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Screenshot of windfsp1
Title:The Temple of Nightmares (8d2e49a5ae1161435d791db771421bd3)
Filesize:5388 Kilobytes
Release date:05.10.2022
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
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windfsp1.bsp12030 KB05.10.2022
windfsp1.map9736 KB05.10.2022
windfsp1_readme.txt3 KB05.10.2022

The Temple of Nightmares

Medium-sized elder world map with medieval and wizard elements, classic vanilla id1 style. The author's first release. Map source file is included.

"My first map. I did my best here to make the map as enjoyable as was the id soft. original maps. [...] hard difficulty (skill 2) is recommended for best experience."

Note: requires a modern engine / source port with increased limits. "Tested on ironwail, quakespasm and remaster."

Tags: elder, medium, medieval, wizard, id1, classic, vanilla, limits, source, debut

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3.8/5 with 18 ratings
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DMXneon Registered 28 October 2022, 3:03

I had a good time with it. It does feel like a classic id1 style, but much larger. In fact I think some of it is too large, ahah. Lots of empty room - I think maybe some areas could have been shrunk by 30-50% and it would have played a little faster, and snappier.

Of course, I should have heeded your advice and played on Hard. I played on Normal (always do) and maybe with higher enemy counts it would not have felt as empty.

A lot of good, detailed brushwork, especially the ceilings. Lots of fun secrets (found all nine). Although the optional nailgun near the start didn't feel that good of a secret, as you get the nailgun normally shortly after.

Didn't notice any mistakes though, a nice variety throughout, and all the enemy encounters felt fun and fair. Overall, a good map. A high 3.

Greenwood Registered 29 October 2022, 0:36

Nice debut map! I agree with DMXneon that tightening up the rooms a tad would make the combat a bit more challenging, but stuff like that will improve with further mapping experience. Look forward to seeing more from this author! :)

Borax Man Registered 29 October 2022, 7:34

For a first release, this is very good. Heavily influenced by Quake's Episode 4, there are homages to various maps from this episode in this level. It played well, and made good use of the space, in the sense that you would criss-cross the level back and forth. The author also does something which I feel is very important, creating a sense of atmosphere, making the place seem real and immersive.

Perhaps my only criticism is that many of the rooms and corridors seemed overly spacious as compared to others.

Solid effort.

zaratzara Registered 3 November 2022, 20:14

I loved this! A real joy to explore. Fantastic brushwork. The place really feels vast and it was a joy to explore and loop around.

It's very rare to have maps of this scale that invite you to trace your steps back half-lost multiple times over without feeling frustrated or exhausted by it. This aspect makes secret discovery all the more serendipitous. And enabling serendipity is a really rare gift in Quake mapping! I think the vast scale, gentle graceful brushwork and lack of tightness & business of detail really helps with this: you can explore things more leisurely, knowing your attention isn't being deliberately guided and catered for at all times. It is a regrettable side-effect of a culture of professionalism & perfectionism in the community that this kind of cognitive breathing spacetends to be optimised away.

The scope of secrets within secrets was really neat — so many special little moments.

The zombie maze is a really fantastic set piece. Retreading and rediscovering, multiple objectives, secrets within secretes, and then getting a handle on the third dimension… Delightful work 👌

whatisquake Registered 27 November 2022, 22:40

I like the chunky architecture but the layout doesn't flow or make sense as a real place so it is frustrating to find your way. I also agree that the scale is too big for nice combat.

SlagMuppet Registered 6 February 2023, 1:44

That was a fun map. thanks

MikeTaylor Registered 6 April 2023, 1:22

Very much a Classic Quake experience, and reasonably enjoyable. Each part of this map is OK, but somehow the assembly of the pats into the whole doesn't quite come off: there seems to be little rhyme or reason to what goes where or how it connects together. Several times I found myself wandering around, having found a key, trying to remember where the door was that it fits.

I think this is a promising debut, and it's evident that Wind has the skills to make something more coherent than this. I'll look forward to seeing it.

MikeTaylor Registered 6 April 2023, 1:23

BTW., I missed two secrets, including the nailgun in the cage near the start. Would anyone like to give me a rot13'd hint?

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