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Patronage for Quake sites

I regularly get asked how people can support Quaddicted monetarily. While we used fund raising to cover server costs in the past to great success, I refrained from that when my job situation made it easy for myself to handle.

But you are welcome to stand up for patronage for other Quake community sites that ended up in my sorry responsibility:

If you would like to take over those costs for a year, please just shout, here or mail me at spirit at this domain. Can't promise any public praise but I guess one could add a notice about who's currently sponsoring the costs on the homepages.

The greatest support is of course not money but actively using those sites, improving them, collaborating in our hobby :) Especially finally building a Quake Expo archive would be such a great project.

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Re: Patronage for Quake sites

Hosting and domain costs for QuakeWiki.org until August 2023 have been generously sponsored by Esrael. Thank you!

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Re: Patronage for Quake sites

GG Esreal - thank you!

@Spirit I'd be happy to contribute for 2024 or any other needs ahead of that.

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Re: Patronage for Quake sites

I totally missed to mention that Esrael sponsored quakewiki.org.

If you'd like insideqc.com and quakeexpo.com are still open.

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