Maps Listed stats:

Industrial&Base: 23
Metal: 21
Space&Coagula: 4
Temple&desert: 9
Medieval&Hist.: 34

Total: 142

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various screenshots

Starship 1

Starship 2

Soul Grinder

Murder Inc.


All Black Within

The Fierce Livid

The First Attempt



Structured Chaos

For My Babies 3

the Looming Madness

El temple de Sol


Hard Target 2

Corporal Punishment II

the 5th Level

Daredevils Descent

Escape from Alcatraz

Strength. Service. Honour.

Higher Synth

Quake 1 Single Player Recommended Maps [Covering time period: from August 1996 to November 2002].

Note: Does NOT include any Hall of Fame Maps. Does NOT include any maps reviewed on the New Maps page [maps released since this site began in November 2002]. GREEN squares to the left of the map name indicate the absolute best levels out of all the recommended maps below, in each category.

Note: all maps & episodes can be downloaded by clicking on the desired map name. If you find any broken links or have any problems with downloading any map, Email me.

Credit & Acknowledgements: This page is fundamentally based on and an updated version of Shambler's original "list of old levels" page, so thanx to him for coming up with the original idea. I have included some (though by no means all) of the maps from that page, and also have used his idea of splitting the maps by *theme*.

Industrial & Base maps [23] Metal maps [21]
Key Review Key Review
actaltrz: Escape from Alcatraz abw: All Black Within
Jjspq3: Strength. Service. Honor. chaos: the Crawling Chaos
lthsp2: Backwards Compatible tfl2: the Fierce Livid
cloning: the Cloning Facility tms1: the First Attempt
commctr: the Command Center Horrid: Horripilatia
dazsp3: Ground Zero jawbreak: JawBreaker
ch1sp1: Higher synth ls: LS
tmc: the Monolith Complex arcane: Arcane
polygon2: Polygon Base carnage: Carnage
xnq1002: Centurion demons: Demon's Lair
imp1sp1: the Corral evilwrld: Evil World 1
dotd4: Dawn of the dead fatalpla: the Fatal Place
cdestroy: Destroy Base fmb3: For My Babies 3
dxmf: Dextromethorphan erotique: Horror Erotique
fatal-error: Fatal Error networld: Netherworld
rc1: the Fratar Fracas sadlark 6: Sacrifice of the Flesh
garrison: Garrison scorn: Scorn
harmsway: Harm's Way dm1m2: Strongholds of the battered
hive: Hive tfl3: This feels Lurid
mars1: Mars 1 well: the Well of Lost Souls
mungo: Power Plant wishes: the Well of Wishes
czg01: Research Facility Temple & Desert Maps [9]
wieder: Timebomb alk 13: the Looming Madness
Space & "Coagula" maps [4] alk07: Egyptian Myth
casspq1: Hell in a Can temple2: El temple de sol
moon: Starship 2 fmb8: For My babies 8
starship: Starship 1 Lisland: the Lost Island [2 maps]
dilcoa: I see Dead People morbid_2: Morbidity ][
Blue & Brick maps [4] perssp2: Return To Dust
pb2: the Soul Grinder a2d2: Ambush Keen Pilgrims
anonca1: Anonca Base e1: the Temple
pb1: Darkness Diabolical
godsjt: God's House
Unclassified & Misc. maps [47] medieval & Historical maps [34]
Key Review Key Review
mrdinc: Murder Inc. alba01: the Road to Inverurie
hrdtrgt2: Hard Target 2 cryo: cryo 1 Daredevils Descent
sadlark2: the House of Sadlark alk15: Brumal Quest
sadlark8: Temple of Amon-Sadlark real: far beyond reality
sgc8: Notlobs Moonshot gor1F: Gods of Rapture
fiffy6: reol tough O negative alk11: Grizly Manifest
canal3: FloodGate guard: the Guardhouse
corp2: Corporal Punishment II alba02: Inverurie
asylum: the Asylum rrsp1: Rune Keep
level5: the 5th level alk05: the Savage Sanguine
czgtoxic: BioToxin sm28: Structured Chaos
czg_moon: CZG's moonshot rc3: Towne
ik100b: Valley of Kings [in pack] cryo: cryo2:Cyrogenic Crypt [map 2]
avatar: Avatar tefdbl3: Apollos Domain [map 2]
fmb4: For my Babies 4 golgotha: Halls of Golgotha
old_city: Old City n3sp03: At the gates of midian
seraphim: House of Seraphim oblivion: Castle of Oblivion
tcentral: Teleportation shoggoth: Chapel Shoggoth
fiffy3: Damnation darkfst: Dark Forest
fiffy4: AntiChrist darknite: Dark Night
assassin: Assassin elektra: the Elektra Complex
dknight: fortress of the Dark Knight elsinore: Elsinore
gordian: Gordian's Brick edom: Empockels Domain
martim6: Lucifers Path/Overridden Epoch: the Epoch Turning
purg2: Life after death tfl: the Forgotten Level
purg3: Reconstruction hostile: Fucking Hostile
tss: Temple of the Secret Society haunt: Haunted Revenge
n3sp02: Castle Necrosis outpost2: the Keldjoran Outpost
metro: Hive Part 2 despair2: Liquid Despair
museum: museum Quake lostwrld: the Lost World
siluette: Silouette of Darkness sgc3: Notlobs parting shot
jjspq1: the Vigil of the Night pdbq_sp1: Recurrent rumours
ps43a: Pumping Station 43/A rc2: Swamp
canabode: Canyon's Abode last game: Last Game 2 [map 2]
lthsp5: Exodus
sadlark9: Four Runes of Sadlark
fmb5: For my babies 5
fmb6: For my Babies 6
halo: halo of Fire[leap]
ksm: King Solomons Mines
tech+tchphob: Technophobia [no Quarter]
jjspq2: Unseen Assailant
techdeth: *Techdeth*
gostown7: the Hockey Arena
ktl: Keys To Liberty
paint6: the Paradox Emporium
scoop: Scoop of Chaos

