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Screenshot of ad_heresp1
Title:Oxyblack Fortress (d7c8091039cc303e976277eb5ada7ef6)
Filesize:42808 Kilobytes
Release date:03.05.2020
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardLinux hotfix
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_heresp1.txt3 KB03.05.2020
gfx/env/here_mordor_bk.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
gfx/env/here_mordor_dn.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
gfx/env/here_mordor_ft.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
gfx/env/here_mordor_lf.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
gfx/env/here_mordor_rt.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
gfx/env/here_mordor_up.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
maps/ad_heresp1.bsp47006 KB03.05.2020
maps/ad_heresp1.lit11394 KB03.05.2020
mapsource/ad_heresp1.map22655 KB03.05.2020
music/track65.ogg3991 KB03.05.2020
sound/MarkieV1/chains1.wav143 KB03.04.2020
sound/MarkieV1/chains2.wav151 KB03.04.2020
sound/MarkieV1/distantchainsaw1.wav130 KB17.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/distanthammer1.wav151 KB17.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/indoorparty1.wav431 KB17.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/magma1.wav528 KB03.05.2020
sound/MarkieV1/metalscreech4.wav130 KB17.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/morte2.wav517 KB18.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/ritual1.wav267 KB18.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/ritual3.wav324 KB18.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/scream_m1.wav235 KB17.01.2020
sound/MarkieV1/windysign1.wav168 KB17.01.2020
textures/naz_king.tga2209 KB10.04.2020
textures/sans.tga3073 KB22.12.2019
textures/sauron.tga6301 KB25.03.2020
textures/volcanic_rock.tga3073 KB29.12.2019

Oxyblack Fortress

Huge lava fortress using custom textures by Makkon. It comes with a few new sounds, a custom skybox and a music track. The map source is included.

Note: This map requires Arcane Dimensions 1.7 and a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support
[The new sound effects may not work on case-sensitive operating systems]

Tags: large, castle, fortress, lava, canyon, ad, arcanedimensions, textures, sounds, music, skybox, limits, bsp2, source, secrets, makkon

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User Rating:
4.7/5 with 67 ratings
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mastema88 Registered 30 May 2020, 19:10

could be called the crucible for its difficulty. sprawling, distinct zones. memorable map. recommended.

Titosor Registered 31 May 2020, 1:56

Dripping with atmosphere. High quality!

The Silent Registered 31 May 2020, 14:34

Absolutely Awesome on every level! Can't say enough good of this! (Actually, I'd have preferred a more evocative name... but you can't have everything, I guess)

QuakeFreak Registered 1 June 2020, 4:30

Wowee that was a great map. 5 outa 5 for sure!

Solomoriah Registered 2 June 2020, 16:07

Missing a bunch of sounds... is there something else I should have downloaded?

negke Registered 2 June 2020, 17:34

You're on Linux, right? You'll need to rename the sound/MarkieV1 directory to be all lowercase.

Gioyo3aa Registered 2 June 2020, 19:15

negke: not exactly, because Heresy mixed a few different "spellings". If Solomoriah renames it to markiev1, additional links for Markiev1 (lowercase v) and MarkieV1 (uppercase v) will also be needed. I don't know if mappers have a tool to postprocess their maps and fix those kind of errors automatically. It would be very easy to code and they wouldn't need to worry about that while doing their actual mapping work.

I absolutely loved this map, although one of the puzzles worried me. I had just quit on two of Smilecythe's maps because of speedy puzzles that are really not my thing and I hope this doesn't become the next Quake trend, it absolutely ruins otherwise great maps for me. Luckily the less fun parts stopped right there and then.

The rest is magnificient, not far behind Leptis Magna as far as greatness goes. The map is absolutely beautiful, huge, full of enemies and secrets, and extremely varied. Thank you so much for this map Heresy!

negke Registered 2 June 2020, 20:08

Oh, that's perfidious! Solomoriah, try this: (http:// "")

negke Registered 2 June 2020, 20:10


Solomoriah Registered 4 June 2020, 18:03

Fixed the sound issue with "ln -s" to make a symbolic link. Thanks for the help.

BTW utterly fantastic level.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 14 June 2020, 0:16

Beautiful textures, nice map.

pk Guest 22 June 2020, 16:43

"mod_loadleafs: 76834 exceeds limit of 63335" error running this in quakespasm with AD1.7

pk Guest 22 June 2020, 17:09

^ i am an idiot, was using previous quakespasm version.

Amazing map.

dwere Registered 8 September 2020, 18:13

Those rock textures really help with the complexity of the cliff faces while requiring only simple shapes.

qazzaq Registered 15 October 2020, 7:00

It's a pity that this Dark Jewel has not received its "official" portal in new Arcane Dimensions 1.8!

Spirit Registered 18 October 2020, 17:32

Wow, what a map. Thick atmosphere, gorgeous evil flair, perfect sounds and the gameplay was lots of fun too.

JuanchoES Registered 25 October 2020, 0:01

This map should be in arcane dimensions

JP Guest 30 October 2020, 18:07

Brilliant map, certainly the best 'non official' arcane dimensions map - and, as other commenters have said - absolutely deserving of its own portal in Arcane Dimensions.

My only slight niggle is the use of LOTR art which takes me out of the 'Quakeverse' somewhat - I ended up using some concept art of Cthon run through an AI tool instead for my textures:

Visuals are gorgeous, and gameplay is varied and challenging without becoming a slog. Great bossfight too.

