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Screenshot of 100brush
Author:DaMaul, Edgecrusher, Fat Controller, Fern, Gilt, Grahf, Iikka "Fingers" Keränen, JAJ, Killazontherun, Palldjon, Scragbait, XeNoN, Zibbie
Title:100 Brush Competition #1 (1147cb0e7ad657d9e546737e33be7c13)
Filesize:4160 Kilobytes
Release date:16.01.2001
Additional Links: erc's QualityEthereal HellUnderworldfan's
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
sources/FERN100A.MAP60 KB26.11.2000
sources/1start.map437 KB13.01.2001
sources/zippie.map74 KB08.01.2001
sources/ABAB.map75 KB28.12.2000
sources/Dam100.map77 KB08.01.2001
sources/klz100b.map44 KB08.01.2001
sources/DropIn.map87 KB08.01.2001
sources/edge1a.map72 KB28.12.2000
sources/ouver.map89 KB29.12.2000
sources/grahf100.map70 KB08.01.2001
sources/fat100.map57 KB08.01.2001
sources/klz100b2.map61 KB08.01.2001
sources/jaj100br.map98 KB29.12.2000
sources/xnq1001.map76 KB05.12.2000
sources/ik100b.map74 KB28.11.2000
maps/grahf100.bsp449 KB08.01.2001
maps/zippie.bsp937 KB08.01.2001
maps/FAT100.bsp567 KB08.01.2001
maps/DaM100.bsp721 KB09.01.2001
maps/ik100b.bsp557 KB28.11.2000
maps/ouver.bsp645 KB29.12.2000
maps/EDGE1A.bsp437 KB28.12.2000
maps/FERN100A.BSP677 KB26.11.2000
maps/dropin.bsp657 KB09.01.2001
maps/ABAB.bsp515 KB28.12.2000
maps/klz100b.bsp444 KB08.01.2001
maps/start.bsp903 KB13.01.2001
maps/xnq1001.bsp562 KB05.12.2000
maps/klz100b2.bsp445 KB08.01.2001
maps/JAJ100BR.bsp958 KB29.12.2000
readme.txt15 KB16.01.2001
progs.dat404 KB16.01.2001
readmes/start.txt3 KB13.01.2001
readmes/abab.txt3 KB28.12.2000
readmes/ouver.txt2 KB29.12.2000
readmes/IKBASE.TXT4 KB30.03.1999
readmes/edge1a.txt4 KB28.12.2000
readmes/zippie.txt3 KB09.01.2001
readmes/FERN100A.TXT4 KB26.11.2000
readmes/ik100b.txt3 KB16.12.2000
readmes/DaM100.txt1 KB22.12.2000
readmes/fat100.txt2 KB28.11.2000
readmes/DropIn.txt7 KB29.12.2000
readmes/grahf100.txt5 KB01.01.2001
readmes/klz100b.txt1 KB26.11.2000
readmes/jaj100br.txt3 KB30.12.2000
readmes/klz100b2.txt1 KB01.12.2000
readmes/xnq1001.txt5 KB06.12.2000

100 Brush Competition #1

100 Brush Competition (rules: Q1 map with 100 brushes at most) - organized by Aardappel:
  • 1. Ouverture (Gilt)
  • 2. Valley of Kings (Iikka "Fingers" Keränen)
  • 3. Stamppot (Zibbie)
  • 4.-14. by JAJ, DaMaul, XeNoN, Scragbait, Palldjon, Fat Controller, Edgecrusher, Fern, Grahf, Killazontherun

Tags: contest, 100b

Editor's Rating: Nice
User Rating:
3.2/5 with 22 ratings
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Qmaster Registered 22 March 2013, 4:19

Ouverture by Gilt - 2/5 Reminds me of MDK so that was nice.

Valley of Kings by Iikka "Fingers" Keranen - 3/5 Pretty good.

Stamppot by Zippie - 2/5 Scoring a heart for the mind twisting sideways teleport...what the...!?!? This made the mappack worth it alone, never new you could teleport sideways and then have your head all screwed up. Wonky!

Sector 98 by Jose "JAJ" Arcediano - 3/5 Alright though a bit brightly lit.

Minimal Devastation by DaMaul - 4/5 Complete with Chthon and lava and everything!

100 Hours till Dawn by Rich "XeNoN" Thorne - 2/5

Drop In Center by Scragbait - 4/5 Awesome expanding map, well done.

Abject Abscess by Paul J. Brosche (Palldjon) - 2/5 Interesting reuse of areas. The map basically redesigns it self at the end which is pretty inventive.

Fat 100 by Robert "Fat Controller" Cruickshank - 1/5 Horrible texturing. Bland design. Tiny. Awful. It does have dogs though...maps need more dogs.

Periwinkle Paranoia - by Noel Lacaillade aka Edgecrusher - 3/5 Fun horde fighting. 3 Monsters were found to be imbedded in a wall...? Fun overall, great for infighting!

Diez Equis - by Fern - 2/5 Okay but really really tiny. Design is nice though.

Medieval Minimalism by Grahf aka Owen Greenwood - 4/5 Great design! Loved the angle ceiling switchback at the end... bit short though, kinda cramped.

Cliffside Carnage by Killazonetherun - 4/5 Fun! Loved the cliffs at the beginning for the infighting. Wide enough to strafe-n-bait the monsters to fight each other. End was awful. Design was awful. The fact that quake is so flexible as to be fun in such an ugly map is a testament to it's lasting this long!

Shadows by Killazontherun - 1/5 Impossible. As I always always play EVERY map on Nightmare, this map was simply impossibly setup. 3 Shamblers to far away to get into a smash frenzy, not enough ammo for all the monsters, and impossibly cramped quarters, then throw in a vore. HOW???? Design of the beginning room was like MDK so it's almost worth starting it...almost. Awful.

AnthonyS Guest 23 May 2017, 4:01

Interesting to play but some maps were just down right bland or boring.

AnthonyS Registered 14 November 2017, 3:09

Interesting to play but some maps were just down right bland or boring.

Solomoriah Registered 4 February 2019, 15:13

Personally, I don't think you guys have rated this fairly. It's a contest, after all... not all of the maps are going to be brilliant. And I loved all of the top three; my only complaint is that they were all too short.

Albert Guest 7 December 2021, 18:38

Enjoyed playing through this one. Took me a few days. Last map was most tough. Loved the underwater acid area.

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