites. Love the callbacks to the original shareware episode and the mid-size maps and close encounters. It feels very vanilla with its geometry but still retains a lot of detail—which I believe is this episode’s charm. A really heart pumping ending as well.

Really hope to see more material like this from you.

Played with the original DOS Quake and QDOS (to finish the last two maps).

DMXneon Registered 17 October 2022, 1:41

Absolutely solid collection of maps. Like others have said, they feel like classics from the 90s updated to today's standards w/r/t environmental detail. Especially loved all the secrets, which were clever but not too obscure/frustrating.

My one complaint would be the ending to what I think is the last map. A constant wave of spawning enemies can be a very exciting ending, but I think it just went way too long to the point that I got annoyed. And of course I fell in the lava when the Shamblers spawned, dying before I could get out. I realize that's my fault but now I'm dreading playing that whole part again.

Jehannum Registered 28 October 2022, 20:51

A very solid episode and totally enjoyable gameplay from beginning to end. I was glad to see it didn't end with another battle with Chthon, though!

I played it on skill 2 and not to complain, but it seemed a bit too easy with an over amount of ammo.

It didn't spoil the fun though. EOD was 5-star for me. It was really enjoyable to play ID-style maps with no custom mod for a change.

Thanks for sharing with us and I'll be looking forward to your next project.

Ren Guest 7 December 2022, 20:10

This was really good, first ep I 100%'d kills and secrets. Difficulty on normal was low (id1-like, which is OK!) except that last room. Maybe I'll give it a try in hard. Very very enjoyable!

SlagMuppet Registered 27 December 2022, 3:28

this was awesome... great job

dumptruck_ds Registered 21 February 2023, 7:37

I just played the first map. Awesome stuff. Bravo. Will post again when I complete it but I was so pumped after playing the first level I wanted to post here ASAP.

stoo Registered 25 February 2023, 14:01

One of the best ID-style map packs around. Played in vkQuake with Copper on Skill 3 and I died quite a bit, especially in the final map, but it was an absolute blast from beginning to end. Secrets pretty much perfect - not too obscure but requiring a bit of hunting. Scale pretty much perfect, most maps nice and compact with great enemy placement. 5/5. Wish there were more episodes already!

MikeTaylor Registered 28 February 2023, 14:17

It's a lovely, refreshing treat to play something like this, which feels exactly like an episode from the original Quake release except that the difficult in places is maybe nudged up a notch. I played on Nightmare, guessing correctly that it would feel easier than most modern maps, and enjoyed smashing my way through a sequence of levels with a very E1 atmosphere, at times even with a level-for-level correspondence.

To this this falls a little short of the top rank of releases because it's only a re-imagining of original Quake, and lacks not just its own innovations but also those that have become commonplace on custom mapping. In particular, there are no significantly sized open areas, which means that the kinds of puzzles and combats that can take place in such areas are excluded.

Still, though, lots of fun and well worth four stars.

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