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Screenshot of ad_grendel1h
Title:Grendel's Blade (5678237da46df932c40041a92154691c)
Filesize:6685 Kilobytes
Release date:28.05.2018
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_grendel1h_readme.txt7 KB28.05.2018
maps/ad_grendel.bsp11500 KB28.05.2018
maps/ad_grendel.lit2874 KB28.05.2018
maps/ad_grendel.map8961 KB28.05.2018
progs/misc_flame_med.mdl172 KB12.05.2018

Grendel's Blade

Large runic fortress built around a huge sword thrust into the ground. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.71 and a source port with increased limits.

Tags: dm4, arcanedimensions, runic, metal, vertical, secrets, super secret, hub, limits, runes, lava, ad

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.7/5 with 64 ratings
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Mugwump Registered 21 November 2018, 18:51

What to say? Yet another Sock masterpiece! Solid gameplay articulated around the pictured central setpiece and stunning visuals, as always. Not playing this is a crime against Quake!

Lane Powell Registered 29 December 2018, 5:42

Yep, great map. Nice execution of the theme, with a nice vertical layout featuring plenty of obscure or hidden little areas, not all of which are marked as secrets. There are also some alternate routes which make for good replayability, and reminds me of classic id maps like e1m2, as well as previous sock maps.

Solomoriah Registered 6 January 2019, 0:41

A masterpiece! Still trying to get through it, but it couldn't disappoint me if it ended now, it's already been that good.

Solomoriah Registered 8 January 2019, 15:36

... finished it! Found 8 of 10 secrets, though I think his counting is off... there's quite a lot of this map that is "secret" and might not even be necessary to visit to win. Beautiful, intricate, and just deadly enough... perfect. If I could give more than a 5 I would.

Guest Registered 11 February 2019, 8:21

This level essentially consists of two halves. First half is everything reachable before going through the silver door, second half is everything after. Thing is, said first half is a direct spiritual sequel to the same author's Midnight Stalker in how tight, combat/platforming-heavy and up to the point that part of the level is, and is probably the best, gameplay-wise, creation of his, up to date. Moreover, despite being an AD-based level, first half's content manages to stay remarkably classy both in its look (barring the central sword vista) and its play, especially if one switches to classic implementation of shotguns and plays from Mark V WinQuake for software look. Anyway, the author really seems to be having a blast remixing, or rather reimagining American McGee's works, if one goes purely by these one and a half levels, and I really hope to see some future levels of his made in a similar sensible, to an extent, completely no-nonsense style. After the silver door, however, the level's consistency, in every possible regard, starts to very noticeably waver, and to gravitate towards the usual meandering Zendar-ish author's style, the more, the closer to end. Truth be told, I would personally just recommend dropping this level immediately after said silver door (making sure to find and complete the optional area prior to it!) not to sully the overall impression, or at least to treat it as an entirely different level altogether. Anyway, I personally rate the first half as, ah hell, 9 out of 10, while I can only rate the level as a whole, at 6.5 out of 10 at best. Also, author's thoughts on American McGee's dm4, which was the main inspiration behind this level - or rather said first half of it - were a very entertaining and illuminating read. They can be found at the section of author's homepage, dedicated to this map.

N00bl0 Guest 19 March 2019, 17:22

Ok, I completed the sequence. Now what?

Peter Guest 19 March 2019, 18:10

You‘ve won.

Titosor Registered 20 March 2019, 11:29

Absolutely wonderful architecture and textures. Colors are also on point and contrast nicely. This is a must-play and ought to become an official part of AD.

Evan Guest 27 May 2019, 14:38

I think the was the most enjoyable map I've ever played in Quake. This is in a class all by itself.

publicENEMY Registered 23 November 2019, 3:21

This map fails to launch when you only use Quake Injector. adv170patch1 needs to be installed manually. When I try to open the patch page, here are the message I get. adv170patch1 is not in the database. Someone please put this patch in the database.

publicENEMY Registered 23 November 2019, 3:21

This map fails to launch when you only use Quake Injector. adv170patch1 needs to be installed manually. When I try to open the patch page, here are the message I get. adv170patch1 is not in the database. Someone please put this patch in the database.

