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Screenshot of zsp1
Title:Perversion of Gun (af89de783060889ed3c5816034b0aa5f)
Filesize:767 Kilobytes
Release date:25.04.2004
Additional Links: Underworldfan's
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Walkthrough demos:
Rough speedrun of zsp1.

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
zsp1.bsp2084 KB25.04.2004
zsp1.txt2 KB25.04.2004

Perversion of Gun

"Pretty awful, dark, cramped, linear base/metal map, using Cr8_Set tex." - Fairly small and dull lighting, but nice design.

Tags: industrial, small, cr8, dark, crampy, hard

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
2.8/5 with 25 ratings
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hkBattousai 21 July 2012, 11:04
The same textures are used in the entire map; a very cheap one. The same color, the same rooms, the same passages make you sick and lost after a while. The worst thing is that you have to pass the same areas twice to complete the game.

Fr3n Guest 29 September 2012, 3:54
The map itself wasn't that bad - it's the horrible HORRIBLE textures that let it down
Fr3n Guest 7 October 2012, 2:03
and the lack of ammo. and the lack of health. and the unfair combat. and the trap doors that close too slow and leave you stuck on the wrong side of the level. yeah, I take it back - this one sucks a nut.

(still better brushwork than my sp1 though)
Cocerello Registered 11 December 2012, 19:37
This map is nice, the layout is mostly linear but it's still interesting, with the non-linear part well thought; the architecture is well used, and make up for the form of the rooms, but it's too cramped, and for the first half, makes the gameplay hard, even more where there are ogres, but it gets interesting as you advance into it.

Aside from some places, monster placement and numbers, ammo and health/armor is enough and well placed. About difficulty ... if i checked right, there is no difficulty options supported (but i still played on nightmare for the extra attack rate), so i say it's about the same as hard difficulty on ID maps.

About the textures, i don't see much of a problem, but it's hard to see buttons and doors when almost everything is the same color. Lighting needs to add more contrast between lighter and darker areas too.

The doors that close too slow is a problem, but only for the first ones, just don't shoot and run near doors :)

dBAudio Registered 19 July 2014, 20:08

i didn't have any problems with 'slow doors,' but it was VERY dark. how does one get the rocket launcher?

Bloughsburgh Registered 8 November 2016, 12:36

Was curious due to the strange reviews on this one...but they were right for the most part. Really great brushwork considering the map but that is about as far as it goes.

Dull lighting, texture repetition, repetitive gameplay and poor monster spawning choices plague this little linear bronze pipeline.

Packs of Death Knights when you only have the SSG or NG is not fun, it is just time consuming tedium...ugh!

2 Stars just due to the obvious effort done in the brushwork alone.

kaffikopp Registered 8 November 2016, 18:51

Quite poor. Very cramped and linear, often having to fight multiple ogres and/or other enemies with little cover available, then having almost no healthpacks around to stack back up on. It topped off when I got trapped in a small room and had two fiends spawn on me with literally no cover. At that point I just said fuck it.

Visually the textures and lighting are bland as well. At least the brushwork is decent enough.

kaffikopp Registered 8 November 2016, 21:26

Heh, at least Zwiffle was aware of the issues back when it was released:

Desetler Registered 17 January 2018, 5:26

This map is challenging but interesting to pass through. Please guys if you are not willing or can't play it or it's too dull - use cheats. Cheats vary from your version of game. If you are fiend trapped use noclip-god like codes, don't suffer. Don't forget to add yourself extra ammo health or armor if you need it enjoy your life and Quake! With all abovementioned and cheats i give it 3\5!

Jugador Registered 7 June 2019, 22:02

No nail gun to be found?

Jugador Registered 7 June 2019, 22:19

Heh, it seems I had picked it up at some point and only noticed when there were about 5 monsters left. And then I was presented with a few ammo packs after killing all monsters. Weird map indeed.

OrAnm Registered 11 October 2021, 5:22

too much linear, the textures are broken and there's so much places to be stuck

CoilSnake69 Registered 13 September 2023, 6:33

Couldnt figure out what the hell im supposed to do after switch that says door below has opened. Back tracked and ran around like an idiot for 15 minutes ,but no result. I could see where is the silver key ,but couldnt get it. Maybe its kexEngine fault? Or im blind. Overall balance was fine ,brush work nice and texturing is hideous.

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