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Screenshot of dm4jam
Author:Artistical, Bloodshot, Breezeep, Danzadan, digs, DraQu & Promeus, Giftmacher, ionous, Mariteaux, mukor, Naitelveni, NewHouse, onetruepurple, prengle, QueenJazz, rj, scar3crow, Shadesmaster, skacky, TheMusic, wedge_one, ww
Title:DM4 Jam (c5f55aef396c6f02720825e0c8abdb00)
Filesize:65885 Kilobytes
Release date:22.03.2018
Additional Links: Func_MsgboardDM4JAM DLC/Patch
Type:Partial conversion
BSP: ✔ • PAK: ✘ • PROGS.DAT: ✘ • Custom Models/Sounds: ✘

Files in the ZIP archive:
File Size Date
demo1.dem379 KB22.03.2018
demo2.dem190 KB22.03.2018
demo3.dem399 KB22.03.2018
dm4jam_readme.txt5 KB22.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_artistical.txt3 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_artistical2.txt2 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_bloodshot.txt3 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_breezeep.txt2 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_danzadan.txt3 KB19.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_digs.txt2 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_draqu_promeus.txt1 KB19.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_giftmacher.txt1 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_ionous.txt3 KB21.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_mariteaux.txt3 KB21.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_mukor.txt1 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_nait.txt1 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_otp.txt3 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_prengle.txt6 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_queenjazz.txt3 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_rj.txt4 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_scar3crow.txt1 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_shades.txt2 KB20.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_skacky.txt3 KB18.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_themusic.txt4 KB17.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_wedge_one.txt1 KB22.03.2018
docs/dm4jam_ww.txt1 KB21.03.2018
gfx/conback.lmp63 KB21.03.2018
gfx/env/l_swampn_bk.tga3073 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/l_swampn_dn.tga3073 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/l_swampn_ft.tga3073 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/l_swampn_lf.tga3073 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/l_swampn_rt.tga3073 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/l_swampn_up.tga3073 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/moonhigh_bk.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_dn.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_ft.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_lf.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_rt.tga1025 KB19.03.2014
gfx/env/moonhigh_up.tga1025 KB28.10.2015
gfx/env/ozymandias_bk.tga769 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/ozymandias_dn.tga769 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/ozymandias_ft.tga769 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/ozymandias_lf.tga769 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/ozymandias_rt.tga769 KB18.03.2018
gfx/env/ozymandias_up.tga769 KB18.03.2018
gfx/qplaque.lmp5 KB21.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_artistical.bsp35681 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_artistical.lit4920 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_artistical2.bsp1341 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_bloodshot.bsp7197 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_bloodshot.lit2114 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_breezeep.bsp7100 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_breezeep.lit2675 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_danzadan.bsp1426 KB19.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_danzadan.lit525 KB19.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_digs.bsp1614 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_digs.lit662 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_draqu_promeus.bsp5833 KB19.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_draqu_promeus.lit1423 KB19.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_giftmacher.bsp2518 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_giftmacher.lit1186 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_ionous.bsp2850 KB21.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_ionous.lit847 KB21.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_mariteaux.bsp1812 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_mariteaux.lit932 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_mukor.bsp5389 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_mukor.lit1707 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_nait.bsp5462 KB22.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_nait.lit2579 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_otp.bsp3789 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_otp.lit1460 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_prengle.bsp1822 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_prengle.lit690 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_queenjazz.bsp2265 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_queenjazz.lit564 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_rj.bsp3555 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_rj.lit1468 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_scar3crow.bsp836 KB22.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_scar3crow.map319 KB22.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_shades.bsp2320 KB20.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_shades.lit566 KB20.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_skacky.bsp13543 KB18.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_themusic.bsp691 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_themusic.lit263 KB17.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_wedge_one.bsp2826 KB22.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_wedge_one.lit1126 KB22.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_ww.bsp2606 KB21.03.2018
maps/dm4jam_ww.lit2031 KB21.03.2018
maps/start.bsp5231 KB22.03.2018
maps/start.lit1220 KB22.03.2018
quake.rc1 KB22.03.2018
source/dm4jam_artistical.map15366 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_artistical2.map560 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_bloodshot.map6508 KB17.03.2018
source/dm4jam_breezeep.map8489 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_danzadan.jmf2848 KB19.03.2018
source/dm4jam_danzadan.map1122 KB19.03.2018
source/dm4jam_draqu_promeus.map4058 KB19.03.2018
source/dm4jam_giftmacher.map2251 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_ionous.jmf4978 KB21.03.2018
source/dm4jam_ionous.map1969 KB21.03.2018
source/dm4jam_mariteaux.map1403 KB17.03.2018
source/dm4jam_nait2.map2248 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_otp.map1849 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_prengle.map2712 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_queenjazz.map1113 KB17.03.2018
source/dm4jam_rj.map2480 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_scar3crow.map319 KB22.03.2018
source/dm4jam_shades.map2023 KB20.03.2018
source/dm4jam_skacky.map8102 KB18.03.2018
source/dm4jam_themusic.map363 KB17.03.2018
source/dm4jam_wedge_one.map1912 KB22.03.2018
source/dm4jam_ww.map1149 KB21.03.2018
source/start.map2631 KB22.03.2018 - DM4 Jam

DM4 jam - a community project at Func_Msgboard.

The pack features 22 maps (including a start hub) recreating or reinterpreting the theme and style of the original DM4- The Bad Place. Three short demos and the map sources are included.

