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The Secret Installation is an amazing feat of level creation. From the moment the elevator comes to a stop and you step out into a hail of gunfire, rottweilers and flickering light derived from defective fluorescent tubes and enemy laser fire, you are absorbed into a Quake level quite unlike any other.

So what's so different? Well, this level has a look all it's own. A twisted and rusted decaying military base level awaits you. With new textures by the author this level has a truly lived in feel. You can see that the flaking rust on the support beams and stained riveted metal plates have been around for some time. The jumble of crates, beams and other assorted debris and litter show a military base in disarray. The architecture though as ugly and worn as it is, is massive and yet beautiful on a grand but also intricate scale. Careful attention to construction detail, lighting and texture combine to make this level "beautifully ugly".

But is it all so much "eye candy?" What about game play? One word, "Furious". The Secret Installation will give you all you can handle. At first you may be tempted to think, "what gives here, this is so hard...", but once you get your bearings and work out a strategy it becomes obvious that you can survive, but beating this base will take some blood and sweat. Which is just what you were looking for right? This ain't your Momma's Quake level. This ain't Canasta or Bridge, this is Quake with a capital Quake Q.

Levels like this will keep you coming back to the original Quake game long after Quake II is installed on your hard drive.

You gotta love this riveted metal look. You could do some serious skate boarding in a place like this. 

Nice skylight. Massive yet subtle.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head..." this base has seen its share of action and its about to see some more!