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Screenshot of unusedjam
Author:bmFbr, Burnham, Cunnah, Doom_Pope, Greenwood, Konig, Mars, Mista Heita, Mihu, Rhoq, Skorly, VuRkka, zigi
Title:Unused Jam (e04c555547824a1647cc162b75b01034)
Filesize:22739 Kilobytes
Release date:12.02.2021
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
unusedjam/gfx/env/bluespacebk.tga769 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/gfx/env/bluespacedn.tga769 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/gfx/env/bluespaceft.tga769 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/gfx/env/bluespacelf.tga769 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/gfx/env/bluespacert.tga769 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/gfx/env/bluespaceup.tga769 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/gfx/env/greenepbk.tga1859 KB11.08.2020
unusedjam/gfx/env/greenepdn.tga1620 KB11.08.2020
unusedjam/gfx/env/greenepft.tga2251 KB11.08.2020
unusedjam/gfx/env/greeneplf.tga2032 KB11.08.2020
unusedjam/gfx/env/greeneprt.tga1940 KB11.08.2020
unusedjam/gfx/env/greenepup.tga1637 KB11.08.2020
unusedjam/maps/start.bsp1030 KB13.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/start.lit418 KB13.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_bmfbr.bsp1672 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_bmfbr.lit872 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_burnham.bsp1826 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_burnham.lit1733 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_cunnah.bsp3418 KB12.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_cunnah.lit1270 KB12.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_doompope.bsp1669 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_greenwood.bsp1547 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_greenwood.lit655 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_konig.bsp984 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_mars.bsp2132 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_mars.lit745 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_mh.bsp1739 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_mihu.bsp334 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_mihu.lit176 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_rhoq.bsp1276 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_skorly.bsp2164 KB13.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_zigi.bsp4380 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/maps/unused_zigi.lit1104 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/music/track148.ogg3974 KB23.08.2020
unusedjam/source/start.map671 KB13.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_bmfbr.map877 KB12.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_burnham.map610 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_cunnah.map2669 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_doompope.map1257 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_konig.map620 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_rhoq.map707 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_start.map663 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/source/unused_zigi.map4887 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_bmfbr.txt2 KB12.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_burnham.txt2 KB10.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_cunnah.txt1 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_greenwood.txt2 KB09.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_konig.txt2 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_mars.txt2 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/text/unused_zigi.txt3 KB11.02.2021
unusedjam/unused_poster.jpg537 KB12.02.2021
unusedjam/unusedjam_readme.txt2 KB12.02.2021

Unused Jam

Community map pack with 12 level + start map using unused id textures from timfixed.wad. It comes with two custom skyboxes and a music track. The map sources are included.

Note: Cunnah's map requires a source port with increased limits and Mars' map needs BSP2 support.

Tags: timfixed, metal, runic, medieval, base, bricks, skybox, music, limits, bps2, source, start, stone, hard, difficult, insane, minimalist, ascetic

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User Rating:
4.1/5 with 31 ratings
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ShubShubAzathoth Registered 15 February 2021, 7:38

Great jam pack! Very tough (at least for me). I especially like zigi's new map. Good stuff!

ShubShubAzathoth Registered 15 February 2021, 7:38

Great jam pack! Very tough (at least for me). I especially like zigi's new map. Good stuff!

ShubShubAzathoth Registered 15 February 2021, 7:38

Great jam pack! Very tough (at least for me). I especially like zigi's new map. Good stuff!

DH1988 Registered 2 March 2021, 4:47

Enjoying this map pack so far. Have no idea how to get Nightmare skill though... If it's even possible?

Agentflit Registered 9 March 2021, 6:49

Nightmare is possible, you just have to get creative with how you jump into the portal on the right in the level select room :)

MikeTaylor Registered 7 June 2021, 16:49

Lots of fun stuff here. Sorry I didn't keep notes on the individual maps. In general, much of this feels very ID-ish, so a bit old-school compared with a lot of recent work.

Jehannum Registered 11 June 2022, 0:21

Another great Jam with this offering!

Thanks for sharing with us.

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