The Wasp Factory
atrium 01atrium 02red armour roomcentral canyon
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Kelvin Industries outer veil mineral refinery and fabrication plant, registration ga3kdmw.
Status: decomissioned following bio-hazardous infestation.
Warning: salvagers' rights withheld. Any contact with installation will be considered trespassing under full ICC law.
Possible contagion.

More than any of my other maps, The Wasp Factory is based on a very specific theme. 'Alien 3' is a controversial film, but as one of the biggest Aliens fans on the planet I have only admiration for the writers and designers involved in its making.
The majority of my artwork is gothic in style and I never venture far into the concrete-and-steel of present day settings. But I do enjoy high tech and industrial designs, the heavier the better, and it's apparent to anyone viewing my work that I naturally tend towards low-saturation colors like sepia. 'Alien 3' successfully evokes sensations of smoky victorian industry alongside the even more antiquated realms of bleak medieval asceticism. It was inevitable that I would eventually try to recreate it in Quake.
The structure, lighting and artifact distribution of The Wasp Factory took several days. The texturing took several weeks. It might have taken longer had QExpo not provided me with an unexpected deadline. I'm satisfied with how the level turned out, not least because it actually plays very well, although the texture wad might have found even more expression in a single player map.

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