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[above]Fiendfear: "the emotion felt when playing a good Q1SP map"

Want to submit an article you have written related to Quake 1 SP or Cube? Please Email it in to me.

Articles & Opinions. Introduction.

Here i plan to put Articles, Rants (and anything else i feel like) about the Quake and Cube Single Player scene. This might include possible improvements to maps, my favorite lists of Top 10 maps, or in-depth features on certain aspects of the 2 games, e.g. a breakdown of CUBE monsters, or QUAKE weapons.

NOTE: I am also willing to post submissions from other people, if they are related to Quake 1 SP or Cube. The criteria is a decent standard of writing and grammar, and a decent length [i.e. a full page minimum, not just 1 paragraph] as i want the subject looked at to be covered reasonably in-depth. There is no upper limit on the length!

Quake 1 & Cube Articles.

Death Illustrated [partial conversion for Cube] Overview   Posted: 26th January 2003.
by UnderworldFan. An article which provides an overview of the Cube Conversion called Death Illustrated. [single-player element only]. Click Here: Death Illustrated [partial conversion for Cube] Overview.

Cube SP Enemies Breakdown   Posted: 30th October 2002.
by UnderworldFan. I have added a reasonably in-depth look at the cube SP monsters and have outlined each ones strengths and weaknesses, there is also a table of stats and each one has a screenshot to help identify it. Click Here: Cube SP Enemies Breakdown.

Shambler Interview   Posted: 27th June 2008.
by Tronyn and Shambler. In June of 2008, Legendary map reviewer Shambler had a talk with equally legendary Map Author Tronyn, this was the result. Click Here: Interview with Shambler.

Quake Expo 2008 Articles   Posted: 20th August 2008.
by Tronyn
Tronyn has compiled 4 Top 10 Lists of his favorite Q1SP Maps, split by four themes: Base, Medieval, Runic, Elder World.
I will be publishing 1 top 10 list each day of Quake Expo: so the first Top 10 Ranking is posted today.

Quake Expo 2008 Articles by Tronyn
Day 1 Article: Top 10 Base Maps. 08/15/2008.
Day 2 Article: Top 10 Medieval Maps. 08/16/2008.
Day 3 Article: Top 10 Runic Maps. 08/17/2008.
Day 4 Article: Top 10 Elder World Maps. 08/18/2008.

Other Gaming Articles.

Here i am going to place anything i write about other gaming related topics.

Articles & Opinions. END.