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Noob question about light, Trenchbroom MacOS

OK, so I got TB on Mac (using EricW's tools) working & it's pretty awesome! But I got a few operational bugs I can't figure out, top problem being that lighting isn't working.

Dumptruck's Quickstart vid says to use Necros' Compiling GUI, but that doesn't seem to exist on OSX...

In my TB prefs, I have qbsp, vis & light all correctly assigned.

I have 1/2 dozen lights placed on my map.

After I compile, both lightdata & visdata return 0. The .lit file is not created. In game, there's a medium world light (gamma 0) & my placed lights do nothing. FWIW, I can't get any ambient sounds to play either...:-(

In worldspawn keys, light & _sunlight are 0.

Am I overlooking something simple?

Many thnx for any clues for me to follow!

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Re: Noob question about light, Trenchbroom MacOS


OK, two issues here. The first is that on MacOS Trenchbroom, you initially (in Preferences) set your qbsp, viiz  & light paths (to EricW tools). Then when you compile, there's a spot for a 'Run Tool' Path and attendant Parameters. Seems like a repeat of 'Preferences, but I specified the qbsp tool again & put in the appropriate parameters, & naively figured qbsp would call whatever else it needed (cuz I specified everything in Preferences). All good, right?

Alas, not so. You have to hit the little + button which brings up another Run Tool panel. You have to specify the Light path (again) & parameters.

But if you leave parameters blank you get an error and a listing of the options. It starts:


So I entered what it said into Parameters "light -lit [path to bsp]" and that failed too. Duh, because you don't enter the word 'light', just the options & bsp path. Kinda confusing to a mapping noob, but it works super-great when configured correctly.

But I totally don't understand why Trenchbroom wants all the tool paths entered into Preferences, and then requires you to re-enter them for compile.

Also, you need to manually add viz tool on compile as well.

But it's all good, just not a lot of MacOS-specific info out there...

So, my lighting works & I'm back to mapping!

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Johnny Law

Re: Noob question about light, Trenchbroom MacOS

The paths in Preferences are setting the values for "compilation tool variables" that you can use in your compilation setups. I.e. you can enter the path for qbsp once, in Preferences, and then each time you want to invoke qbsp across multiple compile profiles you can just use ${qbsp} instead of typing the path over and over. If you don't make use of tool variables though, then setting up their paths in Preferences won't help you.

If you haven't yet, take a look through the compiling section of the TB manual. It's a little dense but there are several useful features in there. https://trenchbroom.github.io/manual/la … iling_maps. Also FWIW, the preferences are described at https://trenchbroom.github.io/manual/la … references

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Re: Noob question about light, Trenchbroom MacOS

I have a similar problem. I have setup the compiling tools in Trenchbroom, I was aware they needed to be setup again in the compiling window... the problem is that when Trenchbroom tries to run them, I get an error from macOS that the app can't be trusted.

I do I get past that?

Quake and Trenchbroom present the same problem but being stand alone executables I can start them by right-clicking the first time.

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