JP Guest 30 October 2020, 18:08

Link above should be


Lane Powell 13 December 2020, 19:53

Obviously gorgeous, but I think the other big AD maps outclass it in terms of gameplay. Partly due to the sometimes unintuitive, timewasting puzzles.

Not a fan of the bossfight either. The way you deal with the Chthon is just weird, find a safe spot and snipe the windows with the RL, ok, whatever, sniping was always my favorite part of Quake, gg... The monsters summoned after Chthon is "defeated" were merely perfunctory.

Don't mean to be too negative, it's a great map, just not a personal fave.

[This comment had to be restored. See this thread for context. This means that there might be problems with its formatting or content missing. The information if the user posted while being logged in was not restored. -Spirit]

lukaz Registered 18 February 2021, 3:26

That was easily in my top 5 maps.

Question Guest 10 March 2021, 6:29

Can we have an updated version which runs with AD 1.81?

triple_agent Guest 15 May 2021, 16:18

Expectations were high, but I was not let down.

'Oxyblack Fortress' ['Heresy 1'] is brilliant. It is brilliant in terms of spatial design. It is climatic. It is picturesque. It does reinforce the effect with literary, mythological references. The custom soundscape elements, as well as the soundtrack, are incredible. The map is also difficult - the latter, is to be compared against 'Heresy 5' and 'Heresy 2' maps of the same author, in which case, the 'Heresy 1', remarks a significant difference; one for the benefit, in my opinion.

What particularly strikes as well done from the early game on, is the lighting - it properly emphasizes the available technology of modern 'Quake' sourceports. Careful application of 'Arcane Dimensions' assets, brings an entire new feeling to the game; one that is grave, eerie and glorious at the same time. Things blend together well, thanks to the tasteful design choices. Owing to the introduction of hazardous platforming elements, combined with the dynamic 'Quake' combat; the difficulty impression of the map - as already remarked - has become notable.

Even though I loved the Cthon motiff during the early game - bringing wonderful cognitive dissonance to the original 'Quake' veterans - I have to point out that this tidbit is misleading. There are two Cthon entities appearing throughout the continuum of the map; one destructible via conventional weaponry, the other - not. I do count that discrepancy as a lack of consistency in presentation; an error of a false clue. For the other encounter - tricky with those windows indeed, but that - is a matter of puzzle; which there are few in the 'Oxyblack Fortress', most of them at least of good enough quality.

For the technical note, sparsely I have encountered issues with spiders spawning beyond playable thresholds, such as in lava under the grid-floor surface or stuck to the ceiling.

Finally, it would be good to give an instruction that the ladders are climbable through "jump" button activation in the proximity of one.

Altogether, a piece of a legend.

Jehannum Registered 21 June 2021, 18:17

This was really a top-notch map in every regard. The gameplay was fresh and interesting and figuring out how to work the puzzles was half the fun. I'm not a huge puzzle fan and fortunately, this didn't cross the line. After all, I'm really only here to blow things up and turn monsters into gooey, dripping gibs.

The end was different and refreshing. There's plenty of replay value here!

Lighting, architecture and texturing was also spot on.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Markie Music for the fantastic audio!

IMO. this level has won a place in my top ten all-time favorites. Thanks, Heresy!

Alex Ros Registered 10 July 2021, 21:21

I wish this map (heresp2 too in fact) would be included to some Arcane Dimensions update like 1.9. It deserves to be noticed by wider audience. THANK YOU dear sir Heresy. You made my day (evening actually)

NailIn Guest 31 July 2021, 14:55

A bit disjointed but still good map, however, only as an exploration and puzzle solving. Lots of invisible wall bugs, especially on the cliffs. Could have used the excess space in the high towers as to expand the map.

Mopey bloke Registered 1 October 2021, 0:03

This level is a string of good beatdowns in Sauron's actual castle in Mordor that had been left out from The Lord of the Rings. It looks real good. I haven't seen these textures before, and the black stone and lava that cover the place look delightful.

It abounds with arena fights which should make any appreciator happy. The terrain is often hard to walk on with too many sharp edges that won't allow for smooth traversal. That comes to bite at the last area, where the steps most fighting will be done on are easy to fall from, and there are "fire spectres" (I don't know what these are called) without much cover. There is a lack of safe terrain here, but it is nothing too difficult.

Played on Hard.

rchavp Registered 2 January 2022, 18:55

Awesome map, no doubt about it, but the gameplay could be much better. Some puzzles are a bit irrelevant which leads to too much platforming (not bad per se, but not quake like). Also it is a bit linear, hence predictable. Some bosses are leveled down too much and feel easy to kill.

Nut again, the visuals, level design and creativity overall are mind blowing and clearly there is a lot of superb talent behind this one. Well done.

Rez Guest 14 April 2023, 16:02

Neat, a Lord of the Rings themed map! It really nails the look too, especially outside.

I thought the puzzles were interesting for the most part and the fights were good but not too challenging. I was surprised by how easily killed some of the nastier Arcane Dimension bosses were here, but I'm not complaining because some of them are a real pain normally.

I managed to find ten out of sixteen secrets, but annoyingly only discovered the plasma rifle after everything was dead (dammit). Oh well, now I know about it for next time. I also found the "hot secret" but have no idea how to get out once in. There's probably a button or lift, but I couldn't find it. The Chthon secret joke scared me at first, thinking it had made the outside a no-go area but fortunately he dies in one hit. I loved that, you really got me with it for a moment.

Nice work!

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