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Screenshot of unforgiven
Author:Tronyn & PM
Title:Unforgiven (d4be320e87eddcab9da5276452d88f9f)
Filesize:32773 Kilobytes
Release date:26.06.2011
Additional Links:
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
gfx/env/dsky1_bk.tga444 KB15.05.2007
gfx/env/dsky1_dn.tga11 KB15.05.2007
gfx/env/dsky1_ft.tga443 KB04.03.2008
gfx/env/dsky1_lf.tga444 KB15.05.2007
gfx/env/dsky1_rt.tga444 KB15.05.2007
gfx/env/dsky1_up.tga9 KB26.10.2008
gfx/env/duske_bk.tga593 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duske_dn.tga769 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duske_ft.tga581 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duske_lf.tga572 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duske_rt.tga672 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/duske_up.tga460 KB15.07.2004
gfx/env/gehenna_bk.tga659 KB25.08.2004
gfx/env/gehenna_dn.tga768 KB25.08.2004
gfx/env/gehenna_ft.tga694 KB25.08.2004
gfx/env/gehenna_lf.tga649 KB25.08.2004
gfx/env/gehenna_rt.tga682 KB25.08.2004
gfx/env/gehenna_up.tga498 KB25.08.2004
maps/unf1.bsp5358 KB26.06.2011
maps/unf2.bsp6337 KB26.06.2011
maps/unf3.bsp6667 KB26.06.2011
maps/unf3intro.bsp1242 KB26.06.2011
maps/unfstart.bsp889 KB26.06.2011
pak0.pak24465 KB12.06.2011
pak1.pak11425 KB12.06.2011
progs.dat1591 KB20.06.2011
sound/music/unf1.wav4566 KB03.11.2010
sound/music/unf2.wav1937 KB03.11.2010
sound/music/unf3.wav1003 KB03.11.2010
unforgivenreadme.txt4 KB26.06.2011


Epic fantasy episode with three huge levels, hardcore horde battles with many new monsters and bosses, several new and modified weapons and items from the Drake mod (latest version is included). It also comes with a start map, custom skyboxes and background music.

Note: This episode requires an engine port with increased limits. The max_edicts value has to be raised to 2048 if supported.

Tags: large, episode, horde, hard, medieval, fantasy, textures, monsters, music, drake, limits, boss, dragon, castle, fort, tower, mountain, skybox, hexen 2, weapons

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.6/5 with 56 ratings
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