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Screenshot of unholy
Title:Church Of The Unholy (c93f1f1a4015d6bb374ad11d28d75a50)
Filesize:28564 Kilobytes
Release date:01.05.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardFTE source portUpdated version
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
unholy/Church Of The unholy.bat1 KB18.04.2021
unholy/gfx.wad111 KB11.03.2021
unholy/gfx/conchars.lmp65 KB10.01.2021
unholy/maps/briefing.bsp1359 KB01.05.2021
unholy/maps/briefing.lit136 KB01.05.2021
unholy/maps/unholy.bsp20302 KB01.05.2021
unholy/maps/unholy.lit5465 KB01.05.2021
unholy/music/track02.ogg4271 KB08.02.2021
unholy/music/track03.ogg1123 KB08.02.2021
unholy/music/track05.ogg4763 KB08.02.2021
unholy/music/track09.ogg4188 KB08.02.2021
unholy/music/track12.ogg2368 KB19.04.2021
unholy/progs.dat380 KB01.05.2021
unholy/progs/Pillar_Big.mdl84 KB19.04.2021
unholy/progs/anglstat.mdl161 KB10.01.2021
unholy/progs/bellring.mdl76 KB19.04.2021
unholy/progs/biosuit.spr2 KB17.03.2021
unholy/progs/bookopen.mdl7 KB10.02.2021
unholy/progs/demstat.mdl80 KB23.03.2021
unholy/progs/doom.spr59 KB17.03.2021
unholy/progs/end3.mdl23 KB10.03.2021
unholy/progs/gib1.mdl11 KB13.01.2021
unholy/progs/gib2.mdl30 KB13.01.2021
unholy/progs/gib3.mdl43 KB13.01.2021
unholy/progs/h_shal2.mdl28 KB08.03.2021
unholy/progs/hangman.mdl95 KB07.01.2021
unholy/progs/keen.spr49 KB10.03.2021
unholy/progs/null.spr1 KB03.02.2021
unholy/progs/ogre.mdl269 KB10.03.2021
unholy/progs/player.mdl696 KB07.02.2021
unholy/progs/shstat.mdl97 KB16.03.2021
unholy/progs/shstathf.mdl51 KB27.01.2021
unholy/progs/soldier.mdl239 KB23.04.2021
unholy/progs/torch.mdl47 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/bed.mdl8 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/guy1.mdl21 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/guy2.mdl22 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/ironmaiden.mdl37 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/plaque.mdl24 KB09.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/rack.mdl22 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/table.mdl25 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/torture/wallring.mdl7 KB07.03.2021
unholy/progs/vgib1.mdl6 KB26.01.2021
unholy/progs/vgib2.mdl17 KB26.01.2021
unholy/progs/vgib3.mdl22 KB26.01.2021
unholy/sound/doors/baddoor.wav5 KB17.01.2021
unholy/sound/doors/dsdoropn.wav14 KB17.03.2021
unholy/sound/doors/stonslid.wav13 KB17.01.2021
unholy/sound/misc/bellhit.wav16 KB13.02.2021
unholy/sound/misc/bellring.wav27 KB13.02.2021
unholy/sound/misc/camera.wav8 KB06.02.2021
unholy/sound/misc/cirsaw.wav50 KB06.03.2021
unholy/sound/misc/ironmaiden.wav42 KB07.03.2021
unholy/sound/misc/ogres.wav631 KB19.04.2021
unholy/sound/misc/ogres_ia.wav296 KB19.04.2021
unholy/sound/misc/opencot.wav367 KB21.04.2021
unholy/sound/misc/priest.wav658 KB19.04.2021
unholy/sound/misc/priest_ia.wav314 KB19.04.2021
unholy/sound/misc/whoosh.wav3 KB28.01.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/ai.qc16 KB22.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/bell_nk.qc3 KB26.02.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/boss.qc13 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/buttons.qc6 KB20.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/camera_nk.qc10 KB24.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/client.qc37 KB01.05.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/combat.qc7 KB16.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/defs.qc20 KB13.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/demon.qc11 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/dog.qc10 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/doors.qc21 KB30.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/enforcer.qc11 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/fight.qc8 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/fish.qc8 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/func_bobbing.qc5 KB14.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/func_nk.qc12 KB01.05.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/func_puppet_nk.qc7 KB10.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/hknight.qc19 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/ironmaiden_nk.qc3 KB01.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/items.qc30 KB29.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/knight.qc10 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/math.qc2 KB07.12.2020
unholy/source/QuakeC/misc.qc17 KB01.05.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/misc_model.qc3 KB21.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/misc_shadowcontroller.qc3 KB13.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/monsters.qc5 KB17.01.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/ogre.qc15 KB10.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/oldone.qc11 KB19.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/oldonestat_nk.qc3 KB16.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/plats.qc8 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/plats_nk.qc6 KB23.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/player.qc19 KB18.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/progdefs.h3 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/progs.src1 KB01.05.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/shalrath.qc8 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/shambler.qc13 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/soldier.qc10 KB18.01.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/subs.qc12 KB22.03.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/subs_nk.qc1 KB18.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/tarbaby.qc8 KB27.01.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/triggers.qc18 KB27.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/triggers_nk.qc19 KB01.05.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/weapons.qc28 KB18.04.2021
unholy/source/QuakeC/wizard.qc11 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/world.qc12 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/QuakeC/zombie.qc21 KB07.02.2019
unholy/source/briefing.map168 KB01.05.2021
unholy/source/unholy.map7737 KB01.05.2021
unholy/unholy_readme.txt6 KB01.05.2021

