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Screenshot of ad_heresp2
Title:Imhotep's Legacy (19ffeac26e5d644617a9fcbafd691b9d)
Filesize:57696 Kilobytes
Release date:02.02.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardTrailer & screenshots
Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
ad_heresp2.txt2 KB02.02.2021
gfx/env/d4sky03_bk.tga3405 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_dn.tga3850 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_ft.tga3375 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_lf.tga3393 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_rt.tga3546 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/d4sky03_up.tga3417 KB23.11.2018
gfx/env/dust_bk.tga504 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_dn.tga770 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_ft.tga573 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_lf.tga566 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_rt.tga535 KB06.09.2004
gfx/env/dust_up.tga308 KB06.09.2004
maps/ad_heresp2.bsp75098 KB02.02.2021
maps/ad_heresp2.lit21540 KB02.02.2021
music/track109.ogg5048 KB21.09.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue.mdl89 KB06.10.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue2.mdl89 KB06.10.2020
progs/misc_amonstatue3.mdl89 KB06.10.2020
progs/misc_horusbird.mdl69 KB06.10.2020
progs/scarab_key.mdl42 KB20.09.2020
sound/markiev1/dronerumble1.wav224 KB17.01.2020
sound/markiev1/dronesewer1.wav338 KB18.01.2020
sound/markiev1/dronespace1.wav149 KB17.01.2020
sound/markiev1/reactor1.wav203 KB18.01.2020
sound/notuern/pyramid_loop_hq.wav388 KB13.10.2020
sound/notuern/pyramid_stop_hq.wav278 KB12.10.2020
src/ad_heresp2.map52197 KB02.02.2021

Imhotep's Legacy

Large Egyptian temple with tech elements using sock textures. It comes with statue models, a few sounds, custom skyboxes and a music track. The map source is included.

Note: This level requires Arcane Dimensions 1.8 and a source port with increased limits + BSP2 support.

Tags: large, egypt, temple, pyramid, desert, tech, sock, textures, models, sounds, music, skybox, ad, arcanedimensions, limits, bsp2, source, jump boots, puzzles

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4.7/5 with 63 ratings
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rampancy Guest 13 February 2021, 23:01

absolutely beautiful. the screenshots are so detailed i was expecting maybe gameplay had suffered for visuals. i was totally wrong. 5 stars.

The Silent Registered 13 February 2021, 23:13


theFALL Registered 14 February 2021, 10:53

Astonishing. Got to be 'one' of the greatest Quake maps created. The architecture is eye-wateringly impressive. Some exciting and tough fights. Don't miss this one.


Andrew Guest 14 February 2021, 11:31

A wonderful map with a combination of Egyptian and alien technologies!

I Like Quake Guest 16 February 2021, 14:11

When I load this map using Mark V I get the following error message:


Can anybody tell me what leafs are and how to increase the limit? I prefer Mark V to Quakespaspm and I'd rather use that if possible.


ShubShubAzathoth Registered 16 February 2021, 19:24

@I Like Quake:

I also very much like Mark V for its many features and for being a fast and smooth source port. My guess is that there are certain limitations when it comes to newer maps. Since this map depends on Arcane Dimensions 1.8 I would recommend Quakespasm Spiked or 'plain' Quakespasm.

Solomoriah Registered 17 February 2021, 0:43

Oh, my. What a beautiful, awful level! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

lukaz Registered 17 February 2021, 12:11

Top atmosphere. Too many armors though.

I Like Quake Guest 18 February 2021, 9:29


Yeah, newer maps use or need increased parameters, for example the heapsize. Increasing that allowed me to play almost any modern map with Mark V. However, Mark V can also run a lot of the AD maps. What I'm wondering is if there's a line to increase the leafs (whatever those are) so I can extend the number of Mark V-playable AD maps. For the maps that I can't play with Mark V I do use Quakespasm.

