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Screenshot of copper_v1_15
Title:Copper - Version 1.15 (c0f57df77ad06d1e0a0e35cbc3ea90d4)
Filesize:3329 Kilobytes
Release date:22.11.2020
Additional Links: Func_Msgboard
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
copper/copper.def95 KB22.11.2020
copper/copper.fgd47 KB22.11.2020
copper/copper_v1_15.txt77 KB21.11.2020
copper/pak0.pak3990 KB14.11.2020
copper/progs.dat520 KB22.11.2020
copper/quake.rc2 KB17.06.2019
copper/src/ai.qc35 KB21.11.2020
copper/src/buttons.qc6 KB06.11.2020
copper/src/client.qc45 KB10.11.2020
copper/src/combat.qc17 KB14.11.2020
copper/src/constants.qc9 KB14.11.2020
copper/src/defs.qc17 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/dev.qc7 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/doors.qc27 KB22.11.2020
copper/src/explobox.qc7 KB09.11.2020
copper/src/fly.qc5 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/fog.qc10 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/fx.qc24 KB10.11.2020
copper/src/impulse.qc6 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/item_backpack.qc8 KB22.10.2020
copper/src/item_health_armor.qc8 KB24.10.2020
copper/src/item_keys_runes.qc10 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/item_powerups.qc8 KB10.11.2020
copper/src/item_weap_ammo.qc14 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/items.qc26 KB25.10.2020
copper/src/lights.qc26 KB09.11.2020
copper/src/m_boss.qc16 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_demon.qc19 KB15.11.2020
copper/src/m_dog.qc12 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_enforcer.qc13 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_fish.qc11 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_hknight.qc20 KB16.11.2020
copper/src/m_knight.qc12 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_ogre.qc18 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_oldone.qc13 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_shalrath.qc13 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/m_shambler.qc17 KB14.11.2020
copper/src/m_soldier.qc13 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_tarbaby.qc11 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_wizard.qc12 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_zombie.qc25 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/maths.qc6 KB08.11.2020
copper/src/meat.qc6 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/misc.qc19 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/monsters.qc18 KB06.11.2020
copper/src/plats.qc27 KB29.10.2020
copper/src/player.qc19 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/progs.src2 KB10.09.2020
copper/src/projectiles.qc16 KB14.11.2020
copper/src/qc2def.py2 KB17.11.2020
copper/src/qc2fgd.py3 KB17.11.2020
copper/src/shooters.qc12 KB17.09.2020
copper/src/sound.qc12 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/subs.qc3 KB06.11.2020
copper/src/subs_move.qc5 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/subs_tgt.qc12 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/t_ctrl.qc16 KB06.11.2020
copper/src/t_level.qc14 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/t_tele.qc18 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/t_void.qc15 KB18.11.2020
copper/src/test.qc1 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/triggers.qc34 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/utility.qc17 KB24.09.2020
copper/src/w_axe.qc4 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/w_lightning.qc10 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/w_nails.qc5 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/w_rockets.qc4 KB10.11.2020
copper/src/w_shotguns.qc5 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/walls.qc9 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/weapons.qc12 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/world.qc13 KB10.11.2020

Copper - Version 1.15

Updated version of Copper, featuring bug-fixes and further gameplay tweaks. The mod source is included.

Note: This is a standalone version which does not require the previous one.

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.9/5 with 29 ratings
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qazzaq 12 December 2020, 9:59

Where from this amazing screen?

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it gud man 21 December 2020, 18:00

it gud

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MikeTaylor Registered 3 April 2021, 18:12

Just checking: there's no new actual content here, right?

h4724 Registered 3 April 2021, 19:38

No maps are packaged with this, no.

MikeTaylor Registered 11 April 2021, 17:02


Jugador Registered 26 April 2021, 20:00

My days of waiting for zombies to wake up before blowing them up are finally over!

Jugador Registered 28 April 2021, 22:00

I'm finding the new enforcers a bit annoying, but maybe I'll get used to them.

Marc Guest 12 October 2021, 8:15

Yo where can i find maps in this

h4724 Registered 12 October 2021, 10:24 is a good place to start, both with Underdark Overbright and the "pairings" section at the bottom. Download the latest version (1.17) while you're at it.

You're also currently on the largest archive of Quake maps on the internet ;) Just search Copper and you can find a bunch of maps made for it. Every vanilla map should also be compatible.

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