MikeTaylor Registered 28 November 2019, 0:12

Absolutely loved this: it hits all my high points: brutal AD-style combat, and lots of it; non-linear exploration with lots of optional paths; delicious secrets including lots on the rooftops. It's clear five stars, and ranks among my very favourite maps for sheer quality — though others that match the quality and beat it for quantity still have the edge! Sock may be the single most consistently brilliant of all our mappers ... and that's saying a lot.

mastema88 Registered 24 February 2020, 11:06

the best design in any Quake map, ever. absolutely huge. it almost feels like dare I say it, Lordran. Tons of fun to play and a great challenge. Grendel's Blade is required playing for anyone reading this.

nxanthos Registered 31 March 2020, 23:58

Truly awesome. The encounters are challenging but always fair, and the map pushes you to find all the secrets. They're worth it, too!

Johnny Law Registered 1 April 2020, 1:24

Brilliant fun. Love the fact that Quad runs are the star of the show.

Gioyo3aa Registered 3 April 2020, 13:08

Some minor issues here and there but a great map overall. The only reason I'm not rating this a 5 is ... well, I've played Leptis Magna and Firetop Mountain before that :-)

About the issues:

  • I only discovered near the end that the two shootable buttons behind bars were actually not blocked, and spent quite some time looking for a way to unlock them.
  • the switch which must be activated to destroy the blade once you've found every rune was pressed down; it only went up when I jumped towards it, that was confusing.
  • even though I completed the map with 10/10 secrets and 280/280 kills, there's still one area I haven't been able to access. It's a door at the first floor of the lava cave. If I noclip to it, I can press a switch that triggers a bridge I thought would be needed to access the room, but apparently it's meant to allow you to leave it. I have no idea how to access the room in the first place, and I'm wondering whether it's just a forgotten leftover as sock does not seem to mention it on his page.

Despite these (again, minor) issues, the map is a wonderful effort and I can't wait for his next work. I wish it were larger, but I guess sock can't reasonably be expected to spew out Forgotten Sepulchers all the time. If you're having trouble finding all the secrets, sock provides hints on a dedicated page. The secret count is not "off", as some secrets are intentionally unmarked.

Johnny Law Registered 3 April 2020, 18:19

I love those map-explication data dumps that sock generates.

JuanchoES Registered 5 October 2020, 9:50

one of the best maps i ever played

MikeTaylor Registered 5 October 2020, 12:41

I've replayed this a couple of times since posting my initial review, and Grendel's Keep does not disappoint. So much fun!

fairweather Registered 1 November 2020, 19:07

The best level ever made for Quake. Perfect in almost every way. How anyone can give this less than a perfect score is beyond me.

vIE888 Registered 22 November 2020, 21:08

Very good map.

Rated 4/5 because I've spent too much time figuring out where the hell should I come next, then jumped from top to sth like secret what turned out to be a main path. Found 8/10 secrets, but never found last 5 runes. Too much of backtracking, but nevertheless map looks top.

Evan Guest 4 March 2021, 2:40

I've replayed this map at least 10 times now, and it's still a blast every time! Even after replaying so many times, it's never too easy. And, it was not unfairly hard on the first play. It's the perfect balance of combat, exploration, and eye-candy. Just a monumentally good map! A must-play for sure, you won't be disappointed!

Alex Ros Registered 12 July 2021, 14:18

One of my favs all time. THANKS

Escalate_krsk Registered 22 January 2023, 11:26

Great map! Stunning architecture and well-paced combat! Loved the quad sections) Only minor complaint: after collecting all runes and ---spoiler--- destroying the Sword I expected a boss or a hidden location to appear... but nope. Still, map is wonderful.

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