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Screenshot of trail
Title:Gravey Trail (70ff9ce3d6a6a2f2f3c6e392429b3d4d)
Filesize:917 Kilobytes
Release date:01.08.2005
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Walkthrough demos:
walkthrough gaveytrail easy

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
Trail.txt3 KB01.08.2005
TRAIL.BSP2040 KB28.05.2004

Gravey Trail

Medium sized metal/dungeon map.

Tags: metal, medieval

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2.5/5 with 6 ratings
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dBAudio Registered 23 February 2014, 8:01

i believe this map is in the Abandon pack.

Hexcalk Guest 12 September 2017, 6:42

Quaddicted date: 01.08.2005 (2005/08/01) FuncMsgboard date: 2003/02/02 (02.02.2003) Gravey Trail FuncMsgboard thread:

This was MadFox's first released map, not his sm59 entry or OnePair. The release date warrants a correction.

Icantthinkofanickname Registered 13 September 2017, 13:22

Hexcalk, thanks for the comment. Some releases on Quaddicted have had the wrong date in the past, but I don't think this is the case here.

The timestamp of the latest file in a given zip usually indicates when the zip was released -- in this case, the readme has a timestamp of "01.08.2005". If there is ample evidence that the timestamp is wrong (as in the case of Kuro/Sham), it may warrant a correction.

If you look at the readme (Trail.txt), however, you'll see that it's signed "Madfox 1 augustus [August] 2005". Evidently this is a version of of Gravey Trail that was released more than two years after the map's initial release on Func_Msgboard. From a cursory glance at the release thread it seems that the map was recompiled later to fix some errors. Madfox would presumably be able to shed more light on this.

TL;DR: the Quaddicted date is correct: see the readme. :)

Hexcalk Guest 13 September 2017, 19:17

So yeah, as you said, Madfox released this map more than once. This 2003 map (the Func_Msgboard version) got fixed and recompiled for a 2005 release (the Quaddicted one). In other words, you're right! ;)

Madfox Registered 14 September 2017, 1:26

Let's shed some light on this.., hope you enjoyed the map!

When I released the map in 2003 there were several errors, that caused players to loose the way. There are two lifts in the end part that are easily used wrong. Meanwhile the map excisted already in the Abandon mod. I had to take care not to switched them.

First map released : 4feb2003 - trail69 - Underworldfan [URL][/URL] This is also the one mentioned on Func_Msg board.

I recompiled the map to fix the errors. Second map : 28may2004 - trail - PlanetFile.

In august 2005 Spirit made a remake of the files by capsulate them fit for the QuakeInjector. Reason why the readme file dates 2005. Same happened with the Abandon mod. It was released 2 may 2004, while the download dates 1 november 2007.

I think, it's more the way if you liked the map or not that matters, not the release date.

When I released the map in 2003 there were several errors, that caused players to loose the way. There are two lifts in the end part that are easily used wrong.

Repus Guest 17 November 2017, 22:12

"When I released the map in 2003 there were several errors, that caused players to loose the way."

Dude, players still cannot find the way. This level is designed in a very upside down way!!!! I spent half an hour at the very end of the level trying to figure out where to go after I got the silver key, and I simply couldn't!!!!

Hexcalk Guest 19 December 2017, 8:43

Okay, I enjoyed this map. Fun!

Madfox Registered 20 December 2017, 7:01

OK. If I understand correctly, the Editor's Rating is meant to indicate what is you impression of the level. The comment is intended to indicate, where that valuation is based on.

I admit that it is not a simple map, but that it is not possible to play seems strong to me. Sometimes searching around is useful for finding an exit. And sometimes it is a small effort to give an rating, even would it be a 0.

Added a demo, and gues(t) wich player can't dude.

Hexcalk Guest 22 December 2017, 2:37

Thanks madfox!

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