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Play map from console


Any guides to launch this one from the terminal?


Tried "quakespasm -game copper +map sm210_<name>" and "quakespasm -game copper" and then "map <name>" from the quake console to no avail.


#2 2020-10-08 12:06:11


Re: Play map from console

First, download the current version of Copper (1.11) from here and extract its contents to the Quake directory. You should now have a folder named 'copper' parallel to 'id1'. Then extract the contents of the SM #210 pack to this newly created 'copper' directory. Launch Quakespasm, open the console and type 'game copper' and press Enter. After the background switch, type 'map sm' in the console and press Tab. This should give you a list of all the speedmaps in the pack. Type in any one of them and press Enter to load the map.

#3 2020-10-08 21:12:45


Re: Play map from console

Are you on Windows or Linux? Which of those commands did you execute where exactly?

#4 2020-10-09 18:28:13


Re: Play map from console

I just set up a shortcut in Windows 10 and entered in C:etc\Quakespasm.exe -game copper +map sm210_overgrown and it worked for me.

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