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#1 2018-01-08 21:18:28


directq 1.9 and AD 1.7 [crash]


I am new to this site and feel very honored to be part of this exquisite community.

Today I have started to play Arcane Dimension v1.7. The mod works just fine. Unfortunately I get a crash on certain maps shortly after I have entered the portal.

For example after entering the ad_crucial portal, the game crashes with the following message: "Unknown model type for maps/ad_crucial.bsp (B´S´P´2´).

After entering the ad_tfuma portal, the game crashes with the following message: "Unknown model type for maps/ad_crucial.bsp (B´S´P´2´).

I am using directq 1.9. I know, AD 1.7. was made using it best with quakespasm - but I like that directq does not need an installation of quake on my ssd. Quakespasm needs a full installation on the harddrive in order to work which I simply do not like. Anyway, I believe that it will work just fine with quakespasm but was wondering if anyone maybe could know some help, running AD 1.7. with directq 1.9.?

Any help is highly appreciated and will be honored by a blood sacrifice of a young bull.
Best always

#2 2018-01-08 22:57:11


Re: directq 1.9 and AD 1.7 [crash]

I'm pretty sure there's nothing you can do to make it work on DirectQ. It's an outdated engine, and BSP2 is important.

What do you mean by Quakespasm requiring a full installation? I can just unpack the engine, drop the paks into id1, and everything works.

#3 2018-01-09 00:26:19


Re: directq 1.9 and AD 1.7 [crash]

Cheers mate. I have now installed Arcane Dimension with quakespasm and everything works perfectly now. Cheers for taking the time to look into this mate.

I have just watched this tutorial ( and thought this is how Quakespasm works: putting all the mod files into the game directory. After your post I just recognized that there is no need for a full installation. GREAT! Love it:)

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