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Screenshot of virtus
Title:Deathmatch Maker Demo Episode (f135785d0df93d4ed90c28df8da5a825)
Filesize:4523 Kilobytes
Release date:01.04.1997
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Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
virtus/maps/arena.bsp69 KB21.02.1997
virtus/maps/vdm1.bsp565 KB13.12.1996
virtus/maps/ve1m1.bsp724 KB29.01.1997
virtus/maps/ve1m2.bsp1004 KB14.02.1997
virtus/maps/ve1m3.bsp1145 KB24.02.1997
virtus/maps/ve1m4.bsp1125 KB13.02.1997
virtus/maps/ve1m5.bsp1022 KB19.02.1997
virtus/maps/ve2m1.bsp1423 KB21.02.1997
virtus/maps/ve2m2.bsp743 KB25.02.1997
virtus/maps/ve2m3.bsp818 KB28.02.1997
virtus/maps/vfinal.bsp903 KB21.02.1997
virtus/maps/vstart.bsp636 KB19.02.1997
virtus/progs.dat414 KB05.03.1997
virtus/progs/newboss.mdl57 KB07.02.1997
virtus/progs/newboss.qc1 KB07.02.1997
virtus/readme-repackaged.txt1 KB28.07.2012
virtus/readme.txt11 KB01.04.1997

Deathmatch Maker Demo Episode

This is a single player campaign that came with the Virtus Deathmatch Maker map editor (not included) to serve as an example of its potential. It features 12 small to medium-sized levels in two episodes and a new boss enemy. First episode is mostly base, second episode realism-themed, with maps including a lab, a prison, a subway station and an office building.

Tags: episode, small, medium, base, realism, boss, monsters, textures, lab, prison, subway, office, weird, texture mess, plain, city

Editor's Rating: Average
User Rating: 3/5 with 12 ratings
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Spirit, rated this a 3 28 July 2012, 22:59
Pretty hard on nightmare. Great final map.
Cocerello, rated this a 3 28 July 2012, 23:46
From what i see on the maps, this editor is better than what i expected, but its still a tool for poor to average maps probably, since you can only do a fixed number of things.

About the maps, most of the times you don't know where to go next, the architecture is poor on most parts, and the gameplay is average. But i enjoyed a lot the boss, i want to see it more; maybe with some flying underlings ...
erc, rated this a 4 6 August 2012, 16:58
It is good to see this one uploaded here. Probably best of the unofficial retail stuff (not counting the total conversions).
NightFright Registered, rated this a 3 1 March 2014, 19:43

Average mission pack which is mostly worth playing because of its boss level. However, still a lot better than other commercial packs released around that time, e.g. "Aftershock". While architecture and texturing is quite incoherent in many places, it's still quite sophisticated as a demo for an editor - and fully playable. [Technical note: ve2m3 exit leads to "VSTART" instead of "vstart" which can prevent you from returning to the hub in ports like FitzQuake Mk V. You can edit the ve2m3 entity file with editors like qentity to fix the map name.]

Esrael Registered, rated this a 4 6 January 2019, 14:43


  • A complete Quake experience (multiple episodes, runes, start map that leads to boss map after all runes collected)
  • A unique and pretty well executed boss
  • Combat is challenging and fun for the most part
  • Maps are quite unique for the time and create fairly believable base and urban environments complete with machinery and furniture
  • A lot of maps to play


  • Despite having a lot of machinery/furniture etc, the maps are rather crude in looks
  • Navigating the maps is rather awkward at times with the player getting stuck in opening elevator hatches, wind tunnels etc
  • It's quite easy to get lost in some maps without knowing where to go next due to confusing layout or poor texturing for doors etc
  • Episode 2 is too short and doesn't feature all the weapons (to my knowledge)


Even if I did occasionally get lost for some time, it didn't get that frustrating to detract from the overall experience too much. If I were to rate the package simply by the sum of its parts, I'd rate it 3/5 tops, but as a complete experience I feel like rating it around 3,5/5 which rounds up to 4/5.

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