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XBOX version , stuck forwad direction

I just bought a version for XBox series X. I have serious issues controlling the game. The forward direction remains often stuck, so my character still pushes the way forward where it should stand still. Even in navigation in options menu, i clearly see that the cursor goes involuntarily upward, to the top.  The game was updated before the first start (over 1GB of data), the controller sw is up to date. Other games and common navigation in console are ok.
Anybody here with the same experience  ?

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Re: XBOX version , stuck forwad direction

You can try this...  Bring down the in-game console by pressing ~ (tilde), they type in these two commands...

/in_joystick 0

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Re: XBOX version , stuck forwad direction

Sorry, I'm on XboxX console, I don't know how to do that. But I am able to restart controller, which didn't help. I don't know how to upload pictures, so I describe the behaviour as correctly as possible. When I invoke Quake menu
Single Player
Sign Out
and when I'm on the 1st item and push down, cursor goes immediately right to bottom and vice versa - it is almost impossible to go to Options, cursor always skips to the first or last position.
Another strange thing which might not be connected to Quake: When I invoke Test mode of controler, in cca 20% of attempts the left joystick position 'up' indicator stays on! It should disappear with joystick releasing. Down is ok.
I remember in wodows that there was some calibration possibility, but nothing similar in XBoxX that I'm aware of. Thanks for any comments.

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