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Berserker@Quake2 is the heavily modified idTech2 engine, based on quake2-3.21 source code.

    OpenGL renderer uses the classic forward rendering technology. Main feature is per-pixel lighting (PPL) and real-time shadowing using stencil shadow volumes. Lights/Shadows processing based on Tenebrae source code.

Other features:
- Many render paths for many kinds of videocards:
 - simple renderer: 2 TMUs cards, such as GF2MX or integrated video. No PPL, no shadows.
 - generic4 renderer: 4 TMUs, generic OpenGL. Base PPL with shadows, no specular mapping. Light filters will be draw by 2 passes.
 - generic6 renderer: 6 TMUs, generic OpenGL. Base PPL with shadows, no specular mapping.
 - nvidia4: 4 TMUs, uses NV register combiners. Fake specular mapping. For GeForce3 or better.
 - ati4: 4 TMUs, uses ATI specific shaders. For Radeon 8500 or better.
 - ati6: 6 TMUs, uses ATI specific shaders. For Radeon 9700 or better.
 - arb4: 4 TMUs, uses ARB vertex and fragment programs.
 - arb6: 6 TMUs, uses ARB vertex and fragment programs. Recomended for use with all modern GPUs.
- Build-in GPU programs with override by external glProgs.
- Basic VBO and Occlusion_query support.
- HiRes textures support with two-level texture override.
- Image formats support: TGA, PNG, JPG, DDS, PCX, WAL.
- Texture compression support.
- Anisotropy and mipmaps lod control.
- Surface's effects support via .fx scripts: chrome, power, image mapping, glow styles.
- Surface's materials support via .mtr scripts: footstep and hit sounds, debris models, hit decals.
- Bump mapping with simple parallax mapping or detailed bump mapping.
- Sun and lens flares. Auto-flares for glow surfaces.
- Underwater caustics.
- Multiskin animated MD3 and ASE model formats support with override.
- Own SP3 sprite format support with override.
- Custom player railtrail spiral/core colors, colored name.
- Merge lightmaps into one big texture for better batch processing.
- Smooth tangent vectors for world and models.
- Caching extra datas for world and models.
- PK3 (zip) and PAK support.
- Purepaks list support.
- Video modes list support.
- Multiformat screenshots: tga, jpg, png with quality control.
- Layered fog areas.
- Improved particle system.
- Decal system works with world and brush models. For each map override support.
- Particles, models and lights linked with brush models.
- Lights with cubemap filters, animated filters, user defined styles and other properties.
- Re-light support: .lit-files with info about lights, particle emitters, models, decals and other entities and fog areas.
- In-game re-light editor with huge number of commands and cvars.
- Using fopen_s instead fopen.
- Client-side models (brass shells, debrises, gibs).
- New Game's events (door start/end open/close), targets (teleporter, give, kill, damage).
- Game modifications: fast rockets (like Quake), haste mode, predator mod, monster respawn (by Kirk Barnes), drop backpack after die (like Quake), explosion knockback control, etc.
- Distortion for glasses and models. New own invisibility item.
- Personal gibs/debrices for each monster, players and objects.
- Special monster: FlyQBE cleaner.
- Client-side models and decals with time-of-life control.
- New player's item: flashlight (+flashlight/-flashlight).
- Client-side zoom with game's rules compatibility: +zoom/-zoom.
- Bloom effect.
- Fullscreen effects: pain, underwater, mask, and etc.
- Mirrors for world surfaces and water.
- Loading and savegame screens support.
- Improved savegame system for using saves from different versions of game.dll
- Saves the client's render state with savegames.
- Own game.dll using. Old gamex86.dll uses via r1q2 adapted server with save/loadgame ability (in coop mode, server commands: sv_save/sv_load).
- Optimized network protocol: packet compression, improved deltas, sending userinfo differences instead a full string, and etc. Old Quake2 protocol supports too.
- Large maps support (based on Knightmare's code with my changes).
- Anticheat support.
- .OGG and .WAV sound tracks, situation tracks support.
- Extended menu.
- 2d/3d scaled hud, custom hud layouts.
- Hi-res font, colored console chars.
- Improved cvar and command system.
- String hashing for fast searches and compares.
- Improved system information and video memory usage.
- New mouse code by Willow.
- CPU loading, affinity and task priority control.
- Improved hunk-memory management and statistics.
- Some security fixes (thx R1CH).
- Many Quake2 and DLL bugs squished, many optimizations.