Here's why my first choice is Mark V and I only use Quakespasm when needed:

Advantages of Quakespasm to Mark V:

  1. It runs some mega maps Mark V can't run or runs buggily;

  2. Supports server protocol 999.

Advantages of Mark V to Quakespasm:

  1. Nested game dirs:

Mark V can deal with nested game dirs, which is a must for me, given that there are just so many releases; I need to organize them into some kind of a database, otherwise I'd get lost in the jungle. For example, I have a directory called MAPPERS where I store releases by individual authors. Say I wanna play the maps by mapper X, I call


directly in the console or in a batch. I also have another directory for episodes, for mission packs, for jams, etc. Each game dir has its batch which calls Mark V from the main Quake directory. Quakespasm can't deal with those: I have to copy its files to the game dir I want to play or move the game dir to the main Quake dir. Not practical.

  1. Drawing Weapons:

Modern engines draw too much of the weapons for me. In Quakespasm I can get it fixed to a certain degree with a bunch of viewmodel commands, but I get it just right in Mark V, which allows for more viewmodel commands (note: viewmodel commands don't behave quite the same in these engines). I don't like the screen cluttered, I use main status bar with alpha=0 and toggle the extra part with a bound key.

  1. Mouse support:

In Mark V mouse is "crisp", in Quakespasm it's "fuzzy".

  1. Sound:

Sound is louder in Mark V.

  1. Help function:

Both engines have the find function, but Mark V has an added help function which gives brief descriptions of the commands. Really useful.

An update to Mark V which increases limits and ads support for server protocol 999 would be most welcome.

I Like Quake Guest 18 February 2021, 9:38


Oh, and

  1. LEVELS option:

Mark V has the LEVELS option in the single player menu which allows one to most conveniently view and choose the maps in a given game directory (although it's buggy for AD).

Gila Registered 19 February 2021, 22:41

Mark V also does "correct" (classic software Quake-like) underwater warp!

ShubShubAzathoth Registered 20 February 2021, 8:09

@I Like Quake:

Thanks for the detailed description!

I couldn't either find out what leafs are yet... Maybe you should rather start a forum thread on this issue.


Yeah, I really miss that one in QS.

real Guest 20 February 2021, 23:03

Great map, incredible detail and good play. Secrets were also reasonable to find, not too easy, not too hard.

Only thing I found was that Quakespasm crashed on the final fight, had to change to Quakespasm spiked.

Agentflit Registered 24 February 2021, 4:21

Instant classic. Truly fantastic map.

I Like Quake Guest 24 February 2021, 9:00


Maybe you didn't allocate enough memory. I finished it with Quakespasm,, no issues.

This map is indeed great, a delicious sundae; and the soundtrack is the cherry on top.

I couldn't open the tripple-barreled shotgun secret. Only found one button to push.

hrwils Guest 2 March 2021, 19:10

This might be the best Quake map I've ever played, holy crow! I guess you've been watching Stargate, Heresy?

Heresy Guest 3 March 2021, 7:40

Thanks for these comments it's a great motivation for my next one :D !

For information the layout of the map is the same as heresp1 my first released map.

@hrwils of course Stargate (the movie) was one of my main inspiration. But you can add : -UT2004 egyptian maps. -Tomb Raider (first one and anniversary). -Sock's texture pack is opening to you lot's of possibilities. -Assassin's creed Origins (just the begining)

Mistawright Registered 5 March 2021, 3:41

Where to put the gfx, music and sound folders?

h4724 Registered 5 March 2021, 9:52

You put it all in your ad folder.

Mistawright Registered 9 March 2021, 0:10


Aluminumhaste Registered 23 March 2021, 18:00

I'm stuck and I'm dumb. People saying that the flow of this map is natural and I'm not finding that at all. Everything looks the same, the hallways, the big doors etc. I disabled the trap but can't get the key down, is it broke?? Using AD1.8, vkQuake.

The_Pirate Registered 27 March 2021, 10:32

I am impressed. Takes AD to the limit, but still quintessential Quake!

Well balanced, good enemy placement, good secret distribution (i haven't found them all... yet!) And a very interesting architecture.

Even though a good lot of the map has been made with copy/paste, it never becomes repetitive. The sense for decoration and style tweaks ensures that.

I am truly impressed.

