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Screenshot of bored
Author:Fairweather, Greenwood, Markie Music, Mazu, Shamblernaut, Voidforce
Title:We got bored lol (db25e4d52e7d08c1311e34b0c0e541f6)
Filesize:15303 Kilobytes
Release date:04.01.2021
Additional Links: Func_Msgbored
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✔

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
bored/autosave/boredstart.1.map51 KB05.01.2021
bored/autosave/boredstart.2.map55 KB05.01.2021
bored/autosave/start.1.map41 KB05.01.2021
bored/maps/bored1_snaut.bsp601 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored1_snaut.lit188 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored2_mazu.bsp628 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored2_mazu.lit255 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored3_void.bsp568 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored3_void.lit338 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored4_greenwood.bsp1034 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored4_greenwood.lit627 KB04.01.2021
bored/maps/bored5_markie.bsp616 KB05.01.2021
bored/maps/bored5_markie.lit231 KB05.01.2021
bored/maps/bored6_fw.bsp685 KB05.01.2021
bored/maps/bored6_fw.lit268 KB05.01.2021
bored/maps/start.bsp274 KB05.01.2021
bored/maps/start.lit233 KB05.01.2021
bored/music/track37.mp310014 KB05.01.2021
bored/pak0.pak4026 KB05.01.2021
bored/progs.dat520 KB05.01.2021
bored/readme.txt4 KB05.01.2021
bored/src/bored1_snaut.map141 KB04.01.2021
bored/src/bored2_mazu.map302 KB04.01.2021
bored/src/bored2_mazu.txt2 KB04.01.2021
bored/src/bored6_fw.map381 KB05.01.2021
bored/src/start.map55 KB05.01.2021
bored/textures/#bmk_water01a.tga13 KB03.01.2021

We got bored lol

Six small ~2-hour speedmaps + a start hub, all following different themes and based on the Copper mod (included). It comes with a custom music track. The map sources are included.

Tags: speedmap, episode, small, copper
User Rating: 3.7/5 with 10 ratings
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Solomoriah Registered, rated this a 4 7 January 2021, 23:49

Found a bug in the level shown in the picture. If you try to walk over the arch where the exit door is, you exit, even if the gate is still closed.

onetruepurple Registered, rated this a 3 8 January 2021, 0:05

Mostly rather disposable speedmaps but Fairweather's is worth it for the great visuals alone.

Agentflit Registered 8 January 2021, 7:41

worth it for the pause menu alone

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