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Alex Ros

Re: Q1SP: “Oozing Blasphemy”

zaratzara_is_locked_out wrote:

...There is some awesome environmental story telling that the combat sequences unfortunately get in the way of.

I totally agree on 1st part, and disagree on 2nd. I am explorer myself and I appreciated Zothique's environmental storytelling in full. I even playtested that map & recording of my slooow explorations may exist. So no - it's only up to you to explore & appreciate space. It's unfair to say that it's a Zothique's problem. Untrue

More of that. Zothique's encounters are quite irregular. With big pauses in between. Unlike for example Mazu maps - check them out! (Great mapper by the way. My favs of his are in Insomnia Jam and another one in Jumping Jam 2 and last one in Alkaline)

zaratzara_is_locked_out wrote:

Really looking forward to your next map already. Other worlds await!

Check out his other map if you didn't https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/purifier.html

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