Cracko Guest 30 March 2021, 2:32

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to run this in vkQuake.

Aluminumhaste Registered 3 April 2021, 19:41

@Cracko, this is what I used:

C:\Games\Quake\vkQuake.exe -game AD -heapsize 1024000 -zone 8192 +fov 110 +rlerpmodels 1 +rlerpmove 1

Once in the game, open console, type map ad_heresp2

Cracko Guest 5 April 2021, 3:35

@Aluminumhaste, thanks for the help, I got it going.

drdefault Registered 5 May 2021, 20:32

What extraordinary visuals! Rich, assured, smooth, gorgeous.

Unfortunately I got bored around 100 kills in. The drip feed of monsters didn't provide drama or tension, to my mind. I never felt the thrill of getting locked in a battle of wills with the designer.

The open, gently stepped spaces made evading projectiles easier and I never lacked resources. The intensity (in the third or so that I played) kept sinking back to zero.

Like hrwils, I'm curious was there a Stargate inspiration? In any case, great brushwork, texturing, lighting and visual imagination. Pacing and combat design could be improved.

triple_agent Guest 9 May 2021, 3:06

I am stunned with how brilliant this map eventually turned out to be. To begin with, I need to point out the strong 'Stargates' vibe that I got from it - which is most fine, since I am a science-fiction fan. So much for 'Stargates'. Regarding map design, the puzzles are impressive; especially the labyrinth, was a turning moment, when I realized you were up to something more ambitious with the project. The choice of custom 'Arcane Dimensions' assets is well deliberate and seems to fit the theme you embraced. For the resources management and supply, at first I did question your concept of quasi-infinite availability - remembering my prior 'Heresy 5' experience from the umbrella of yours, speaking for now - but in time, I got the taste of what is the reason for that; even though, this is the late game, justifying the abundance. Notwithstanding, the early game, is perhaps a bit of an amusement park, at least in my opinion - it is skill level 2 we talk about.

Ultimately, across some design concepts that I was apparently not well familiar with, the 'Heresy 2', not only came out to be one of the best maps for 'Quake' that I played thusfar, but one of the better maps I have played, all time. It took me by surprise. It also indeed does provide a wealth of gameplay, in the currency of time included. Last but not least, for the aesthetics, it is a feast - but I would expect nothing less from a developer like you, Heresy. The bar now sets higher!

Strzelec36 Registered 9 May 2021, 4:34

It will not work for me in either wuaspqsm or darkplaces. I tried to put -game and file name in the properties of directory it just goes to regular wuake 1 and when in game i tried both map and thr name kr the long command line the read me recommended nothing some couodnt find error. i have arcane dimensions in a separate folder v 1.8

Strzelec366 Guest 9 May 2021, 12:48

It just says it cannot find the map.

triple_agent Guest 11 May 2021, 7:19

@Strzelec36, refer to the comment(s) here, only in this case, the map name is 'ad_heresp2'; the link:

The engine in reference is 'Quakespasm Spiked'; the link:

MikeTaylor Registered 27 May 2021, 16:59


Well, every now and then a map comes along that hits absolutely all the right buttons, and this is one such map. It deserves to be spoken of in the same breath as classic Arcane Dimension maps like The Forgotten Sepulchre, Leptis Magna and Tears of the False God. It's the Egyptian map to end all Egyptian maps.

Of course the sheer scale is a big part of that. But at least equally important is that Chariots of the Gods atmosphere of an ancient civilization that really was founded by aliens. It's a fascinating place to explore.

Also lots of lovely gameplay moments, not least the way the same temple area becomes the venue of three quite different horde combats.

My only quibbles: perhaps a few of the areas felt just a bit too samey, with a few more octagonal rooms joined by shallow staircases that were necessary; and I felt let down, on completing the massive combat on top of the pyramid, to realise that that was the end of the level — that there was nothing behind the door but the exit teleporter. But I guess if your main complaint about a map is that you want more of it, it's doing something right!

Oh, and I finished with all 434 kills on Hard, and with nine of the 12 secrets. Where is the second button that unlocks the triple shotgun very near the start?

