Animositania - city of hostility
roof latticesandstone and scriptbloodbathrocket launcher no.1
Download ( 557kb )

Concieved as Claustraphobopolis with the quad replaced by a pentagram. The architectural features are similar, but the layout and textures are new. Blood is power here! Get yourself a rocket launcher, you're going to need it..

Claustraphobopolis was, and is, one of my favorite levels, in any medium, ever. My flatmate and I played it to death, and it was rated by online players I knew in the early days of Quakeworld.
Animositania was a response to this; to build a level that felt the same as Claustraphobopolis, but with a new layout to explore. I also disposed of the Quad for the sake of 1 on 1 play, and replaced the lava hazards with blood and nails.
The inclusion of the submerged Lightning Gun is deliberate: any frags gained by a combination of Pentagram and underwater discharge are, as far as I am concerned, perfectly legitimate.
You have been warned.

Animositania was also the very first level I attempted to build. Most of the layout and design was done on paper, in the absence of a PC. The original version, kdm1, used mostly id textures with only slight variation. These new textures are much closer to what I originally concieved.
Here are some of those concept sketches I did. Judge for yourself.

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