Note: Several of these maps require a source port with increased limits and/or BSP2 support.

There is an addon to this pack featuring updated versions of some of the maps and three new ones.

Tags: small, medium, metal, blue, lava, jam, traps, skybox, remix, limits, bsp2, source, dm4, coop

Editor's Rating: Excellent
User Rating: 4.8/5 with 23 ratings
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dumptruck_ds Registered 27 March 2018, 3:00

I had the great pleasure of playtesting all of these maps for the release. It's important to note there are some first time Quake mappers involved with this pack who all did excellent work. The veteran mappers of course all stepped up their game as well. NewHouse created a themed start map that's just plain fun. Just some of the highlights in no particular order:

  1. ww's labyrinthian cave system with the vanishing Shambler!
  2. Skacky's beautiful massive "sunken" complex
  3. OneTruePurple's vertical lava temples
  4. wedge's entire map (his first for Quake - no spoilers!)
  5. scar3crow's chaotic thrillride
  6. Mukor's moody, mind-bending maze
  7. Jazz's has something to tie the whole level together
  8. Ionous' experiment with circular slaughter
  9. GG TheMusic on your first ever Quake map
  10. Breezeep's punishing paradise
  11. Mariteaux's rocket jumping and lava dip
  12. Artisical's two maps one huge, one tight
  13. Bloodshot's is one of the most unique Quake environs I've ever seen
  14. Danazadan's tricky sliver key
  15. digs' map is a true dm4 remix with a ton of personality
  16. DraQu & Promeus' ambitious and atmospheric first Quake map
  17. Giftmacher's usual excellent gameplay and encounters
  18. prengle's creative brushwork and environments
  19. rj's map plays on an inspiring, massive scale
  20. Shadesmaster first Quake map is an ode to DooM
  21. Naiteveni a simply beautiful and challenging level.

This is a great pack.

ArrrCee Registered, rated this a 5 28 March 2018, 21:17

DM4 Map Jam - Part 1 on The Quake Grave

So far, I've played through 6 maps from the pack and having a great time! It's great to see all of the different perspectives and approaches to Quake mapping, especially when trying to take on the theme of such a classic DM map!

The video features maps made by Ionous, Skacky, Bloodshot, Mariteaux and both of Artisicals. Part 2 coming soon!

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 13 April 2018, 15:02

"Aren't you missing something?", asks The Worst Place, as I try to pass an underwater grate. But what? I've pressed every button I've seen.

ArrrCee Registered, rated this a 5 14 April 2018, 23:02

Here are the next 2 parts of the Jam:

DM4 Map Jam Part 2 on The Quake Grave Part 2 features the maps from Breezeep, Danzadan, Scar3crow, Digs and Draqu/Promeus.

DM4 Map Jam Part 3 on The Quake Grave Part 3 features the maps from Giftmacher, Mukor, Naitelveni, onetruepurple, Prengle and Queenjazz.

MikeTaylor Registered, rated this a 5 18 April 2018, 14:40

Too many maps here for me to do my usual, and comment on each individually. But lots of fun to be had in this pack, where none of the maps are stinkers and some are really good.

Vasya shkolnik Guest 22 April 2018, 22:18

I ended all maps, little coments:

DraQu & Promeus, I founded 0|4 secrets, it is my worst score, they a hided very well. Scacky, very beautiful and big map, even with default Quake texture and white lighting! And rock loocks smooth, not a angular. Very many polygons in rock walls. How many time u spen to createthis map? Dig, it looks as remix... scaled remix O_O interesting idea. Ww, beautiful map too. what does mean "NOWT"?

ArrrCee Registered, rated this a 5 23 April 2018, 4:10

DM4 Map Jam Part 4 on The Quake Grave

Part 4 is the final part and features the maps from RJ, Shades, TheMusic, Wedge_One and WW.

Great jam everyone, not a bad map in the bunch! I'm really glad to see so many new faces in this one too, please stick around and create more maps! =)

Spirit Registered 9 May 2018, 22:37

Playing on hard. 21 maps!? Damn impressive!

ionous: Yay, circular! ww: Loved the style and the secrets. scar3crow: YOUR CHOICE OF CDTRACK IS WORTHY OF WAR. Nice brutal slaughter. themusic: over too soon! nailtilieanlvinivn: Very cool style, fun secrets. deimos: Not quite dm4 and very brutal, but nice execution. Artistical: wow, my favourite so far. oldschool plus diablo 1 feeling, sphincter clenching moments. What about that secret top section though, lol? mukor's ogres were so annoying I quit. >:(((

Spirit Registered 10 May 2018, 18:09

giftmacher: Confusing as hell, because of the weird progression. Great style, reminded me of the good 2001/2002 times. Very fun gameplay.

Ashwin Suvarna Guest 11 May 2018, 13:41

I get the error: model progs/player.mdl not precached when trying to load the map dm4jam_skacky and the game crashes.I'm using quakespasm 0.93 on Windows XP.

zakovyrya Registered, rated this a 5 25 November 2018, 20:14

Excellent pack guys! One small problem though: Ionous's map on save crashes QuakeSpasm 0.93.1 on OS X

Thanks for the great time.

zakovyrya Registered, rated this a 5 25 November 2018, 20:14

Excellent pack guys! One small problem though: Ionous's map on save crashes QuakeSpasm 0.93.1 on OS X

Thanks for the great time.

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