Temple Of Zoon
main templeslatted stairsperforator tunneltwin tiered
Download kdmz.zip ( 312kb )

"Your screams of pain were born from fears of gods and war,
It brings the rain - like blood it pours"
- Pazuzu [black rain]

The Perforator map. No water or lava. No rockets, no lightning, no traps, nothing to cause self-inflicted frags. Navigation and item control are your means - hunt your opponents, because they are hunting you.

I draw mapping inspiration from many sources, often those with no direct relation to architecture or gaming. One of the things I enjoy about Quake is that design does not have to be an attempt at simulating reality - atmosphere and suggestion are far more potent in the medium of the Quake engines. The texturing of this map is based on the Sheer Faith artwork from the album Zoon by the Nefilim.

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