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What's the best quake 1 port?

Hello Quaddicted users  :) i was remembering the old good times and i thought it would be a great idea to play quake 1 again
So as i know original quake engine won't run in windows 7 or windows 8 sometimes so for that there are quake ports, going diretly to the point my question is ¿what's the best quake port out there and it's more updated version? also how can i install full mods into quake with that engine or execute those mods in the options part of quake menu with the feture of loading mods, and sorry for my bad english if i was bad writing something it's just that i'm from venezuela and maybe i'm wrong at something about english

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Re: What's the best quake 1 port?

It depends of what you want the engine to do. Each engines specializes in some particular directions.

You have a help section in this web. Check it out, you'll get more information than what i can tell you right now.

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Re: What's the best quake 1 port?

Thank you a lot Cocerello :)

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Re: What's the best quake 1 port?

Since you're explicitly interested in playing mods, go with either Fitzquake Mark V or QuakeSpasm.

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Re: What's the best quake 1 port?

If you want to play Quake in classic mode, I would also suggest Fitzquake Mk V (I am personally using it, especially latest r15 release) or Quakespasm. Darkplaces offers very nice additional effects and has a lot of visual enhancements available - if you prefer an updated, better-looking version of the game, maybe check that out.

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Lenny Nero

Re: What's the best quake 1 port?

WINQuake runs in Windows 7 and so on.
It looks and sounds exactly how it was meant to be. But networking is pretty much broken nowadays.
Just make sure you play with the Audio CD for music.

For mods, get QuakeSpasm.

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