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Interdimensional Castle

Link to the map: https://www.quaketastic.com/files/Idcsp1.5.zip
Any and ALL feedback is appreciated

This a single player map I made as a student project for school set in a medieval era gothic castle, inspired by Quake. It's a small sized map that lasts ~4-6 minutes where Ranger is up against a dimension-shambler who is transporting enemies into our world, gathering an army. With the bridge broken, the only way into the castle is through the caves, into the dungeon with horrors awaiting you...

Here is my twitter page for all game dev related posts and other content | https://twitter.com/Jey_Martian

small, medieval, vanilla, CastleVania, Quake, gothic, singleplayer, sp, Corvin Castle,


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Re: Interdimensional Castle

Not bad at all! I really liked the castle section, the layout was detailed and interesting. I like the detail of all the extra doors being blocked off.
The enemy positions and layouts were good.
I enjoyed all the secrets ( I missed one), the dopefish was very funny.

The only real criticisms I have are:
1) its kind of weird that the door from the zombie maze doesn't open from the other side after you go through it, and
2) some of the texture choices were very aggressive on the eyes. I think I know what you were going for (red carpets in the castle?) but there were still large chunks of the level that unfortunately were a bit of an eyesore. The opening area and the zombie maze especially.

Overall though this felt like a well-playing, balanced map. I enjoyed it!

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Re: Interdimensional Castle

Thank you for playing! The textures are something that I am aware of, but due to time constraints and personal problems in planning I couldn't find a better approach or iterate on it.
I do appreciate the feedback and thank you for appreciating the dopefish :)

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