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Welcome to a Quake fan-site offering a complete-as-can-be singleplayer map archive with an accompanying install & launcher tool, several rather messy archives (engines, tools, wads, multiplayer maps, websites) and a variety of articles, knowledge and help.

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  • Accidental site-wide IP ban (2018/09/30 08:16)
    Spirit says: *Someone* accidentally banned everyone from using the site. I fixed it and will get the whip to show *negke* my gratitude! Sorry for any inconvenience and panic!
  • Q1SP Mod DevKit - progs_dump (2018/09/27 07:23)
    dumptruck_ds says: progs_dump is a QuakeC compilation intended to give Quake mappers more creative options than“vanilla” Quake, while retaining the look, feel and gameplay of the original. Features include: * trigger spawned monsters* custom sounds (ambient and triggered)* custom models and sprites with optional animation frames* multiple targets, targetnames and killtargets* custom trigger_push (can be used for water currents, et al.)* enhanced triggers (s...
  • CuteInjector (2018/08/08 17:09)
    AAS says: Hello, I finally managed to actually build binaries for my hobby project CuteInjector started back in 2014. It's an alternative to QuakeInjector written in C++/Qt and doesn't require Java, just extract and run. The app is feature incomplete, but can download, extract and run maps from the site. https://bitbucket.org/A_A_S/cute-injector/downloads/


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