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Screenshot of woa_kayne
Title:Wrath of Ahnkii (e804791ad24dfb95ac5428f0eff64492)
Filesize:20194 Kilobytes
Release date:15.07.2019
Additional Links: Version 2.0
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
woa_kayne/WoA_Kayne.txt3 KB15.07.2019
woa_kayne/gfx/env/ares_bk.tga471 KB06.02.2019
woa_kayne/gfx/env/ares_dn.tga746 KB06.02.2019
woa_kayne/gfx/env/ares_ft.tga479 KB06.02.2019
woa_kayne/gfx/env/ares_lf.tga492 KB06.02.2019
woa_kayne/gfx/env/ares_rt.tga487 KB06.02.2019
woa_kayne/gfx/env/ares_up.tga104 KB06.02.2019
woa_kayne/maps/wrath_of_ahnki.bsp18058 KB15.07.2019
woa_kayne/maps/wrath_of_ahnki.lit6315 KB15.07.2019
woa_kayne/maps/wrath_of_ahnki.pts245 KB14.07.2019
woa_kayne/music/track20.mp38723 KB30.06.2019
woa_kayne/wrath_of_ahnki.map7107 KB15.07.2019

Wrath of Ahnkii

Large Egyptian-style map. Comes with a custom skybox and a music track. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires a source port with increased limits.
An updated version is available here.

Tags: egyptian, large, vanilla, tomb, sand, puzzle, textures, geometry, soundtrack, lighting

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating:
4.4/5 with 29 ratings
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Greenwood Guest 18 August 2019, 17:46

Uh ... I think there might be a slight issue. I was breezing through this, enjoying the layout, and then I got to the sarcophagus puzzle. I "solved" it, hit the button, it said "excellent" ...and then nothing happened and I am sealed in a room. I noclipped out of it (in case I was just too slow getting out it) and still nothing seems different. Did I miss something?

It's a shame, because I was really enjoying this. It's not difficult (on normal anyway) and I haven't had any navigation issues. Visually, it's quite nice.

Greenwood Guest 19 August 2019, 2:48

UPDATE: Download version 2.0 (see "additional links") if you had the same problem. That seemed to fix it!

Awesome map! It really picks up toward the end. Great job for your first map!

Solomoriah Registered 19 August 2019, 23:29

Loved this one! Glad I waited for the 2.0 to come around.

vodkins Guest 31 August 2019, 23:13

Can't get Silver Key in sarcophagus area even using update. When i pick GL just nothing happens (i suppose surrounding sarcophagus must open and after i kill all zombies from them central sarcophagus must open and then the door to the Silver key. But nothing happens at all! Used Noclip to progress. Too sad! Map is awesome despite this bug...

Hal Registered 1 September 2019, 16:07

This is probably one of the best Egyptian themed maps on here, it easily rivals the best in Retro Jam 6. The texture and brush work is damn good, it's so evocative of Egyptian architecture and art. Encounters are fun. Secrets are fun. Custom music is fun. Everything is fun. I didn't experience any bugs in 2.0 so play that one.

PalmliX Registered 23 October 2019, 3:04

Visually exquisite detailing. I had to keep reminding myself that I was playing quake. Gave me vibes of unreal. Gameplay was fun and surprising. The custom music was absolutely perfect, felt like something that could of been on the original soundtrack had the game included an Egyptian environment. Is this actually your first released map for quake? Definitely not new to mapping! Can't wait for your next one.

MikeTaylor Registered 27 November 2019, 0:49

Very Egyptian and very enjoyable, though it was a bit strange seeing those grunts and enforcers in there. Also some interesting puzzles that were not overly opaque. But in the end the combats didn't quite hold me as they do in the very best map, and I was missing that sense of exploration that makes me love my favourites — so it's just four stars for me.

However, for a debut, it's just amazing. Absolutely delightful. I really hope we see a lot more of Kayne.

I finished on 230 of the 244 kills, but only three of the nine secrets. (Plus one other that I found but didn't take — a quad that I only located after I'd cleared out the area it was in.)

Johnny Law Registered 3 August 2020, 19:29

Great use of an Egyptian texture kit and custom music! Some of the giant golden-toned spaces in here are just ... really nice to poke around in.

The map is kind of overstuffed with ammo and maybe understuffed with enemies, with the exception of one big fight setpiece, but with this much atmosphere going for it that is fine. The aforementioned big setpiece did provide a nice chance to blow off some steam and play around with setting up a bunch of infighting.

Also if you like grenading zombies then ooo boy there's some stuff in here for you!

nxanthos Registered 3 August 2020, 21:48

Played on hard, found all the secrets, missed about 20 enemies. The theme is executed really well, doors mysteriously opening and closing, undead spookiness, and good action all around.

erc Registered 18 October 2020, 6:12

Great Egyptian-themed debut from Kayne that is high on atmosphere and pretty fun to go through. Good use of custom music too.

Found all 9 secrets in a 30-min run but still missed 12 kills by the end - guess it must be about teleporting monsters in the final area (had an error message in the console as well).

Still, do not miss it.

Jehannum Registered 28 August 2021, 3:01

This map was embellished in wonderful detail and gorgeous textures. The brushwork is likewise well done. The gameplay flows as it should and it's one of the few maps where I didn't spend most of my time backtracking and hunting for my way.

I played this on skill 2 using QSS 0.93.2. The door to the end battle was a little iffy. It seemed like it couldn't make its mind up as to whether it was going to close and lock me in or not. So I fooled around with it to see what I could get away with and ended up being locked out while the battle began to rage within!

No big deal because I just went back to an earlier save and this time just went in and got down to business. That was one tough ending, I can tell you!

Thanks for a great Quake level, and I hope to see more maps from this author in the future!

triple_agent Registered 29 August 2021, 8:48

This one, is a fine example of an intricate level. Could be one of the best representatives of the Egyptian theme, here on the 'Quaddicted', up to date. It also seems - properly for a pyramid, a tomb or a temple - a bad case of "dead end puzzle".

I have found the silver key, found all the required wall-markings; the narrative description says: "Your reward floats with the pharoah...". I am now stuck at the big door, next to the door requiring gold key to pass. I have no idea where the gold key is. Maybe under that throne; but that, is a secret location, containing only quad-damage; therefore, it does not seem so.

Anyhow, the level, is large - good for countering the sensation of being a speed-cart in 'Quake'. The layout, is well crafted with amazing geometry, detailed with superb textures, the colored lighting, is also impressive. Congratulations, only make it a more accessible experience, so that people, could appreciate your work, instead of becoming discouraged by bad progress design - unless, this is a technical issue. I am playing using the 'Copper' mod, albeit I doubt this could be an issue.

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