• Renderer: OpenGL (unofficial port to DirectX)
  • Platforms: Windows (unofficial ports for MacOS X 123 and Linux)
  • Protocols: Standard, Fitzquake
  • Parent: GLQuake
  • Fork: Quakespasm


Fitzquake is based on the glquake source code released by id Software. The primary focus is fixing a lot of the rendering bugs which made glquake inferior to the software renderer. The secondary focus is adding conveniences for mappers and general users. There also is support for new modding or mapping features such as skyboxes, fog, and colored light.

Some features

  • only list special rare features here

Positives and Negatives

  • + De-facto standard for new singleplayer map releases (which focuses on).
  • + Supports and defaults to most of the things software-rendered Quake did nicer than GLQuake.
  • - Has been superceeded by the fork Quakespasm. metlslime said he might base the next release on that.
  • - No support for using files for the soundtrack.


TODO: Make new demos with screenshot triggers to automate this. demo1 als id1, marcher,honey (limits), ?

Engine-specific notes

SDL Ports

SleepwalkR blah blah Mac Linux blah.

DirectX 8 Ports

MH Baker blah.


Technical features

  • Gamma: Yes
  • Overbright lighting: Yes
  • Fullbright textures: Yes
  • Real-time lighting: No
  • Coloured lights (.lit file): Yes
  • .ent file: No
  • Interpolated model animation: Yes
  • Waterwarp: Squeezing
  • Particles: GLQuake, (SW-emulation with r_particles 2)
  • Transparency (.alpha key): Brushes, Models
  • Skybox: worldspawn, "loadsky"
  • Fog: worldspawn, "fog"
  • DP_ extensions: None
  • TQ_ extensions: None
  • Client-side QuakeC: No
  • External textures: bsp faces, models,
  • Default heapsize: 32 Megabytes

File formats

  • Textures: TGA, JPEG
  • Models: mdl
  • Sound: wav
  • Resources: pak
  • Dzip: No


  • In-game video mode switching: Yes
  • In-game mod switching: Yes
  • Tab-completion: Enhanced
  • Completion of filenames: No
  • Centerprint logging: Yes