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#1 2016-06-22 10:15:38


Happy 20th birthday, Quake!

It was twenty years ago today
id released a game to share* and play
Brown never goes out of style
And those zombies still raise a smile

Happy birthday Quake by Icantthinkofanickname
Above: image by yours truly, inspired by this.

As you probably know and didn't need a cheesy intro to tell you, Quake (*specifically shareware Quake for DOS) was released exactly 20 years ago today.

So what can you do to celebrate? Obviously Quaddicted has a virtually endless and perpetually growing supply of single players maps and episodes, but perhaps you want something to put you in a more festive mood?

Perhaps it's time to swap the rusty browns for smiling clowns? Happy Fun Quake is a silly mod from way back in 1997, which transforms e1m1 into "The Happy Fun Place", replete with cheerful colours, happy clowns and puppies that literally want to lick your face off.

The Happy Fun Place!

Or maybe you'd like to make your own papercraft Shambler (or Quake Ranger)? Some of you might already be familiar with this, but Bhautik Joshi has printable paper models of characters from Half Life and Quake, which you can print out and assemble yourself.

You could always bake a tasty birthday qake!

Quake cake by KF
Above: Birthday Qake by KF

And keep your eyes and ears peeled for other surprises the community might have in store.

Don't forget to check out Quake Expo 2016.
And you can still play Xenozoid's q2048!

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#2 2016-06-22 11:58:42


Re: Happy 20th birthday, Quake!

If you want a cookie, why not try Cookie Quake!?!

#3 2016-06-22 12:21:44


Re: Happy 20th birthday, Quake!

Haha, that's brilliant! Thank you, sock.

#4 2016-06-22 12:43:17


Re: Happy 20th birthday, Quake!

John Romero has posted an old Quake FAQ from 1995, images of some obscure Quake monster trading cards, as well as a full set of the very first Quake screenshots (which, as far as I know, were previously available only as scans from old gaming magazines that were not always the best visual quality).

Worth checking out!

Happy 20th Birthday, Quake! by John Romero

#6 2016-07-10 21:07:42

Ion Plasma Incineration

Re: Happy 20th birthday, Quake!

Quake is what got me into industrial music and the reason I became a musician, so I did a piece of music intended to be used while playing Quake. I tried to keep the feel and atmosphere of the original.

You can hear it here :

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