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Screenshot of dis_sp6
Title:Ruined Nation (57169eedd6692060406057ca026b83ae)
Filesize:8910 Kilobytes
Release date:19.05.2008
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Type:Single BSP File(s)
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Files in the ZIP archive
Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
maps/dis_sp6.bsp8163 KB18.05.2008
maps/dis_sp6.lit1841 KB18.05.2008
sound/ambient/dis/clop.wav117 KB28.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/outside01.wav163 KB10.02.2008
sound/ambient/dis/alarm1.wav345 KB26.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/groaner1.wav430 KB25.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/creak08.wav260 KB17.03.2008
sound/ambient/dis/metalhit07.wav171 KB17.03.2008
sound/ambient/dis/telecount.wav163 KB10.02.2008
sound/ambient/dis/sagen4.wav189 KB23.09.2007
sound/ambient/dis/rumble2.wav65 KB23.09.2007
sound/ambient/dis/badoor3.wav66 KB01.07.2004
sound/ambient/dis/open1.wav62 KB23.09.2007
sound/ambient/dis/bridnmo.wav58 KB24.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/badoor.wav7 KB10.02.2008
sound/ambient/dis/stodrone.wav228 KB25.09.2007
sound/ambient/dis/steamblast01.wav100 KB17.03.2008
sound/ambient/dis/slimey.wav389 KB31.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/waste.wav1072 KB31.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/creep_03.wav90 KB25.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/turkey.wav173 KB03.02.2008
sound/ambient/dis/amb_mac1.wav879 KB25.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/macloop3.wav70 KB31.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/open2.wav62 KB25.09.2007
sound/ambient/dis/techlp2.wav52 KB25.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/badoor2.wav44 KB10.02.2008
sound/ambient/dis/vent1.wav151 KB27.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/machina2.wav213 KB27.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/techlp3.wav34 KB25.01.2008
sound/ambient/dis/machina1.wav308 KB25.01.2008
dis_sp6.txt7 KB19.05.2008

Ruined Nation

Medium-sized base map using Doom 3 textures. It comes with a number of custom ambient sounds and features hard combat.

Note: This map requires Quoth.

Tags: doom3, quoth, details, sounds, hard, metal, medium, base

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating:
4.3/5 with 39 ratings
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Quaker 19 February 2010, 15:44
Scariest Quake map I've ever played. It can get frustrating, especially at the beginning if you don't look for new weapons, but it's still awesome and enjoyable!
gb 8 April 2010, 0:05
awesome map, difficulty too high.
Spirit 8 April 2010, 15:33
Very hard and very cool. I wish you could drop in the original textures from Doom3 for extra eye candy.
MegaQuaker 8 April 2010, 21:19
Best attempt yet at bringing Doom 3 into quake. Ruined Nation 2, anybody?
MegaQuaker 8 April 2010, 21:19
very good must download
Evil Andrey 21 September 2010, 14:00
Nothing scary. Only very difficult. Face to face shambler with boomstick is normal in this map.
Qmaster 21 December 2010, 16:50
Wierd and totally unexpected at every turn. Awesome textures and a very neat stylistic level! I had to replay this a couple times, it was a lot of fun. 5/5
Uncle Dark 10 May 2011, 10:07
I'm playing quake for a long time... I've never seem a map like this. Very well done work of textures. Using the mhglqr8 engine this map is very funny, better than the Darkplaces! Unfortunately it doens't work in Joequake and Ezquake. No more critics to this. It really captures the Doom 3 atmosphere!
Denizen Guest 3 November 2012, 23:40
Loved the great atmosphere... this alone makes me want to play it over and over
FifthElephant Guest 31 December 2012, 0:08
Looks pretty but the damn thing is way too hard. I managed to get to the slime cave area twice in about 15 attempts. 3/5
mfx Registered 31 May 2013, 16:16

This looks so awesome, but its way to hard. What a shame.

boink182 Guest 4 January 2014, 3:00

this is very unique visually (for quake) and the gameplay isn't as hard as people say, though it isn't really that great either. it never really finds a rhythm, and there aren't really any memorable encounters. it's not terrible however, and the visuals and atmosphere go a long way to make up for it and keep you interested. the flashlight is a nice touch too. i would actually like to see more of this.

QuakeForever Registered 18 February 2014, 7:50

Probably best Doom 3 emulation map for Quake. The gameplay is tough but I didn't find it that ridiculous plus you can drop the skill if necessary.

ptoing Registered 23 August 2015, 17:19

Looks great, but difficulty is weird. Way too easy on easy, pretty hard on normal, did not even try hard.

Still a very solid map overall.

Pritchard Registered 19 September 2016, 10:45

A very intense map that proves quite challenging on normal. I really enjoyed how the map built up tension by kitting you up without any enemies in the immediate area at one point, it really had me on the edge of my seat as I wondered "what could possibly happen that means i'm getting a SSG and LG now of all times?

I died a lot playing this map, as well. The heavy use of defenders and their devastating shotgun attack meant that I was often starved of health, so much so that a surprise dog attack managed to kill me at one point. Still, with a careful and measured approach it's fairly easy to conquer the various encounters with tougher enemies such as those, turning what could have been a point of frustration into a sense of accomplishment at most points.

And oh my, the brushwork! This map is jam-packed with detail. Heavy use of clip brushes allows the author to fill the wall spaces with intricate texture and pipework, creating a playspace that feels busy and claustrophobic while remaining entirely playable. Such attention to detail changes nothing about how the map plays, but it makes a huge difference to how it feels and has a significant influence over how the player feels as they come away from the level at the end.

onetruepurple Registered 23 June 2018, 12:47

A+ atmosphere thanks to the sounds. This map has probably turned off dozens of people off Quoth because of its "innovative" skill balancing though.

Greenwood Registered 30 January 2020, 1:42

Outstanding in visuals and atmosphere; however, a little disappointing on gameplay. On normal, there are many cases of heavily armed enemies spawning behind you, often when you are in a narrow corridor with no available cover. This, coupled with meager health supplies, made the experience not very enjoyable. On easy, it's way better set up, albeit too easy. It's too bad this part couldn't have been hammered out a bit. Something in between would've been ideal for normal.

Still, it's gorgeous to look at and really immersive, so I definitely can't knock that aspect! The creator did an excellent job with that part.

triple_agent Registered 22 May 2021, 5:42

My applauds! Very playable, but also very hard! Great ambiance, environmental design, soundscape, lighting, the consistency with the theme of choice - which, in addition, is also my best theme of liking. Did I mention the soundscape? It is amazing. The soundscape, saturates the experience, making it one so satisfying. The rusted, decommissioned industrial base, creates an impression of a living, breathing organism - that succumbing to decay, but achieving so much of mysterious depth in the process - possessed by an alien, dreadful entity, having own agenda to reach. The map, does encapsulate the missing link between 'Doom 2' and 'Doom 3' - under the genuine 'Quake' formula - the discrepancy between the two of which, brought some old school enthusiasts to dire straits in opinion. The last encounter, though, was a bit over the edge; more like a practical joke of a sort, was it not?

Tasteful science-fiction thriller.

overlord Guest 14 March 2022, 12:01

Doom 3 had the bad habit of not caring about encounters and level design, and just teleporting enemies in for you to fight. Doom 3 also has many enemies that are rather weak and the whole room flashes and whispers at you before you get to fight.

This map took the first part to heart but not the second, ambushing you with defenders and other crap that starts shooting at you right away. It was not THAT hard, but it was rather annoying.

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