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Screenshot of copper_v1_16
Title:Copper - Version 1.16 (3e241323cb63de9ecf4a2b298211919e)
Filesize:3334 Kilobytes
Release date:21.06.2021
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardList of changes
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✘ • PAK: ✔ • PROGS.DAT: ✔ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
copper/copper.def97 KB21.06.2021
copper/copper.fgd49 KB21.06.2021
copper/copper_v1_16.txt80 KB21.06.2021
copper/pak0.pak3990 KB14.11.2020
copper/progs.dat525 KB21.06.2021
copper/quake.rc2 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/ai.qc35 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/buttons.qc6 KB26.11.2020
copper/src/client.qc46 KB20.06.2021
copper/src/combat.qc17 KB23.01.2021
copper/src/constants.qc9 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/defs.qc17 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/dev.qc7 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/doors.qc29 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/explobox.qc7 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/fly.qc5 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/fog.qc10 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/fx.qc25 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/impulse.qc6 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/item_backpack.qc8 KB22.10.2020
copper/src/item_health_armor.qc8 KB24.10.2020
copper/src/item_keys_runes.qc10 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/item_powerups.qc8 KB10.11.2020
copper/src/item_weap_ammo.qc14 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/items.qc26 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/lights.qc28 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/m_boss.qc16 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_demon.qc19 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_dog.qc12 KB20.06.2021
copper/src/m_enforcer.qc13 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_fish.qc11 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_hknight.qc20 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_knight.qc12 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_ogre.qc18 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_oldone.qc13 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_shalrath.qc13 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/m_shambler.qc17 KB14.11.2020
copper/src/m_soldier.qc13 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_tarbaby.qc11 KB20.10.2020
copper/src/m_wizard.qc12 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/m_zombie.qc25 KB09.12.2020
copper/src/maths.qc6 KB08.11.2020
copper/src/meat.qc6 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/misc.qc19 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/monsters.qc18 KB23.01.2021
copper/src/plats.qc27 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/player.qc19 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/progs.src2 KB10.09.2020
copper/src/projectiles.qc16 KB14.11.2020
copper/src/qc2def.py2 KB17.11.2020
copper/src/qc2fgd.py3 KB17.11.2020
copper/src/shooters.qc12 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/sound.qc13 KB08.12.2020
copper/src/subs.qc3 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/subs_move.qc5 KB30.10.2020
copper/src/subs_tgt.qc12 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/t_ctrl.qc17 KB20.06.2021
copper/src/t_level.qc14 KB19.06.2021
copper/src/t_tele.qc18 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/t_void.qc16 KB29.11.2020
copper/src/test.qc1 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/triggers.qc34 KB22.12.2020
copper/src/utility.qc17 KB24.09.2020
copper/src/w_axe.qc4 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/w_lightning.qc10 KB13.09.2020
copper/src/w_nails.qc5 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/w_rockets.qc4 KB10.11.2020
copper/src/w_shotguns.qc5 KB15.12.2020
copper/src/walls.qc10 KB21.06.2021
copper/src/weapons.qc12 KB22.09.2020
copper/src/world.qc13 KB26.11.2020

Copper - Version 1.16

Updated version of Copper, featuring bug-fixes and further gameplay tweaks. The mod source is included.

Note: This is a standalone version which does not require the previous ones.

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User Rating:
4.8/5 with 28 ratings
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triple_agent Registered 3 August 2021, 18:29

'Copper' mod may seem like a trinket - especially if to know little about what it does; for the education in which, I recommend the developer commentary section of relevant "readme" file - but it is a wealth of excellence.

'Copper', is a great deal of polish; the carrying out of which, has required impressive degree of knowledge in the game, speaking of both the player-practical, as well as the technological perspective.

Literally, 'Copper' aims to be the invisible hand, slightly elevating your basic gameplay experience to a more satisfying outcome, without interrupting or even breaking your pattern.

Some may say that 'Copper' is insufficient, because it focuses on the original game factors only, rather than pushing the 'Quake' universe further with novelties and reimaginations. This, though, is the greatest strength of 'Copper', in my opinion: it aims for universal compatibility, rewarding those content creators, that remained faithful to the original game or the original game design principles, so as not to distinguish oneself as something other than 'Quake'.

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