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Screenshot of czg03
Title:Ceremonial Circles (8a6cdfae69db5c845ede6ae0cc24f390)
Filesize:811 Kilobytes
Release date:05.08.2001
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
czg03.bsp1893 KB05.08.2001
czg03.txt6 KB05.08.2001

Ceremonial Circles

Large vertical Wizard map.

Tags: medieval, big, large, wizard, metal, qtwid, vertical, shortcuts, planetquake-map-of-the-week, hard, dungeon

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.7/5 with 67 ratings
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than 20 February 2012, 15:39
Another of my favourite maps (DAMN YOU, CZG). It may not be as good looking as some of his other maps, but the gameplay is fantastic, with lots of nice secrets and a few really fantastic battles (particularly at the end)
Kinn 12 March 2012, 22:37
One of my favourites as well. Thematically, this (alongside czg's Terra4, which is possibly my favourite map of all time) defines "Swampy Wizard" for me - which is by far my favourite theme. I would have gone with a torch-based approach to the lighting rather than the metal-style lights here, but that's a minor quibble.

Gameplay-wise it's classic czg. In fact, playing Februus Depth, Numb Nimbus, and then this, back-to-back today was like immersing myself into a warm vat of czg-flavoured quakey goodness. I think he does pacing possibly better than anyone, knowing when to hold back, and knowing when to assault the player, with an enviable degree of intuition.
MikeTaylor Registered 13 November 2013, 16:09

+1 on Kinn's comment: he said everything I would have said. Twelve years on, Cermonial Circles is unsurpassed in its idiot. I've never played another level that feels so dingy and forsaken. Awesome work.

Lane Powell Registered 6 May 2014, 1:28

I rated this a 4? Weird.

Daz Registered 21 May 2014, 17:11
dBAudio Registered 6 September 2014, 16:33

MAN, i love me some czg!

JellyGal Registered 10 December 2014, 23:50

One of my favourite maps ever. The atmosphere is great, the visuals are good and the combat is amazing. This map is huge, frantic and very difficult. You're constantly under fire, but in a good way (I like this much better than other maps like that such as Coagula 2). I love the feeling of ascent in this map, too. A must play in my opinion.

MikeTaylor Registered 11 December 2014, 15:03

I just noticed that I wrote "Twelve years on, Cermonial Circles is unsurpassed in its idiot" a year ago! Obviously what I meant to say was "unsurpassed in its idiom"!

FacilisDK Registered 18 November 2018, 10:32


TR2N Registered 27 November 2018, 19:10

This is one of my all time favourite czg map. I wish he would still map. Can't thank him enough :)

Jugador Registered 28 April 2019, 14:19

About the torches versus electric lights issue: there are both kinds in this map, and I don't think it's a coincidence. To me, this suggests an ancient world which has been intruded by future humans. You lose this symbolism with torches alone.

ARtemi Guest 1 November 2019, 17:19

A bit too brutal for me.

Greenwood Registered 29 March 2020, 8:14

Ditto to everything Than stated above. Excellent map!

Johnny Law Registered 2 April 2020, 0:23

One of my all-time favorites.

onetruepurple Registered 4 April 2020, 16:32

The Sèvres standard of a Q1SP.

mars9444 Registered 24 June 2020, 10:46

fight for health, fight for armor, fight for ammo! it's a big map, but with claustrophobic feel. nice enemy placements, nice combats, nice usage of map space. very fun ol skool map to play. 46:08 4/7 secrets 166/166 nightmare. thank you, czg!

triple_agent Registered 29 August 2021, 5:03

Excellent map, maintained within the classic 'id' style of campaign episode two. I have found the map terribly difficult on the "Normal", probably due to it being infested with ogres - strategically located - who have gained an enhanced Z-accuracy, thanks to the 'Copper' mod reinforcement in my playthrough. Anyhow, the "Ceremonial Circles", feels very good to play, it is very atmospheric, very dark, very well structured and planned out, as well as feels very rewarding to complete for a player. It is a proper, timeless classic.

c0j Registered 18 November 2021, 14:11

i love this map, you're my favorite mapper czg

vertigo Registered 12 July 2022, 4:44

Despite having only started going through the massive Quaddicted backlog in a rough chronological order I can already tell that czg will be one of my favorite mappers.

The combat in this map is brilliant, that includes both pacing and the encounters. It builds up to a spectacular pair of fights through a series of smaller arena battles and chunky incidental combat. I was actually quite starved for health for the majority of the map as it's borderline non-stop action made me want to keep pushing and pushing rather than stop to hunt for secrets.

From a visual standpoint I found it quite useful as a novice Quake mapper. It uses limited textures and shows and utilitarian detail in an easy to grasp style.

As a fan of frenetic combat I highly recommend this release.

ludicrous Registered 13 July 2022, 21:26

I can't remember, how often I played this. One of my all time favorites.

Registered Guest 17 July 2022, 10:29

the real ceremonial circles are the paths we traveled, and traveled, and traveled along the way

OldKnavy Registered 16 July 2023, 5:37

Can anyone explain to me what the deal with the secret in the pillar is? I found a way to get it, but it doesn't seem to be the right way and doesn't always work.

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