Q1SP recommended map reviews sorted by: Map Name. 

Notes & Comments Click on the name link to read the review. All Q1SP Recommended map [previously released prior to the start of this site] reviews are listed here. For Hall of Fame maps goto the "Hall of Fame" page. For *NEW* Quake 1 maps goto the "New Maps" page.

Details & Explanation.

I wanted to present another page of download links, and possibly reviews in the future of more Q1SP maps in addition to the hall of Fame page. There have been so many excellent Quake 1 maps released and i felt that the Hall of Fame page on its own wasn't covering enough maps, and i wanted visitors to this site to have the chance to play even more good maps.

The Key points are as follows:

[1] These maps are just my personal recommendations, they have not been voted for by other people in contrast to the Hall of Fame.
[2] The hall of Fame remains the *elite* best of the best of Q1SP maps page. This is a secondary, bigger collection if you want more maps to play =). All these Q1SP recommended maps are still of a very high quality.
[3] Maps are grouped by their "theme", that is their Architectural and texture Style. Within each group, roughly speaking the best maps are at the top. BTW, my personal favorite theme is probably metal maps, although i like Temple & Desert Maps a lot too. Try a couple of maps from each group and see which theme you like the best.
[4] All the maps listed above are worth playing, but the ones with a GREEN square next to them, are the absolute best of these maps, if you just want to try a few.
[5] "Unclassified maps" are those i have not yet had the time/inclination to put into their correct group. This may be done at a later date. Some of these maps are also "misc" [miscellaneous maps], which means their theme does not fit into any of the other groupings.

Some of these maps will be well known to the experts/veterans of the Quake 1 community but there are also a few hidden treasures and obscure maps i have found whilst searching through the web.

A "review" link (in a light blue box) by the map/episode indicates i have written a full review for that map/episode, click on the link to read the review. I intend to write more reviews of these classic maps as time passes. I will probably choose my personal favorites to review, there is no particular order or reason beyond this, as to which of these maps/episodes get reviewed. If you have a particular classic map you would like to see reviewed, email me.

Total number of Q1SP recommmended maps listed = 142
Total number of Q1SP recommmended maps reviewed = 0