Church Of The Unholy

Medium-sized oldschoolish medieval church complex with Hexen II-vibe puzzles. Comes with modified models/sounds and gameplay features, and custom music tracks. The map and qc sources are included.

Note: This map requires the FTE source port.
An updated version is available here.

Tags: medium, medieval, wizard, church, city, bricks, puzzles, models, sounds, music, limits, bsp2, fte, source

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User Rating:
3.4/5 with 19 ratings
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vodkins Guest 8 June 2021, 19:17

Map crashes too often (i am using Quakespasm engine) when attempting to shoot secret buttons, touching some doors or pressing some buttons. Can't finish it without cheating...

NoNameUser Registered 10 June 2021, 17:46

This looks interesting, but I don't understand the need of it being only compatible with FTL; I mean, why not QuakeSpasm? I honestly don't think Quake can get any better on any other source port. It's like picking Doomsday Engine over GZDoom.

Anoobis Registered 14 June 2021, 5:10

I don't know what to do at the very beginning with the windy window. (I used fte.)

Borax Man Registered 14 June 2021, 5:56

One that I really want to play, but keeps crashing, even with FTE Quake.

Borax Man Registered 14 June 2021, 6:24

Update, I downloaded the newest version of FTE quake, and works well. Impressive, atmospheric work. Well worth the small effort to get running.

Jehannum Registered 17 June 2021, 1:08

Actually, my first time using FTE Quake. It ran the map without any issue, although I couldn't seem to get the graphics set to a pleasing spot regardless of how I tweaked the contrast/ brightness/ gamma. I remember DM QW from back in the day and how it had the ability to push levels from the server to you. Good to see it's still in development.

This was a very interesting level with some new (to me) features that made it fun to play and explore. The mini- Shubs loaded with Spawn did get to be a drag though.

Smango Registered 29 June 2021, 14:34

I found it much easier to do a fresh install of FTE and just grab the Pak Files. Adding FTE to my normal directory the game just crashed everrrryyyyyy single time.

Anyways Check out Quakefans -

erc Registered 5 September 2021, 8:37

Though I wasn't very keen on setting up and playing through FTE (there were numerous audio issues on my end and was not happy with the overall look at all), this was a blast: proper old-school looks coupled with an adventurous flow, felt like a streamlined Hexen II experience merged with Quake assets allright. Lots of cool touches of its own, and as the author states in the readme, it gets better and better along the way.

MikeTaylor Registered 13 October 2021, 15:33

Tedious prologue, slow start, crash before getting out of the cellar area that you fall into right at the beginning. It may be because I am using Quakespasm instead of FTE; but then I am using the updated version that I assume is intended to remove that restriction. And anyway: what the heck is with making maps that only work for one engine? That's like making a website that can only be viewed with Firefox. We left that behind in the 1990s, amirite?

MikeTaylor Registered 13 October 2021, 17:46

I tried again, carefully avoiding the many many way to provoke a crash -- walking up to a certain door in the basement, shooting the button in the middle room of the basement, killing any of the Shub statues, etc. I was quite enjoying myself until I got to the cathedral, where pressing the last of the four buttons on the pillars turned out to trigger yet another crash, this one preventing further progress. /shrug/

Jugador Registered 21 March 2022, 21:53

Mike, the map (updated or not) does not work properly on QuakeSpasm.

Jugador Registered 21 March 2022, 21:54

FTE is included. I don't like it as much as QuakeSpasm, but it's worth trying for this map. One cool thing about it is that it supports higher framerates.

MikeTaylor Registered 22 March 2022, 11:15

Thanks, Jugador. I do think if people are going to release maps that depend on a specific engine, that fact should be advertised very very loudly. Including a copy of the preferred engine is no fix: who runs random binaries?

Jugador Registered 22 March 2022, 17:41

I did, but you're right, I shouldn't. Good advice.

MikeTaylor Registered 23 March 2022, 17:46

That is gracious!

OldKnavy Registered 22 March 2023, 22:35

I'm using the updated version with the bat file.

I disabled autosave and am playing in windowed mode and haven't had any more crashes. Thankfully, because this is really awesome! I recommend anyone just do those 2 things and set weapon bindings, tinker with the graphics settings a bit until it works.

Disable "Save Settings Automatically", as well. When you have made any desired setting changes, manually click where it says "Save All Settings". This seems to save keybindings made in the console too. Such as my Lightning Gun binding: (bind x "impulse 8").

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