Ninja Registered 29 May 2021, 1:15

This is zillon% out of 5, its great, the art work & play alone in the game deserves a oscar, skill 3, your be pushed, but graphics is a eye opener, best ad map, no quibbles on that, well done heresy :) be glad to take your sister out if you have one lol lol lol

Alex Ros Registered 11 July 2021, 18:44

Thanks. Puzzles were really cool. "More flesh!" Personally I liked them a lot. As for design it was great obviously. Over the TOP visuals!

AlmstHppSndwch Registered 26 August 2021, 19:19

Is this map accesible only via "map ad_heresp2"? Can't find it anywhere in the hub

qazzaq Registered 26 August 2021, 20:36

This is not an "official" AD map. It is just designed for AD mod and accessible only via console. And yes, You are right - many "unofficial" AD maps are better some "official" (Please forgive me His Black Magesty Simon "Sock" OCallaghan!)

Bluellama Registered 17 October 2021, 1:52

For the love of god, how do I install this? I have a legit copy of quake, quakespasm and Arcane Dimensions installed. Where do I put the zip contents?

h4724 Registered 17 October 2021, 2:36

Unzip it into Quake\ad\

Delta440 Guest 27 December 2021, 16:46

Unfortunately, this map stutters every time I fire the shotgun or super shotgun. I'm using the latest version of Quakespasm Spiked and this only happens with both of the maps you made for Arcane Dimensions (this one and Oxyblack Fortress). I even factory reset my PC, but it did not fix the issue.

qazzaq Registered 27 December 2021, 17:59

I have the same issue as Delta 440 using QSS (while game runs at full HD 150+ fps). QS 0.94.3 and vkQuake has no this problem.

tom Guest 30 December 2021, 2:28

how do i load this mod? im playing arcane dimensions 1.8 and during the game am i supposed to go into console and type something in order to get it working? im very confused and any help would be nice!

Delta440 Guest 2 January 2022, 23:45

@tom Yes, you have to open the console and write the following:

map ad_heresp2

[Kona] Registered 15 January 2022, 10:32

Amazing map. After playing this an Oxyblack Fortress a week ago and now this, what an epic couple of maps probably in the top 10 if not top 5 all time.

For some reason it was laggy for me too, especially with the triple shotgun. I assumed the map is just a bit too big for my PC to handle. But that's not the Heresy's fault my pc is old.

Would love to see what's next.

dradorb Registered 28 January 2022, 19:00


Your previous map was already the best looking Quake map in my opinion. Though, I was not a fan of the puzzles.

This one is even better: visually impressive, good fights, cool puzzles, nice secrets, great final battle. One of the best Quake map ever released for sure. It really makes AD shine.

If I had to find flaws I'd say it's too dark at times, and I had some FPS drops at the end (vkquake, 3.20Ghz, 16 GB ram, GTX 960 2GB).

Your maps have a distinctive style and cover every aspects of Quake (combat/puzzle/boss). You should release an episode (I prefer episodes with smaller maps rather than huge maps). I'm sure it would be great.

PS: The README file should tell how to install/launch the map for newcomers and also remind to select the difficulty level.


cgj Registered 5 November 2022, 23:50

"Hunk_Alloc: failed on 224 bytes"

This is the error I get when trying to load this map. Anybody any idea what it means?

Party Boy Registered 26 December 2022, 3:04

I gave it 5 starts but I don't know what happened in the last boss fight, it started to lag like hell, maybe a monster got stuck in the opening walls, I barely survived until the walls stopped moving, I used vkQuake 1.22.3 on skill 3...

Rez Guest 25 March 2023, 23:49


This absolutely should be included in the main Arcane Dimensions mod should it ever receive another update. Imhotep's Legacy is huge, atmospheric and just plain fun to play.

It gave me some serious nostalgia for the old Tomb Raider games, with the vast rooms and creepy ancient alien technology powering everything. I was lucky enough to find the Widowmaker secret very early on, so I had some serious firepower from the get-go which helped with the massive battles dotted around. Also, I do love it when we're give a Quad right before a huge fight and this map had me covered there!

A must-play.

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