Simple renderer:

Generic renderer:

ATI renderer:

ARB renderer:

w/o bloom:

with bloom:

Underwater effect:

Mask effect:

Pain effect:

Burning effect:


Decals on brush model:

Invisibility item:

Invisible player:

Invisible monsters (predator mode):

Smoothed world surfaces:

texture override disabled:

texture override enabled:

re-light disabled:

re-light enabled:

Parallax mapping:

Detailed bump mapping:

Lights with filters:

Underwater caustics:

Distorted glass:


Water mirror:



Light flares:

Light linked with models:

Light linked with brush models:

Layered fog:

Fog and slime:

Transparent debrises:


Shells and debrises:

Particle emitter:

Personal gibs:



Computer screens:

Large map:


Door with linked light, chrome effect and parallax mapping:

Scaled and inverted models:

In-game editor:

Showtris mode:

2D big hud:

2D small hud:

3D big hud:

3D small hud:


Savegame menu:

Loading map shot:

Colored console chars:

Base build 1.2:
q2bers_base.rar (183 MB) Основной архив.
Before unrar you must have installed latest Quake2
Build 1.24:
Build 1.3:
Build 1.32:
Full retexture (put into BaseQ2):
This texture set is provided as-is, for free, for use in your projects. You are perfectly welcome to redistribute them with your map or mod release, as long as I get to see Berserker (and authors from Credits.txt) in the credits and feel good about myself.
ReLights (put into BaseQ2)
PS: if you downloaded .zip instead .pk2, just rename to .pk2

Minimal requrements (for Simple Renderer):
- 32/64 MB video card with 2 TMUs: integrated video or GF256, GF2, GF2MX, GF4MX or ancient Radeon.
- 512 MB system RAM.
- Single core CPU.

Minimal requrements (for PPL renderer):
- 128/256 MB video card with 4 TMUs: GF3 or Radeon 8500.
- 512 MB system RAM.
- Single core CPU.

Recomended requrements:
- 512/1024 MB video card: GF6600, Radeon x800 or better.
- 1024 MB system RAM
- Multi-core CPU.




Known issue:

    GL_ARB_occlusion_query does not work properly with ATI HD5830. Test returns 84 value for completely occluded object. :(

    Occlusion_query used for models/lights visibility test. If r_speeds show you null dropped objects, just disable it:

set r_occlusion 0

See details:

Strange bug with GL_ARB_occlusion_query at AMD developer forums.

See also:




ATex - Art designer
[RWT]DOOMer - Hosting for
Kirk Barnes & KriGSSv1N - cooperation (Quake2XP).
Jim and Chris Waurzyniak - full hi-res textures/skins collection (
Quake II Retexture Portal).
Stannum's Quake2 Retexture Project).
Quake Retexturing Project).
Quake2maX hi-res textures).
Idler's Hideout).
Matt "Lunaran" Breit - Textures/NormalMaps and etc.
Textures, normalMaps, etc.).
Turic - hi-poly models (
Generation Arena and Paril - static models (
CombatEnforcer - images for light filters.
Kjell Andersson and Mathias Bergvall - Caustics Generator v1.4.
QuakeGuy head hud-model from Moo, slightly edited by OoPpEe.
Tenebrae project.
Quake developers forum.
Richard \R1CH\ Stanway -
Richard \R1CH\ Stanway - Anticheat.
Knightmare - kmq2 project.
D_R_ - Personal monster's gibs and debris models.
Serge \V_2540\ Shabrov, D_R_, Smich, Enf0rcer - beta testing.
tigrik2017 - Sound tracks.
id software.

Special thanks to Serge \V_2540\ Shabrov for given modern hardware:
Gigabyte ATI HD5830
Power Supply Unit Zalman 600W
CPU Q9450 & cooler Zalman 9600
motherboard P45
RAM 4 GB HyperX



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