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#1 2019-10-11 14:08:27


For the love of Quake !

Greetings ~

I would like to invite players, new or skilled to join us in Quake 3 for events and casual game play.

• Artifex Quake or

And of course, some other awesome quake discord communities!

• Quake III Arena

• Defrag

• Quake

• U.S. Quake Community

• The Keep

• Quake.World

• Purgatory | Quake & Doom Players

I look forward to seeing you all around, and building our Quake communities even further!

Have a wonderful day ~
Regards, f4te

#2 2019-10-13 11:58:25


Re: For the love of Quake !

Yeah, would be great if you did not use non-public, proprietary services for that.

#3 2019-10-14 18:46:55


Re: For the love of Quake !

A lot of people like and use Discord without issue every single day. These are vibrant communities with much more going on than these old forums. It's regrettable (for some) but true.

i.e. SleepwalkR's TrenchBroom Discord is a great resource and he hasn't burst into flames for using it yet.

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