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Screenshot of ad_heresp2
Title:Imhotep's Legacy (19ffeac26e5d644617a9fcbafd691b9d)
Filesize:57696 Kilobytes
Release date:02.02.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardTrailer & screenshots
Type:Single BSP File(s)
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_heresp2.txt2 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/d4sky03_bk.tga3405 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_dn.tga3850 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_ft.tga3375 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_lf.tga3393 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_rt.tga3546 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_up.tga3417 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/dust_bk.tga504 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_dn.tga770 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_ft.tga573 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_lf.tga566 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_rt.tga535 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_up.tga308 KB06.09.2004
maps/ad_heresp2.bsp75098 KB02.02.2021
maps/ad_heresp2.lit21540 KB02.02.2021
music/track109.ogg5048 KB21.09.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue.mdl89 KB06.10.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue2.mdl89 KB06.10.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue3.mdl89 KB06.10.2020
progs/misc_horusbird.mdl69 KB06.10.2020
progs/scarab_key.mdl42 KB20.09.2020
sound/markiev1/dronerumble1.wav224 KB17.01.2020
sound/markiev1/dronesewer1.wav338 KB18.01.2020
sound/markiev1/dronespace1.wav149 KB17.01.2020
sound/markiev1/reactor1.wav203 KB18.01.2020
sound/notuern/pyramid_loop_hq.wav388 KB13.10.2020
sound/notuern/pyramid_stop_hq.wav278 KB12.10.2020
src/ad_heresp2.map52197 KB02.02.2021

Imhotep's Legacy

Large Egyptian temple with tech elements using sock textures. It comes with statue models, a few sounds, custom skyboxes and a music track. The map source is included.

Note: This level requires Arcane Dimensions 1.8 and a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: large, egypt, temple, pyramid, desert, tech, sock, textures, models, sounds, music, skybox, ad, arcanedimensions, limits, bsp2, source, jump boots, puzzles

Editor's Rating: no rating (yet)
User Rating: 4.9/5 with 20 ratings
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rampancy Guest 13 February 2021, 23:01

absolutely beautiful. the screenshots are so detailed i was expecting maybe gameplay had suffered for visuals. i was totally wrong. 5 stars.

The Silent Registered, rated this a 5 13 February 2021, 23:13


theFALL Registered, rated this a 5 14 February 2021, 10:53

Astonishing. Got to be 'one' of the greatest Quake maps created. The architecture is eye-wateringly impressive. Some exciting and tough fights. Don't miss this one.


Andrew Guest 14 February 2021, 11:31

A wonderful map with a combination of Egyptian and alien technologies!

I Like Quake Guest 16 February 2021, 14:11

When I load this map using Mark V I get the following error message:


Can anybody tell me what leafs are and how to increase the limit? I prefer Mark V to Quakespaspm and I'd rather use that if possible.


ShubShubAzathoth Registered, rated this a 5 16 February 2021, 19:24

@I Like Quake:

I also very much like Mark V for its many features and for being a fast and smooth source port. My guess is that there are certain limitations when it comes to newer maps. Since this map depends on Arcane Dimensions 1.8 I would recommend Quakespasm Spiked or 'plain' Quakespasm.

Solomoriah Registered, rated this a 5 17 February 2021, 0:43

Oh, my. What a beautiful, awful level! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

lukaz Registered, rated this a 5 17 February 2021, 12:11

Top atmosphere. Too many armors though.

I Like Quake Guest 18 February 2021, 9:29


Yeah, newer maps use or need increased parameters, for example the heapsize. Increasing that allowed me to play almost any modern map with Mark V. However, Mark V can also run a lot of the AD maps. What I'm wondering is if there's a line to increase the leafs (whatever those are) so I can extend the number of Mark V-playable AD maps. For the maps that I can't play with Mark V I do use Quakespasm.

Here's why my first choice is Mark V and I only use Quakespasm when needed:

Advantages of Quakespasm to Mark V:

  1. It runs some mega maps Mark V can't run or runs buggily;

  2. Supports server protocol 999.

Advantages of Mark V to Quakespasm:

  1. Nested game dirs:

Mark V can deal with nested game dirs, which is a must for me, given that there are just so many releases; I need to organize them into some kind of a database, otherwise I'd get lost in the jungle. For example, I have a directory called MAPPERS where I store releases by individual authors. Say I wanna play the maps by mapper X, I call


directly in the console or in a batch. I also have another directory for episodes, for mission packs, for jams, etc. Each game dir has its batch which calls Mark V from the main Quake directory. Quakespasm can't deal with those: I have to copy its files to the game dir I want to play or move the game dir to the main Quake dir. Not practical.

  1. Drawing Weapons:

Modern engines draw too much of the weapons for me. In Quakespasm I can get it fixed to a certain degree with a bunch of viewmodel commands, but I get it just right in Mark V, which allows for more viewmodel commands (note: viewmodel commands don't behave quite the same in these engines). I don't like the screen cluttered, I use main status bar with alpha=0 and toggle the extra part with a bound key.

  1. Mouse support:

In Mark V mouse is "crisp", in Quakespasm it's "fuzzy".

  1. Sound:

Sound is louder in Mark V.

  1. Help function:

Both engines have the find function, but Mark V has an added help function which gives brief descriptions of the commands. Really useful.

An update to Mark V which increases limits and ads support for server protocol 999 would be most welcome.

I Like Quake Guest 18 February 2021, 9:38


Oh, and

  1. LEVELS option:

Mark V has the LEVELS option in the single player menu which allows one to most conveniently view and choose the maps in a given game directory (although it's buggy for AD).

Gila Registered, rated this a 5 19 February 2021, 22:41

Mark V also does "correct" (classic software Quake-like) underwater warp!

ShubShubAzathoth Registered, rated this a 5 20 February 2021, 8:09

@I Like Quake:

Thanks for the detailed description!

I couldn't either find out what leafs are yet... Maybe you should rather start a forum thread on this issue.


Yeah, I really miss that one in QS.

real Guest 20 February 2021, 23:03

Great map, incredible detail and good play. Secrets were also reasonable to find, not too easy, not too hard.

Only thing I found was that Quakespasm crashed on the final fight, had to change to Quakespasm spiked.

Agentflit Registered 24 February 2021, 4:21

Instant classic. Truly fantastic map.

I Like Quake Guest 24 February 2021, 9:00


Maybe you didn't allocate enough memory. I finished it with Quakespasm,, no issues.

This map is indeed great, a delicious sundae; and the soundtrack is the cherry on top.

I couldn't open the tripple-barreled shotgun secret. Only found one button to push.

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